Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C844 I'm Afraid I'll Have to Change My Last Name Again!
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C844 I'm Afraid I'll Have to Change My Last Name Again!
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C844 I'm Afraid I'll Have to Change My Last Name Again!

He smiles very gently, with a little bit of flattery between his eyebrows.

"Alright, I know what I'm doing! He's also my son, so of course I feel sorry for him."

It was just that this heartache really made people gnash their teeth in anger.

A cunning look flashed across Dongfang Jin's eyes. He took a step forward and said, "Martial Uncle's mother, let me take a look at him!"

Knowing that the child in front of her was Dongfang Jin, Feng Wan'er's eyes did not conceal the love in her eyes.

After all, he had helped a lot in this matter, and he was also a famous person in the world.

Furthermore, in the face of such an elegant and peerless appearance, any woman would be easier to talk to.

It had nothing to do with Feng Yue's love. It was just that in a woman's heart, it was pure love for beauty!

"Alright, alright, alright, then I'll have to trouble Jin!"

As he spoke, he even pushed Nangong Feng a little. He had changed from being affectionate just now. His face revealed a look of affection. Look at how all of you are of the same age. How outstanding is Jin?" he said. Not to mention anything else, just this lovely wife, Lin Er, is much better than you, you bastard!"

Nangong Feng glared at Dongfang Jin angrily.

This bastard was purely here to get revenge.

In his mother's heart, this was the child of another family. What could he compare with?

However, this was a good opportunity for him to regain his reputation.

He reached out and pulled Xi Moyao, who was watching a good show from the side, over. "Mother, don't worry. I will get your daughter-in-law settled as soon as possible so that you can report to your eldest grandson next year!"

When Xi Moyao heard this, her expression, which originally looked like she wanted to push him away, froze.

It was unknown what she thought of, but there was a worried look on her face.

Dongfang Jin took her emotions into his eyes and said gently, "Feng, don't forget. Don't be arrogant and rash for the past few months. Don't be sad and happy!"

Hearing this, the corner of Nangong Feng's mouth completely froze.

Dongfang Jin, this fellow, just couldn't bear to see him so proud of himself!

He was now a loner, and he couldn't bear to see other people show off their affection. He was truly stingy to the extreme!

When Feng Wan'er heard that, she restrained her smile and instructed worriedly, "Feng'er! You must listen to Jin's medical advice. You must not let your mother worry anymore!"

Who could bear the dazed and tearful expression of their mother's beautiful eyes?

She hurriedly guaranteed, "Mother, don't worry! I will definitely take good care of myself."

After another round of small talk, they dispersed.

Emperor Xiyue's departure tomorrow morning did not wish for anyone to see him off. They were not good at parting, and being too pretentious would make people uncomfortable.

Nangong Feng also became an obedient son once, and did not disturb his parents' love.

After all, he knew his father's ability.

He could see it clearly just by looking at Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan.

If he could not even protect his mother, then it would really be the biggest joke in the world!

After Emperor Xiyue left, another three days passed.

Prince Chen Prefecture, in the study room.

"When are you planning to leave?"

"Now that the situation has stabilized, I will leave for Qi City tomorrow!"

Dongfang Jin's eyes flashed a trace of longing.

After careful calculation, the two of them had not seen each other for a few months.

Nangong Feng saw the emotion in someone's eyes. He smiled like a hooligan and said, "Shouldn't you go to Seoul? Su Qinglan and the others were forced back to Seoul. If you don't take action now, I'm afraid the Xiyue Country will change their surname again!"

A few days ago, not only had the Jiang City lost the war, but they had also lost four cities.

Su Qinglan and the others had suffered heavy losses, and were forced back to Seoul City.

Just like that, Dongfang Jin still had time to look for Little Han? He really had a big heart!

Dongfang Jin lightly shook the teacup in his hand. His features were clear and shallow, but there was a trace of shrewdness in his eyes.

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