Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C570 Domineering Confession
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C570 Domineering Confession
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C570 Domineering Confession

There was a voice in her heart that kept tempting her.

In any case, you've already done something even more intimate with each other. He's also yours. Touching him a few times is nothing!

Before Lan Xuehan could adjust her mood, when Lan Xuehan came back to her senses, she found that she had already walked in front of Dongfang Jin.

"Wipe your saliva. Don't drip it into the water that I am bathing in!"

Lan Xuehan blankly did as he said, but...

After she suddenly reacted, her small face turned red and flames of embarrassment rose in her eyes.

"Dongfang Jin..."

What kind of saliva was there!

Dongfang Jin was clearly teasing her!

But before she could say anything, she felt her wrist tighten, and a powerful force pulled her over.

"Bang!" A huge splash was created. Lan Xuehan was completely drenched.

Immediately, a hot and healthy body leaned over and forcefully and fiercely kissed her small mouth that was about to open.

The speed was so fast that she did not even have time to react. She only felt the air crackling.

Dongfang Jin's kiss at this moment carried a lingering scent. The fragrance of bamboo and snow mixed with water vapor filled all of her senses.

Her soft body was forcefully confined in Dongfang Jin's arms. This kiss made her heart tremble a little.

A numbing sensation spread through her limbs and bones. She could not help but moan and fall weakly into Dongfang Jin's arms.

It was as if a long, long time had passed. When Lan Xuehan felt that she was suffocating, Dongfang Jin let go of her with great compassion.

At this moment, Lan Xuehan was like a dried fish, greedily breathing in fresh air.

It was not easy for her to calm down, but Dongfang Jin immediately came over.

Lan Xuehan felt bitter in her heart, passively accepting this kiss that was enough to melt her.

After a long time, Lan Xuehan found a gap and quickly asked, "Dongfang Jin, what happened to you?"

Hearing Lan Xuehan's question, Dongfang Jin's body suddenly stiffened and then a powerful aura that covered the sky and earth enveloped Lan Xuehan.

At this moment, Dongfang Jin had shed his elegant and unparalleled immortal aura, and his entire body was filled with seductive charm. Every movement he made was filled with charm that could make people die for him.

The movement that imprisoned Lan Xuehan was also full of dominance, dominance, stubbornness, and possessiveness.

At this moment, it was undoubtedly the most dangerous moment for him!

Just as Lan Xuehan thought that she was going to drown in Dongfang Jin's kiss, a painful feeling suddenly came from her delicate lips.

It stung her numb nerves and woke her up abruptly.

She scolded in a low voice, embarrassed and angry, "What are you doing? It hurts so much!"

Dongfang Jin looked at the girl who was limp in his arms. Her eyes were rippling like spring water, and her delicate lips were extremely red and swollen. She was filled with the temptation of being ravaged. Her embarrassed and angry appearance also carried the unique cuteness of a daughter's family.

This kind of girl was so beautiful that it shook one's heart and soul. She was also beautiful... She wanted to make people want her. She wanted to be monopolized forever!

However, when she thought about her subconscious reaction when she heard the news about Beiming Yu in the hall today, Dongfang Jin's heart became gloomy again.

He lowered his head and took a bite of Lan Xuehan, then pressed it against her forehead and said in a low voice, "Lan Xuehan, you are mine. Whether in this life or in the next life, you will be mine for the rest of your life!"

The sudden and overbearing confession made Lan Xuehan's usually intelligent brain unable to touch east, west, south and north.

She kept thinking about whether there was a problem with what she had done recently or if she had overlooked him.

To be able to make him so jealous!

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