Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C10 Qing Xun Liuyun
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C10 Qing Xun Liuyun
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C10 Qing Xun Liuyun

Ye Xuehan lowered her head, deep in thought, her heart was filled with emotions. She had grown up working hard and fighting hard. She knew that the law of the jungle would never change no matter where it was.

In the 21st century, there were many dirty and tragic deaths in that lawful society. Not to mention, in this ancient era, imperial power was above all else. Human life was as lowly as grass, if he didn't become powerful. How could he protect the happiness he just obtained? How could he find Feng and Mengyao?

She raised her head and calmly looked into the old man's eyes. Her cold voice slowly sounded, "If I take you as my master, will I really be able to protect the people I care about? Can I really find them? "

The old man did not seem to see Ye Xuehan's coldness. He smiled and said, "Of course. I, Old Man Tianshan, am not lying!"

Before Ye Xuehan could react, Lan Muhua's stalwart figure shook. His eyes revealed deep admiration and surprise.

Old Man Tianshan was the master of Skysnow Mountain, which was at the border of the four countries. He was skilled in military strategy, martial arts, and poison. If Han could take him as her master, it would be the fortune of three lifetimes.

Lan Muhua did not want to miss the opportunity and was just about to say something to persuade her. Ye Xuehan smiled and said, "Alright! Old man, you are my master."

Lan Muhua frowned and coughed lightly. He said, "Han, don't be unreasonable."

Old Man Tianshan laughed loudly and said, "It's okay. This girl's temperament is very much what this old man likes!" Ye Xuehan curled her lips and ignored him.

He did not care much either. After laughing, he turned his head and said to Lan Muhua and his wife, "Now let the old man take her away, right?"

Lau Mianyue's tears fell even faster when she heard that. Lan Muhua was glad that his daughter could become Old Man Tianshan's master. But he could not bear to part, so he said, "Senior, it is late now. Plus, my daughter was injured yesterday. Can you rest for a night and leave tomorrow? "

Lau Mianyue respected her daughter's decision and did not want to part. With a sobbing tone, she said, "That's right. Senior, let me stay with Han for another night!"

When Ye Xuehan saw her parents like this, other than being filled with happiness and warmth in her heart, she also did not want to be separated.

However, Old Man Tianshan said, "I can understand your love for your daughter. But there is no difference between them. What difference does it make sooner or later? As for injuries, my Skysnow Mountain is naturally a good medicine. Why would I be afraid of not being able to treat them?"

Lan Muhua saw that Old Man Tianshan's attitude was firm, so he turned around and comforted his beloved wife," Yue Er, senior's words make sense. Han meeting a good master, we should be happy! Don't cry, okay? "

Ye Xuehan reached out her little hand to pull on her mother's clothes and comforted her, "Mother, don't be sad. I will come back as soon as possible. I will also take care of myself." Regarding this beautiful woman who did not conceal her love for her from the beginning, Ye Xuehan took her as her mother from the bottom of her heart.

Lau Mianyue wiped away her sparkling tears and forcefully pulled out a smile. She clenched her fist. The hand that was pulling her sleeve said, "Okay, Han. Mother won't cry. You have to listen to Master when you go. Don't be naughty. Take care of yourself. Mom and your dad will wait for you to come back. Come, be careful. Mom will help you put on your clothes."

Ye Xuehan nodded and just got up. Old Man Tianshan took out a snow-white cloak that was as light as a soft cloud. He said, "This is my first gift to you. Skysnow Mountain is always cold. How many people with profound inner energy freeze to death on the mountain path before they reach the top? Even your father... Can't stay a day. You don't have any inner energy at the moment, so I'm afraid you'll freeze to death before you even get close. With this, you'll be able to withstand the cold and go up the mountain."

Ye Xuehan looked at the cloak and thought that it was really as good as what the old man had said. Lan Muhua, on the other hand, was shocked. If he was not wrong, this was the birthday gift that the Holy Snow Country had given to the Sovereign of the Linfeng Country. It was said that it was the gift of dozens of precious ferrets. They had only used their soft fur to make a cloak. It could defend against a thousand years of cold air, not to mention this small snow mountain!

Lan Muhua was shocked and said, "Senior, how can my daughter receive such a precious gift?"

Old Man Tianshan's white eyebrows stood up when he heard that. He blew his beard and said, "My disciple will naturally receive it. What does this small cloak count as?"

When Lan Muhua heard that, he immediately felt that it was no wonder that the rumors were not false. Everyone said that Old Man Tianshan had a good temperament, and it was true when he saw it today.

Even the most precious thing in the Shenghe Mainland, the Qing Xun Liuyun that everyone in the world was scrambling for, could be looked down upon like this. It was truly not something that an ordinary person could compare with!

Lan Muhua did not say much. He also did not ask why the cloak that was placed in the Linfeng Country's treasure vault was on his daughter. He felt that it would not be difficult for Old Man Tianshan to get the Imperial Jade Seal of the four kingdoms and give it to his daughter to smash people.

Ye Xuehan didn't say anything either. She was naturally happy to get such a treasure. Regardless of whether it was precious or not, since it was given to her, it would be hers.

Not long after, Lau Mianyue tidied it up for Ye Xuehan. A blue willow ribbon was tied up with some soft silk-like hair. A few pearls were exceptionally bright in between the hair. She wore a blue silk dress with a slender waist and a white and blue color of the Floating Cloud outside.

Although her head was covered with a white veil, it did not conceal Ye Xuehan's future beauty. However, the 'light fragrance cloud' was a bit long and was not suitable for a seven year old girl like her. It made Ye Xuehan sadly think that she was still a seven year old little loli.

In ancient times, when a sixteen year old girl reached the end of her life, she still had nine years!

Old Man Tianshan nodded his head in satisfaction and said, "Worthy of being my disciple. This temperament, this appearance, when she grows up in the future, it will be rare in this world!"

Facing Old Man Tianshan's praise, the corner of Ye Xuehan's mouth twitched. She said to him, "My appearance is inherited from my parents. What does it have to do with you?"

Old Man Tianshan laughed and said, "Isn't it lucky that I found a good disciple?"

Ye Xuehan did not respond. Lan Muhua said, "I will have to trouble senior to take care of my daughter in the future. But when will she be back?"

Old Man Tianshan replied, "This is unknown. It will depend on fate."

Lan Muhua did not insist. Old Man Tianshan took a step forward. When he picked Ye Xuehan up, Lan Muhua took out a crystal clear warm jade from his waist. The word "blue was engraved on it and he handed it to Ye Xuehan and said, Keep it well. Dad knows you don't remember the past. But you must know that you are still the daughter of Lan Muhua and Lau Mianyue, Lan Xuehan. Dad and Mom are waiting for you to go home."

Lan Xuehan nodded and said, "Dad, don't worry. I know." She looked at Lau Mianyue and pretended to be cheerful as she said, "Mother, don't cry anymore. Be careful that father's mouth becomes salty."

When Lan Muhua heard that, his handsome face turned slightly red. He used his hand to cover his mouth and coughed lightly to cover his embarrassment. Lau Mianyue's delicate face turned red and embarrassed the clouds outside the house.

The seriousness of parting was somewhat diluted by Lan Xuehan's words. Lau Mianyue blushed and changed the topic and said, "Han, you have to take care of yourself. Don't let mother worry. Listen to master's words and go home as soon as possible!"

Lan Xuehan replied, "En. Father and mother take care!" Old Man Tianshan carried her out of the house and said, "Both of you rest assured. This old man will definitely take good care of her!"

When Lan Muhua pulled Lau Mianyue out of the room, the two of them had already disappeared. Lau Mianyue did not cry at that time and only tightly grabbed Lan Muhua's hand. Lan Muhua held back and muttered, "We should trust her!"

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