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C101 A Gentle Kiss

Under the setting sun, the faint yellow light of yearning appeared on Dongfang Jin's gentle and light jade face. His long eyelashes reflected a shadow, and his face that was like a poem and painting was filled with youth. He revealed a charming elegance, and his crimson lips curved slightly. It was like a mark that would never disappear. It was a sign that he had always been gentle and indifferent, high up in the clouds.

Lan Xuehan looked at this peerless young man. Her mind was filled with the words Mo Xing had said to her in the afternoon. Indeed, she clearly understood that Dongfang Jin had gradually taken over her life. This was a problem that she could no longer ignore.

However, she always did as she liked. Since she had feelings, she would also tell him frankly and frankly. She was Lan Xuehan, a genius girl from her previous life, a general of the country. She was used to seeing the regret of life and death on the battlefield, and she had seen too much of the world's warmth and sorrow. Therefore, she had always cherished every single one of her feelings.

Just as she was lost in thought, a gentle voice with a hint of pleasure suddenly rang out.

"Have you seen enough?"

She suddenly came back to her senses, and her slightly shy and embarrassed watery eyes met the smiling eyes. Her deep and gentle eyes, which were like clear springs, were crystal clear and bright. There was confusion and confusion when she had just woken up. It turned out that he had woken up a long time ago.

With a sense of annoyance and embarrassment, Lan Xuehan's small earlobe started to blush.

"When did you wake up? Why did you pretend to sleep when I came in?"

"Hehe, I woke up the moment you entered. As for not waking up... I just wanted to see if you would sneak attack me when your beauty is in front of you. But now it seems... Tsk tsk, Lan Xuehan, so I overestimated you! "

When Lan Xuehan heard this, the feeling in her heart just now instantly turned into a deep silence. The corner of her mouth slightly twitched. "Beauty? Dongfang Jin, you think too highly of yourself, right? "

"I don't know who said that I am a monster a few days ago? Besides, are your servants blind that day? " Dongfang Jin raised his eyebrows, and pride flashed across his eyes.

Lan Xuehan felt deeply helpless when she saw Dongfang Jin acting like he was showing off. After all, what he said was the truth. His appearance was the most exquisite she had ever seen in her previous life. It was as elegant as a landscape painting drawn with stroke after stroke.

However, "Alright, you are confident! However, do I look like the type of person who is bewitched by beauty? Dongfang Jin, don't look down on people!"

A trace of guilt and embarrassment quickly flashed across Lan Xuehan's eyes.

Dongfang Jin understood the hidden meaning behind her smile and said faintly," You like fireworks in the alleys and places where famous people gather. Isn't it just for beauty? "

Lan Xuehan felt that if not for Dongfang Jin being weak right now, she would definitely slap Dongfang Jin to death. This bastard, why didn't the heavy rain make him become an idiot? He even left this venomous tongue to harm her here!

Closing her eyes tightly, Lan Xuehan suppressed the raging anger in her heart and kept telling herself that he was a patient now, so she did not want to bicker with him.

Dongfang Jin's black jade-like eyes looked at Lan Xuehan's angry look and withdrew the usual coldness. At this time, she had more of the cuteness and cuteness of a younger daughter's family. It was another style.

Afraid that it would really make her angry, Dongfang Jin smiled and changed the topic. He slowly said, "Is something the matter?"

He did not forget that Lan Xuehan would never take the initiative to look for him, even though this made him very unhappy.

"You want to go to Floating Dream?" When it came to business, Lan Xuehan's expression became serious, and her eyes became serious.

Dongfang Jin lowered his eyes and avoided Lan Xuehan's starry eyes. A trace of inexplicable emotion flashed across his eyes.

"Mo Xing told you?"

"You don't care who told me, just tell me, right?"

"Yes. However, I hope you don't care about this matter. Leave everything to me, okay? " There was a faint gentleness between her brows and her gaze seemed to contain endless affection as she stared at Lan Xuehan.

A trace of a bitter smile appeared on Lan Xuehan's beautiful face. "Dongfang Jin, I promised to come back with you. So I will not leave everything to you alone. I will not let you take any risks. I will not care about your safety. This way, I will look down on myself. "

Dongfang Jin smiled when he heard this. This was the girl that he had taken a fancy to. She had her own pride and bottom line that he could not step on!

"Royal Father has made a request. As long as I break through the Floating Dream, he will grant us a marriage."

Lan Xuehan stared at his handsome face and listened to his indifferent and meaningless tone. She frowned.

"Even I, a person from the Jianghu, know that the Floating Dream is full of dangers. Every step is full of danger. Rumor has it that those who have entered the Soul realm have suffered eight hardships in their dreams, and their hearts have been broken. It had always been a place where only death awaited them. Why did you agree to Royal Father's request? Could it be that this marriage is really that important to you?" The tone of the voice at the end had traces of indescribable emotions.

"You value everything in the world. For you, I am willing to venture into the strange hell, let alone a mere Floating Dream. In this life, you are destined to be my wife."

Dongfang Jin's gentle tone carried the arrogance and dominance of looking down on the world. His elegant jade face was filled with determination and regret, and deep affection that transcended the mortal world could be seen in his eyes.

Lan Xuehan looked at him. The expression on her face changed several times. She was at a loss. Her hesitation and hesitation turned into a firm and deep smile in the end.

"Dongfang Jin, you win. Love is three feet long. I am willing to open a heart door for you."

These few words were even more pleasant to Dongfang Jin than the sound of nature. His beautiful face was filled with wild joy, and his eyes were filled with slight disbelief.

"You... say it again."

He looked at this peerless young man who had always been elegant and calm. He was overjoyed because of her words, and he lost his composure. Lan Xuehan felt that perhaps this was the happiness that she had been pursuing all this time. At this moment, she was very clear that she was willing to taste the most dangerous and intoxicating forbidden fruit in the world for Dongfang Jin.

"I said, I like you."

As soon as she finished speaking, Lan Xuehan felt a strong force. With a flash in front of her eyes, she fell into a warm and snow-like body.

Before she could see his picturesque features clearly, she felt a touch of softness on her lips. The tip of her tongue wrapped around her lips as she lightly licked and kissed, like the spring breeze and the drizzle. His nose was filled with his light fragrance, which warmed her soul gently by touching it.

Feeling Lan Xuehan's infatuation and infatuation, Dongfang Jin's arms suddenly tightened. Lan Xuehan let out a soft moan and he relaxed his strength. He no longer lightly kissed but stuck the tip of his tongue in to deepen the kiss. It was gentle and lingering.

Lan Xuehan's brain completely stopped working, and her mind went blank. Her body gradually became limp in Dongfang Jin's arms. She only felt that her heart was constantly trembling. This kind of gentle and bone-corroding aura coupled with a bamboo-like and snow-like aura was like a giant net. It wrapped around her without leaving any gaps.

The temperature in the room gradually rose. Dongfang Jin could feel the powerlessness and tenderness of the person in his arms. His heart was filled with a warmth that could not be dispersed. It was like the sun was shining on his body. It was as if he was in a sea of colorful flowers. His body and mind were filled with extreme joy.

Just as Lan Xuehan was about to suffocate, Dongfang Jin finally let go of her. He looked at her bright red lips that looked like they were dripping blood, and her watery eyes were filled with a gentle and moving emotion. Her beautiful face had a slight blush of shyness, and she was weakly lying in his arms.

Dongfang Jin felt as if he was hugging the whole world at this moment!

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