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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C102 Standing Shoulder to Shoulder
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C102 Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

After resting for a while, Lan Xuehan felt her soul returning to her mind. In her previous life and this life, where had she gone through such intimate and romantic experiences? Therefore, at this moment, her expression was filled with endless shyness and her eyebrows were full of waves. The watery light was overflowing, but she didn't dare to raise her head to look at Dongfang Jin's monstrous face.

When he saw Lan Xuehan's expression, Dongfang Jin's usually indifferent and distant heart felt as if it had been stuffed with cotton, and it rippled with happiness that he had never felt in eighteen years.

His face was gentle and gentle, and the light flowed with a mesmerizing drunkenness. His voice was hoarse, "Lan Xuehan, for eighteen years, my heart is very happy at this moment!"

It was a simple sentence, but it made Lan Xuehan's nose slightly sore, and her heart felt a little painful.

She lost her mother at a young age, and was born in this dangerous Imperial Palace. Without the protection of the maternal family, she was surrounded by tigers and wolves, and she was walking on thin ice. Therefore, a little warmth would make him satisfied and happy.

This point was very similar to him who was immersed in the darkness and loneliness in the past!

However, she could not give him a deeper promise. She had always been calm and understood that the current her was only in love with him, but it was not to the extent where she was willing to give up everything for him.

Lan Xuehan raised her head and looked into his eyes that were filled with warmth. She said word by word, "Dongfang Jin, today I will be honest with you according to my heart. But it was only because I like you that I want to give you a chance. But in the future, if we... "

"I understand what you mean. Today, you are willing to express your feelings to me. It has already made me extremely happy. As for the rest, I'm willing to use time to prove my feelings for you. " Dongfang Jin's dark pupils were dyed with tiny rays of light, flickering with firm confidence.

Lan Xuehan smiled and stared into his eyes. She nodded and said, "Alright, I will wait. I will wait for you to bring me the madness of falling from the heavens."

That's right. She also yearned for the feeling of life and death, the feeling of worshipping each other's souls. She also seemed to know how far she, Lan Xuehan, could sit for love!

Dongfang Jin raised his eyebrows, his elegant jade face was filled with determination and hints of arrogance. "Yes, there will be that day!"

The two of them warmed for a long time. Lan Xuehan suddenly remembered her plan when she came to find him.

"Dongfang Jin, Floating Dream, I will go with you."

Looking at her unrelenting gaze, a trace of helplessness flashed across Dongfang Jin's eyes. He knew that if she knew about this, she would follow him no matter what.

However, in that life and death situation, she would die if she wasn't careful. How could he bear to put her in such a dangerous situation?

"No, that place is surrounded by danger and danger. I won't allow you to take the risk with me. You just wait in the mansion, wait for me to come back"

Lan Xuehan pursed her lips and her eyes were clear and bright. "Dongfang Jin, it is really because of the danger that I want to go with you. Do you think I will throw everything to you? Yet I do nothing and only care about staying under your wings? Or do you think that I don't have the ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with you? "

Upon hearing this, Dongfang Jin's picturesque brows furrowed, and his expression froze. Then, a smile slowly unfolded on his jade face, and bits and pieces of starlight filled the air with the elegance and holiness of the highest peak of the snow mountain.

"How could it be? Since eight years ago, I knew that you were definitely not an ordinary woman. Alright, since that's the case, then let's be husband and wife. "

She placed herself in the same position as him, and that was her pride. It was also her dignity. Since that was the case, how could he break her pride? He had hurt her pride? Moreover, no matter how dangerous that place was, he still had the confidence to protect her safety!

Lan Xuehan was shocked. Her beautiful eyes widened and a shy expression appeared on her delicate face. "Stop talking nonsense. Who is your husband and wife?"

"Then I will force myself to be his wife." Dongfang Jin had a difficult look on his face, but there was a cunning smile in his eyes.

... ""

Lan Xuehan's face froze when she saw Dongfang Jin say this without any shame. She rolled her eyes and felt that she had been defeated by his thick skin. How could she not know that other than his venomous tongue, Dongfang Jin was also a person of few words. How can you be so thick-skinned?

Lan Xuehan's speechless expression fell into Dongfang Jin's eyes. He finally could not hold back the surging excitement in his heart. He laughed out loud. His laughter was like a cool and moving spring water. Again! It was like a delicate and tempting piece of jade, making people feel as if they could see snowflakes falling from the sky. Sacred lotuses bloomed everywhere.

Lan Xuehan's eyes were dazzled for a moment, and she could not help but reveal the infatuation in her eyes!


These two days, the news of Prince Xu's Dongfang Jin entering the Floating Dream in order to beg his junior sister Lan Xuehan caused another uproar in the world.

The invitation to the Imperial Reading Room two days ago had already caused everyone in the world to talk about it. Now, he was willing to risk his life for this girl. Taking his life! Fight! This made everyone curious. Was this woman a devastatingly beautiful Empyrean Goddess that had descended to the mortal world? Otherwise, how could Young Master Wushuang, whom the world admired, do such a thing for her?

When Dongfang Xiao and the others heard this news, they were very happy. They had never thought that King Xu, who was otherworldly, would contradict His Majesty for a woman one day. He risked his life. However, they hoped that Dongfang Jin would die in Floating Dream this time. This would be the end for them.

However, even though there were different opinions in the outside world, the inside of the Duke Xu's Mansion was peaceful!

Ever since that day, after Lan Xuehan expressed her feelings, Dongfang Jin's undisguised happiness made everyone in the manor feel the joy of their Mistress. His Royal Highness was in a good mood and his servants also did things happily. The Imperial Residence was no longer as lifeless and lifeless as before.

On this day, Lan Xuehan suddenly remembered that he had always schemed and had many ministers and forces under his command. But why did he do something that was irrational and harmful to his own interests? But no one came to advise him? After all, she felt that no matter what, he was still a prince, so he had to be wary of his subordinates. Wasn't that so?

Thinking about it, she asked this question. However, before Dongfang Jin could answer her, Mo Xing, who was beside her, became very proud and answered her question in high spirits.

"Miss, don't you know? His Royal Highness was praised by the world because he was so smart that he could defeat gods. Wisdom is close to a demon. We have never doubted the Royal Highness's decision... Because His Highness is like a god in our hearts. Now that His Highness has made this decision, the people outside have different opinions. It's just that some people are deliberately adding fuel to the fire, but that won't affect His Highness. Especially to His Royal Highness's subordinates. "

Hearing this, Lan Xuehan finally understood. It turned out that the Imperial Residence was so quiet. There was no exhortation that she thought was necessary. It was all because he was too powerful that others could not even have the slightest bit of doubt about him!

However, it had always been the case. She had long experienced this fellow's peerless wisdom. Even she, a genius girl who specialized in military strategy in her previous life, had to admire him, let alone others.

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