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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C103 Pain of the East
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C103 Pain of the East

On the third day, it was finally the appointed day with Emperor Wenjing. In these three days, Dongfang Jin was recuperating warmly. His body and mind were happy, so the weakness he had felt a few days ago had completely disappeared. He felt refreshed, and he felt even more as warm as the sun. It caused one's mind to ripple.

In front of the Floating Dream, Emperor Wenjing was leading Lu Cheng and a few guards. After all, Emperor Wenjing couldn't make such a big scene. After all, he was the son that he had given high hopes to. He didn't want others to see him as a joke.

When he heard the voice, he tilted his head and looked over. The two people who came with him slowly walked over in the sunlight. They had the same peerless and unparalleled appearance. The same peerless temperament flowed with a soul-stirring beauty, like an ancient god that came from the horizon. Their bodies were full of high splendor and nobility, making people not dare to look at them directly.

It was like a meticulously drawn painting, carrying the indifferent mountains and rivers that were tall and far, mixed with an astonishing soul throbbing feeling. It made Emperor Wenjing, who had always been piercingly cold, also feel dazed for a moment.

He thought that if it was not because of Lan Xuehan's identity behind the scenes, just based on her aura of being able to match with Third Brother, he would not refuse to give Third Brother a marriage. However, it just so happened that she had complicated feelings behind her, and this could not be blamed on him!

He saw that Dongfang Jin was calm and elegant, and had a leisurely and indifferent attitude. "Greetings, Royal Father."

Emperor Wenjing nodded, and a trace of struggle flashed through his eyes. In the end, he said, "Third Brother, what I said that day still counts. You..."

Dongfang Jin's smiling face carried a lonely tone and interrupted Emperor Wenjing's words, "Royal Father, I have no regrets."

Seeing him like this, Emperor Wenjing also had a trace of anger. This son was the son that he had given high hopes to. He had done so much because he hoped that he could grow into a qualified emperor. However, he had never imagined that he would disregard his status for the sake of a woman. He had wasted his life!

When he thought of this, his sharp eyes swept towards Lan Xuehan who was beside him. Immediately, his eyebrows gathered together and his eyes were dark and solemn. A dignified voice sounded, "People of the royal family have always been indifferent to familial love and alienated by human nature. I did not expect Zhen to have such a devoted son! Miss Lan, are you really willing to let him take the risk for you? The pain of reincarnation is everywhere and every step is painful to the point of breaking the liver and intestines? "

Hearing this, Lan Xuehan's eyes were fearless and firm, "I do not know why the Emperor did not agree to this marriage. I do not know what your considerations are. I only know that today, he is willing to take risks for me. I will live and die together and have no regrets! "

As soon as he said this, Dongfang Jin tightened his grip on her hand. There was an endless tenderness and affection between her eyebrows, like a painting. Emperor Wenjing's body trembled, and surprise flashed through his eyes.

"You mean you want to enter the Floating Dream with Third Brother?"

"Yes, the future belongs to two people. I have no reason to let him carry everything alone."

"Alright, since you have decided, I will allow you to enter with me!"

The two of them did not speak. At this moment, any more words were useless. Emperor Wenjing would not easily change his mind. This was the pride of an emperor. Dongfang Jin wouldn't change his mind either. This was the character of an expert. Therefore, the only way to solve this problem was to leave Floating Dream!

Lan Xuehan followed Dongfang Jin to the so-called Floating Dream. Looking at this place that caused everyone in the world to change their expressions, she fully understood what it meant to say that the more beautiful a place was, the more dangerous it would be.

The delicate peach blossoms danced in the air, like a rain of petals falling from the sky. It was a ten mile peach blossom forest, and it shone brightly, illuminating the entire world. Everywhere he looked, there was a sea of flowers. It was as if he was in the middle of March, the sun, the spring, and the snow. Fei Fei was debaucherous. His nose was also filled with the fragrance of peach blossoms, which made him feel nauseous and uncomfortable. On the contrary, it was a kind of elegant and gentle fragrance that made people feel happy.

It turned out that the Floating Dream was a peach blossom of ten miles!

"If I didn't know this was a place full of life and death threats, I would have mistaken this place for a paradise, so beautiful that it gathered all the beauty of the human world."

When Dongfang Jin heard her words, he silently drew an intoxicating arc. "The most beautiful thing in the world is often the most dangerous. Because people are always deceived by its appearance, that's why they lower their guard."

"That's true. Such a peach blossom forest, what a pity!" A trace of yearning flashed across Lan Xuehan's beautiful eyes.

Dongfang Jin did not miss the look in her eyes. He slowly opened his mouth and said lightly, "One day, I will definitely accompany you to travel thousands of miles of mountains and rivers and see the beautiful scenery of the human world."

Hearing this tone of voice, it was indifferent, but it made her firmly believe in the promise. Lan Xuehan smiled, "Regardless of whether what you said today is true or not, I still choose to believe it. If one day you cannot fulfill your promise, I will not blame you. "

She had always understood the responsibility on his shoulders!

However, this promise was too wonderful, so good that she couldn't bear to doubt it!

Dongfang Jin only had a deep look in his eyes, and his deep pupils were filled with an inexplicable light. His eyes were as dark as the night, hiding endless confusion and emotions. However, after a while, he did not focus on this topic anymore. Instead, he pulled Lan Xuehan and slowly walked into the peach blossom forest.

Fortunately, Emperor Wenjing was still far away from Dongfang Jin and the others, so he did not hear what Dongfang Jin had said just now. Otherwise, he would definitely be so angry that he would vomit blood. His son, who had always given him high hopes, actually wanted to indulge himself for the sake of a woman. How could he tolerate such an outcome?

After Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan entered the Floating Dream, they finally saw the structure inside clearly. The sky was filled with peach blossoms, and countless peach trees could be seen everywhere. When they looked back at the road they came from, they found that it was also covered by peach blossoms. There was no way out.

Following that, smoke filled the air, and a hazy mist gradually attacked. Coupled with countless bewitching flowers, this place seemed like a paradise in the Jade Lake, beautiful and beautiful.

Facing this sudden fog, Dongfang Jin held Lan Xuehan's hand tightly. Within the fog, the surroundings were blurry. Under such circumstances, there were countless unknown dangers hidden in the fog. If the two of them were not closely connected... Then it was very likely that they would be separated within the fog, and it was hard to tell whether they would live or die.

Clearly, Lan Xuehan also thought of this point. She tightly pursed her beautiful lips, and the space between her brows was also filled with vigilance.

Not long after, the smoke and dust surrounded the two of them. Dongfang Jin instructed in a low voice, "Be careful. Follow closely behind me. Don't let go!"

"Yes, you too."

The two of them still did not know what was in the smoke, but according to Dongfang Jin's medical skills, which was the best in the world, he was certain that there was no poison in it. However, in a place where danger was everywhere, there was something strange about the smoke. He did not believe that this was just an ordinary fog.

Suddenly, the scene in front of Dongfang Jin changed.

The sky was no longer blue, but seemed to have been dyed with blood. It was bright red. No, it was dyed red by fresh blood. Even the air was filled with a thick smell of blood. He looked at the smell. The crowd's faces were full of shock. What he saw was a scene of blood flowing like a river.

A group of people stood on the guillotine, brandishing their blades. Life Destruction, death!

And behind the execution platform, a beautiful woman was wearing a palace maid uniform. In her arms was a young child who looked like he was carved from jade.

Because of the malevolence and hatred on the woman's face, her originally beautiful face was distorted beyond recognition. As for the child in her arms, facing the millions of corpses on the execution platform, the scene of blood being dyed red, the naivety of a child was no longer in her eyes. His pupils were deep and gloomy, and the color of a Hell Flower was swaying inside.

At this moment, Dongfang Jin's limpid eyes were no longer calm and peaceful like the black jade. Instead, they were filled with the devilish energy that could burn the heavens and destroy the earth, and they were dyed red with blood. A Fallen Immortal had turned into a devil!

That Zhou child was him, and that gorgeous woman was the Imperial Concubine who took care of him in name!

And the hundreds of people who were executed were the Zhao family who had been glorious for a period of time and ended up in the destruction of the entire clan!

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