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C104 The Phoenix Cry the Nine Heavens

In a dark place like a dungeon, a child about two years old, her beauty was natural, and her beautiful face was filled with fear. His small face was filled with shock. His lips moved slightly as he muttered, "Mother, Royal Father, Jin'er are so scared. Quickly come and save Jin'er!"

Her small body was curled up in a corner, and her surroundings were filled with wriggling snakes and unknown animals. The dungeon was filled with the stench of decay. There was no light in the darkness, but there was also a terrifying aura. It swallowed the brightness in a person's heart, making a person sink into endless despair!

This boy was like a little beast that had been abandoned. He whimpered in sorrow, as if he had occupied the sorrow of heaven and earth. The world was desolate!

Dongfang Jin's pupils constricted. His picturesque jade face was dyed with the sorrow of heaven and earth, and it was filled with the despair of the world!

In a palace, the space between the brows of a four year old child was already a stunning beauty. Every movement he made was like a poetic painting. It was filled with endless elegance and grace, and it was intoxicating and elegant.

However, his eyes were filled with grief and indignation. The man who wore luxurious clothes but had a vulgar and lustful expression walked towards him step by step. The burning desire on his face was not concealed at all. His triangular eyes were dyed with lascivious intent, making one's appetite fill up!

The boy's eyes that flickered like the morning light were slightly watery. His lips trembled slightly as he said softly, like an order but also like a request, "Don't come over, don't come over."

The corner of the vulgar man's mouth curled up, and the lust in his eyes became even more obvious. "Such a beautiful child, I've been cultivating for a few lifetimes! Moreover... Although your maternal family has fallen, you are still a prince. I'm enjoying it now, even if I die later. I have no more regrets!"

As he spoke, he was about to pounce on the boy. The boy screamed and raised his hand casually. He tilted his head and closed his eyes tightly.

A stream of sticky blood sprayed on his face. He was surprised that he had yet to finish his sentence. "You, you actually..."

Before he could finish, the vulgar man tilted his head and died!

Looking at the man's dagger that he had stabbed into, the boy's previously terrified eyes discovered a ghastly look. It was as if he had seen a river of blood flowing through his eyes, and his eyes were flickering with a strange expression.

Through the cover of the blood, a destructive hatred rose in the boy's eyes. A bloodthirsty arc that did not match his age appeared on his jade natural face, as if he was a demon god from ancient times. His eyes were filled with the loneliness and aloofness of stepping on all living things!

At this moment, Dongfang Jin's peerless jade face was full of sweat. The expression between his brows kept changing, but there was not a single trace of joy. It was as if he had experienced the suffocation and pain of the human world. It was filled with despair and hatred.

His slender fingers that were clearly defined held Lan Xuehan tightly, as if he was going to break her hand. Lan Xuehan felt pain but she did not care because she saw the youth that the world looked up to. His face was full of heart-breaking hatred.

When the fog enveloped them, she already felt that something was wrong. She was just about to ask Dongfang Jin what to do when she found that he had already fallen into her illusion. But judging from his expression, it didn't seem like an illusion realm. With a thought, she understood that this wasn't an illusion of Dongfang Jin. It was a memory that he didn't want to recall!

Although she didn't know what kind of memory he had fallen into, just from his reaction alone, it was extremely painful.

Especially his muttering. She could vaguely guess some of it, but she couldn't believe it at all! She didn't want to believe that this gentle young man would experience such a dirty thing.

Thus, at this time, she was doing her best to wake him up, hoping that he wouldn't be indulging in his memories. Otherwise, if this continued, his mind would be damaged, and he would become a crazy devil!

However, at this moment, Dongfang Jin was immersed in an even more bloody bloodthirst.

The wolf pack rushed towards him, preparing to tear him apart and eat him. The green wolf saw the light of food in its eyes. Its saliva dripped down, ready to pounce on him.

At this moment, the young boy around the age of eight had a gentle smile at the corner of his mouth. His eyes were dyed with a thousand-year-old chill-like coldness. He held a sword as thin as a cicada's wing in his hand. Facing the wolf pack, his jade face carried a determination to bet everything!

In a moment, the wolf pack pounced over, and the young boy also moved. His figure flashed, like flying snow, but also as graceful and graceful.

After a night of fighting, the youth's snowy white clothes had all been dyed red, and his eyes were also bloodthirsty red. With the help of the sword, supporting his body that was about to collapse, he walked out step by step, stepping on fresh blood and wearing a lonely and sad robe!

Lan Xuehan felt Dongfang Jin becoming more and more lonely, but at the same time, he was also becoming more and more sorrowful. Her heart was extremely anxious. If Dongfang Jin continued like this, he would definitely fall into the memories and be unable to extricate himself. At that time, the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, now that she couldn't call him to do anything, what should she do?

Lan Xuehan's beautiful brows were tightly knitted and her face was anxious. She looked at the dense fog that filled the sky and the entire world was almost invisible!

Oh right, fog?

Lan Xuehan's eyes lit up as she thought of something. That's right, Dongfang Jin was lost in his memories because of this strange fog. If this fog dissipated, perhaps Dongfang Jin would wake up. However, this fog had already covered such a large area. What should he do to dissipate the fog?

Fog, fog. Lan Xuehan suddenly thought that the fog was usually in the morning, and it also indicated the sun's rays. Now, as long as there was something similar to the sun, the fog could dissipate.

This might be an extremely unrealistic thing to other people. But for Lan Xuehan who had been cultivating the Phoenix Cry Nine Heavens since she was young, it was naturally not impossible. It was just that Feng Zhan Firmament's cultivation technique was at the ninth level, and she was currently at the peak of the seventh level.

This kind of ancient cultivation technique, the difference between the first level and the first level was like the difference between heaven and earth. For example, an expert of the ninth level could instantly kill a few people of the eighth level of the cultivation technique. She wanted to use the technique to transcend two levels and unleash the Phoenix Spreading the Heavens. It was easy to imagine how difficult it would be.

However, this method was already the best she could think of. It was obvious that Dongfang Jin's situation could not be delayed any longer.

A trace of determination flashed across Lan Xuehan's beautiful face. She took out a black pill from her bosom. She decisively swallowed it. After a moment, she raised her hand and made a complicated gesture. With her as the center, a golden light flickered around her. It gradually became thicker and wrapped around her, emitting a brilliant light. She was as noble and unadorned as the Empyrean Goddess, sacred and inviolable!

Suddenly, the golden light shone brightly and Lan Xuehan rose into the air. A phoenix cry that resounded throughout the nine heavens lasted for half the time it took to drink a cup of tea. Then, the fog gradually dissipated, revealing ten miles of peach blossoms.

Lan Xuehan was overjoyed when she saw that it was effective. When the fog was about to dissipate, she slowly came down. Her delicate face was deathly pale and cold sweat soaked the hair on her forehead. Her red lips were also weak and she seemed to have lost all strength.

At this time, a stunning young man accidentally ate the Soul Devouring Powder and fell into a coma. The surrounding young Mo Xing, Mo Feng, and the others had anxious expressions on their faces. Their eyes were filled with deep worry.

Dongfang Jin was in a trance. After he regained his senses, he discovered that he was surrounded by a large expanse of swaying Red Spiderlily. The blood red symbolized death, like the smile of a soul-stealing emissary. It carried a bloodthirsty loneliness. Dongfang Jin looked indifferently at the wandering souls in the mortal world. He found that he was following an invisible flow of air towards the path of destiny. There was a trace of relief on his poetic and picturesque face. He lost all the strength in his body. Dead and lifeless!

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