Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C1045 I Am Not Wrong You Are the Ones Who Are Wrong!
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C1045 I Am Not Wrong You Are the Ones Who Are Wrong!
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C1045 I Am Not Wrong You Are the Ones Who Are Wrong!

Lyi Beichen's words hit Mu Xiong's face.

His face turned stiff as he looked at Lyi Beichen, who was wearing a red robe and had an extraordinary aura.

Obviously, he remembered the time when the old man of Mu family died.

Seeing that Mu Xiong could not be counted on anymore, Mu Ziqi decided to rely on herself.

She cried and wailed, "Brother-in-law! That day, it was all forced by the situation. There was nothing we could do about it!"

She touched her fake tears, "You also saw that Mo Bei was under the control of the Lan family's young madam at that time. She gave a death order to take your life. How could we dare not listen?"

Such shameless words completely angered Mu Lingfeng.

"If it wasn't for you guys secretly informing me, how could grandpa have died? How could my Mu family be found by that crazy woman?"

When mentioning this, Mu Ziqi felt even more aggrieved than Mu Lingfeng.

" You also said that if it wasn't for the loss of the entire Mu family to save your beloved, we wouldn't be living on the streets, living a life that is worse than a beggar? "

This was also the biggest reason why Mu Ziqi dared to look for Mu Lingfeng.

In her opinion, if it wasn't for Mu Lingfeng paying for the entire Mu family to save Lyi Beichen, they wouldn't have been found by Yin Qianying.

In the end, it led to the tragedy of the Mu family, turning all of her wealth and glory into ashes.

This sentence had completely struck Mu Lingfeng's lifeline.

This was a mistake that she could never deny. Even if Mu Ziqi and the others were in the wrong, the root of everything was still on her.

If she had not stubbornly violated Yin Qianying's orders at that time and saved Lyi Beichen.

How could it lead to the massacre of Mu family?

It was she who let down her grandfather!

It was also because she had neglected the responsibility of the family head, causing the Mu family to be burned to ashes.

Seeing the ashamed expression on Mu Lingfeng's face, Mu Ziqi beat the snake and rushed forward.

"We are living a life that is not even comparable to a beggar because of you. Shouldn't you take care of us?

Third sister, no matter what, we are family and we have the same bloodline in our bones. You can't just ignore us if you're rich now."

As soon as Mu Ziqi finished speaking, Mu Xiong, Mu Zicheng, and Aunt Liu started to cry.

Mu Lingfeng, who was still alive and kicking, was an ungrateful ingrate who bullied the younger and younger members of their family.

Just as they were wailing, the sound of a teacup shattering was heard.

The broken porcelain cup fragments splashed in front of them and instantly scared them into silence.

Then, a sharp and cold voice rang out.

"Today is This King's wedding day, and all of you have come here to cry. Are you sincerely trying to make This King unhappy?"

When Mu Ziqi and the others heard these words, they could not help but feel a chill in their hearts.

Looking towards the direction of the sound, they saw a bright red bridal gown that was as bright as the sun. It was wrapped around a woman with a beautiful face that could topple cities and cities.

Her eyes were filled with envy and envy for a moment.

This woman was really beautiful!

If she had such beauty, wouldn't she also be able to sit here?

Would she also be able to chat happily with these handsome men and obtain all the wealth and glory that she wanted?

But her appearance was ordinary. Even Mu Lingfeng was not interested, let alone the other two women here?

Xi Moyao's sudden anger woke Mu Lingfeng up in an instant.

Her face that was filled with guilt suddenly became clear-headed.

The gaze she used to look at Mu Ziqi and the others did not contain the slightest bit of warmth, it was as cold as a sharp blade.

"I am right. You are the ones who are at fault!"

Mu Lingfeng took a deep breath and said firmly, "Grandfather said that the Mu family is loyal and should not conspire with a tiger. The previous Yin Qianying was insidious and cunning, and the Lan family behind her was not worthy of being the ruler of the world."

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