Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C1051 Schemes and Plots Were Born
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C1051 Schemes and Plots Were Born
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C1051 Schemes and Plots Were Born

Lan Xuehan heard him and looked at him shyly, "Really... Can't... Can't bear it?"

Dongfang Jin looked at her with grievance, "What do you think?"

The simple three words revealed Dongfang Jin's endless resentment.

"Er..." Lan Xuehan looked at Dongfang Jin awkwardly.

She swallowed her saliva, blushed, and said in a low voice, "Then I... I will use... other methods... to help you... right?"

In Lan Xuehan's previous life in the military camp, she had heard countless dirty jokes.

Even if she had never seen a pig run, she was still a person who had eaten pork before.

She could not bear to see Dongfang Jin suffer too much.

When Dongfang Jin heard Lan Xuehan's words, a small flame ignited in his eyes, but he immediately thought of something and then extinguished it.

He tightly hugged Lan Xuehan and whispered into her ear, "You are my wife, a wife who values treasures more than life!"

Lan Xuehan immediately understood when she heard Dongfang Jin.

In this era, only concubines and that kind of lowly plaything would serve men.

And why would Dongfang Jin let her do this?

Lan Xuehan saw that Dongfang Jin wanted to say something more, but Dongfang Jin interrupted her.

"Alright, I have waited three years for my chastity to come. Could it be that I cannot endure the following year?"

He pinched Lan Xuehan's nose. "So your only task now is to take good care of your body. This is the greatest comfort to me."

He thought that after saying this, Lan Xuehan would at least be moved and gently say it.

He did not expect that Lan Xuehan would immediately disperse the embarrassment and guilt from before and look at him with a warning look.

"This is something you don't want. Then you should take care of yourself. If I find out that you have let me down, then I will cripple your third leg!"

A fierce warning, in Dongfang Jin's eyes, was filled with the cuteness and cuteness of a daughter's family.

Instantly, his heart melted.

He couldn't help but give her a long and sentimental kiss.

Finally, he realized what Lan Xuehan meant by "third leg."

His face was full of resentment, "Lan Xuehan, I've always said that the heart of a woman is the most poisonous. Sure enough, you're not lying to me! Are you really that heartless?"

"What's there to be heartless about? You're mine, so no one can touch you!"

Dongfang Jin was overjoyed when he heard that and kissed her heavily.

"Yes, I am yours. So you have to guard me well. You must not give others an opportunity to take advantage of you!"

Lan Xuehan was dizzy from Dongfang Jin's kiss. She followed Dongfang Jin's words and nodded.

Before she could wake up, she saw Dongfang Jin's handsome face, which had an immortal appearance, added a bit of hazy charm under the moonlight. It was becoming more and more exquisite.

This time, Lan Xuehan was completely immersed in Dongfang Jin's beauty.

Dongfang Jin carried her back.

The next morning, Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Jin woke up early in the morning.

Today was the day of the wedding for the two newlyweds and the night was Lan Xuehan's return dinner.

Starting from early in the morning, the entire Sacred Capital was filled with a kind of joyous atmosphere.

And on this day where there were so many eyes and eyes, at the same time, it was also a good time for many schemes and plots to be born.

At this time, in Marquis Weiyuan's manor.

Ming Huan asked the people beside him, "Have you settled the matter?"

That person said with a stern expression, "In reply to Eldest Miss, everything has been arranged clearly. I guarantee that nothing will go wrong. Eldest Miss, please rest assured. "

When Ming Huan heard this, he nodded his head in satisfaction. "After finishing this matter, we must silence them immediately. We must not leave behind any traces, understand? "

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