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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C106 The Reflection of the Moon and the Moon
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C106 The Reflection of the Moon and the Moon

There was a trace of self-mockery at the corner of her mouth. Lan Xuehan did not say anything about this matter. She was never a person who complained about herself. The past events were like smoke, so she would only live in the present and only hope that she could do whatever she wanted in this life!

Looking at the place that Dongfang Jin pointed out, Lan Xuehan searched for clues and found that it was indeed the case.

This time, she felt depressed. Thinking about it, these few years, under the pressure of that old man, she had learned a lot, but she also boasted that she was an expert among them. However, compared to Dongfang Jin today, she could fully feel the difference between them. In this continent, it wasn't just him, there were also those few. All of them were monstrous geniuses, they were simply here to strike a blow to her.

Dongfang Jin saw through her deep voice, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a charming smile. "Don't be depressed. In the future, if you stay with me, I will help you raise your IQ. After all, if your intelligence is too low, you will be thrown out by my people. Isn't that so? "

Lan Xuehan's face suddenly became gloomy. Her head was full of black lines. The corner of her mouth twitched as she gritted her teeth and said, "Dongfang Jin, I have never realized that you deserve to be beaten up so badly. Would you die if you don't mock me?"

"Loyal words go against your ears. I understand this principle." Dongfang Jin nodded his head in a serious manner, but his clear eyes could not hide the smile on his face.

Lan Xuehan was so depressed that she did not want to talk to him anymore. She was afraid that she would be impulsive and could not help but want to beat this bastard to death even though she had lost all her martial arts.

Dongfang Jin knew that she was on the verge of going berserk, so he did not tease her anymore. After all, he was very clear that if he said another word and really made her angry, then he could basically predict the outcome.

Seeing that she had lost her usual laziness and composure, she was like an angry little girl who was rushing away. A thick warmth appeared in Dongfang Jin's eyes, like the stars that filled the sky and brought with them the radiance of the rising sun. It was so bright that no one could look away!

At this moment, in the Imperial Reading Room.

Emperor Wenjing stood with his hands behind his back by the window, his expression silent. After a long time, he seemed to be talking to himself, but at the same time, he seemed to be asking Lu Cheng beside him in a low voice.

"Do you think Lao San can walk out of there safely? Is it right or wrong for Zhen to do this?"

Hearing Emperor Wenjing's whisper, Lu Cheng's heart sank and said, "Emperor do not need to worry. Prince Xu's talent is unique since young and his intelligence is superior to god. There is nothing in this world that can be difficult to beat His Highness. Although Floating Dream is very dangerous, His Highness has His Majesty's concern. He would definitely turn bad luck into good luck. As for the rest, His Majesty had his own considerations. This old servant believed that... His Majesty will definitely do it for His Highness's good."

Although he did not know what this usually fierce Emperor meant, this was definitely not something a servant like him could say. His Majesty had always been interested in that young lord, so his words should be correct.

"Heh, I hope so! For a woman, he asked for it. Even if he can't come out, he can't blame anyone else. " His tone was filled with disappointment, as if he was angry that he was not fighting for it.

At this moment, Lu Cheng faced the emperor and lowered his head in a pleasing manner, not saying a word.

Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan had already followed the trail to the center of the area. The peach forest was filled with beautiful scenery and clear spring water. It was like the landscape in a landscape painting, painting a stunning beauty in the world.

Looking at the clear spring water in front of them that was surrounded by a faint mist, it was exceptionally beautiful under the refraction of the sunlight. Dongfang Jin stared at the clear spring in front of him and stopped in his tracks.

Lan Xuehan saw that Dongfang Jin was not leaving. She followed his gaze and looked at the spring water.

Suddenly, a light flashed in her head and her eyes lit up.

Seeing the spirit in Lan Xuehan's eyes, Dongfang Jin smiled slowly and asked in a light voice, "Did you think of it?"

"Yes, the Nine Palace Universe Formation is an ancient grand formation, but this formation is mainly made up of the Eight Trigrams Nine Divisions. Therefore, it is usually made of earth as the eye of the formation. However, with the four other formations as support, there are many smaller formations. This led to the complete opposite of the original eye of the formation, which was water. That is why the Ten Mile Peach Blossom Forest is so enchanting. " Lan Xuehan slowly voiced Dongfang Jin's opinion.

Dongfang Jin's eyes flashed a clear smile." Yes, that's right. It seems like you have learned a lot in these years. At least you can still force yourself to learn these things."

Lan Xuehan was instantly speechless," Forcefully alright? "In this kind of world, it was hard to find a few people who could see the profoundness of the formation. He only said," Forcibly alright? "

He was really defeated by his narcissism!

She originally wanted to argue with him again, but when she saw the seriousness in his eyes and his eyes locked onto this Qing Quan, many emotions flashed across her eyes. She swallowed the words that she wanted to say and softly asked, "What's wrong?"

Dongfang Jin hid his emotions and looked at her. "If I remember correctly, there is a dangerous place in Floating Dream. It is said that it can charm the mind and is the center of Floating Dream. This place is called the Mirror Flower Water Moon. Transfiguration of the Eight Bitter Reincarnation, stepping over the broken intestines of life, the Mirror Flower Water Moon was able to create a scene that would cause one's heart to break inch by inch. But whether it's true or not, there's no way to verify it. "

Lan Xuehan looked at this dreamlike clear spring, "You mean that this might be the Mirror Flower Water Moon?"

"Yes." A single word carried Dongfang Jin's unique gentle voice.

This was great. The method to crack the formation eye was this clear spring, but it was also the most dangerous place. If he wanted to break it, he had to go down the spring to investigate. But was he still going to go down now?

A slightly solemn atmosphere circulated between the two of them. In a short moment, Dongfang Jin's clear voice sounded, "Lan Xuehan, listen to me. You still don't know how dangerous this pond is, but you have lost all your martial arts. Your vitality has been greatly damaged, so it's not suitable for you to take risks. Therefore, I will go down first. It would be best if I break the formation. If there really is an accident, I can also let you out safely."

It would be enough to exchange all her power for An Yu!

Hearing this, Lan Xuehan fell silent. She was indeed not suitable to take the risk with him now, but if she used his life in exchange for her way out... She would definitely not do such a thing. Not to mention now, they were both expressing their feelings towards each other, just based on the military ideology in her previous life. She wouldn't be able to do such a thing.

"Dongfang Jin, I can let you go, but if anything happens to you, I will follow you!" Her clear and crisp voice was filled with determination, and her watery eyes were filled with seriousness.

After hearing these words, even though he knew that it wasn't because of Qiong Bi's love, but because of his personality, his heart still felt as if it had been hit by something.

A soul-stirring smile appeared on her jade face, and her picturesque face was filled with gentleness. It was written all over the world that she was the most gentle, and she slowly nodded.

"Alright, for you, I will also come back.

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