Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C1079 Love Is That Simple the Big Ending
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C1079 Love Is That Simple the Big Ending
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C1079 Love Is That Simple the Big Ending

Ming Nan's eyes fell upon the man, even though his clothes were ragged and his body was covered in blood.


Ming Zhiyuan!

The butler of Marquis Weiyuan Prefecture was also one of their trusted aides!

Ming Nan's face turned ashen, "Slightly... I know him!"

"If that's the case, I won't waste my time talking nonsense! Take a look for yourself!"

Dongfang Jin suddenly flung the book in his hand and smashed it onto Ming Nan's body. His brows were cold and his eyes were cold.

Ming Nan flipped open the book. His face was first filled with shock, then extreme shock, and finally all of it turned into despair.

The calmness that he had previously been confident of was now completely gone. He immediately collapsed onto the ground and lost the desire to live.

The things recorded on the book were the secrets that Marquis Weiyuan's family had always kept hidden.

Many shameful things were now clearly recorded on this book.

How could he wash it off?

Even without the assassination of the Empress, with the things written on it, their clan wouldn't be able to escape the death penalty!

Ming Nan couldn't help but look at Dongfang Jin. What he met was his clear and clear cold eyes.

Ming Nan smiled bitterly in his heart.

He should have known this earlier! He should have known this earlier!

Who was Dongfang Jin? How intelligent and wise was he?

When had everything they had done ever been hidden from his eyes and ears?

From tonight onwards, he had already made all the arrangements!

He'd sowed discord and schemed for the hearts of the people, and he'd grasped everything in his hands with a mere few words!

It was because they were overestimating themselves!

Xi Moyao and the others very attentively shut up Ming Huan and the others' mouths.

They were afraid that she would stupidly say something that would make people speechless.

Assassinating the Empress, as well as those shady dealings.

Marquis Weiyuan Prefecture had been uprooted by Dongfang Jin. As for Mu Ming, he couldn't escape the death penalty.

As for the others, Dongfang Jin didn't have any hands either.

Those who wanted to hurt Lan Xuehan!

He had never tolerated it!

After dealing with these matters, Dongfang Jin looked around. His elegant and gentle voice carried the determination of a life and death contract.

"From now on, seeing the Empress is the same as seeing me! When she was conferred the title of Crown Prince, we shared honor and disgrace with her, and now it is the same!"

A simple sentence pushed Lan Xuehan to a height that no one dared to look down on anymore.

From then on, it also helped Lan Xuehan promote a new policy for Dongfang Jin and establish a status in the golden age.

Of course, this was the latter part!

After settling the matter, after a round of singing and dancing, everyone dispersed.

The wedding night had already passed last night. Xiao Mingyu, Dongfang Lyi and the others naturally wouldn't let this group of people experience it again.

Pushing and shoving, along with coercion and enticement, pulled Nangong Feng and the rest to drink again.

Originally, he wanted to bring Lan Xuehan along, but when Dongfang Jin's warm and cool gaze swept over, he immediately did not dare to be impudent anymore.

Thinking about Lan Xuehan's body having yet to recover, Dongfang Jin felt warm and soft in his arms, but he could not do anything.

They immediately felt balanced in their hearts.

They took the two little buns along the way and left happily.

Late at night, Lan Xuehan washed up and came out, but she did not see Dongfang Jin's shadow.

Just as she was about to ask where he was going, she suddenly heard a sound from the door.

Looking up, Lan Xuehan was stunned.

She saw that the person who came was wearing a snow white armor. An immortal dress. ... The silk dress danced beautifully like the moonlight.

Her figure was extremely elegant, and her white clothes flowed with radiance. Her picturesque face was dreamlike, and her beautiful face seemed to be filled with the most beautiful scenery in the world. It was mesmerizing.

The person who had come was Dongfang Jin!

And it was the Dongfang Jin who was wearing female clothing!

He thought of what he had said in the morning, and then looked at this man with a face full of resistance but gentle eyes.

Lan Xuehan only felt waves of happiness surging towards her in her heart.

In love, not only did it depend on how much he can do for you, it was also more on how much he can break his bottom line for you.

And Dongfang Jin seemed to never have any bottom line in front of her.

This most respected man in the world was actually willing to let go of his pride and dignity for a joke from her.

He was only trying to make her smile!

Lan Xuehan's eyes were slightly red, but the smile on her face became even deeper.

She slowly walked in front of Dongfang Jin and stared at his dazzling and charming eyes that were like the eternal night. She stood on her tiptoes and gently kissed the corner of his mouth.

"Dongfang Jin, I love you!"

This love had never changed.

Dongfang Jin's originally awkward mood immediately became happy with these words.

He wrapped his arms around her soft waist and held her close to his chest. After a deep kiss.

His slightly hoarse voice also said in a low voice, "I also love you! Lan Xuehan, when I first saw you in Skysnow Mountain that year, you had already entered my heart and never faded away!"

Love was just that simple, but it was also rare in this world.

And he is the luckiest.

That year, he met the person he loved the most, and that person also luckily fell in love with him!

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