Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C108 Coming out of the Formation and
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C108 Coming out of the Formation and
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C108 Coming out of the Formation and

The blood of the heart, of love and pain, melded in the water. The spring water immediately underwent a huge change, looking at the spring water that was rotating according to a certain pattern. Dongfang Jin's mind was still recalling the scene he had fallen into earlier. His mind was still clearly filled with that kind of desperation that caused his heart to break inch by inch.

He did not care about being seriously injured, he did not care about the path of survival in front of him, he did not care about the life force that he had risked his life to obtain.

The usually vast and calm phoenix eyes were filled with gloominess and determination in this life. A deep vortex was flashing in his dark pupils, as if it was going to suck the heaven and earth into it!

In this life, he would never let go of Lan Xuehan!

Lan Xuehan was the only salvation and warmth in his life. He would not let her leave his side even if it cost the world. Even if he broke her wings, he would not hesitate to let her rely on him for the rest of her life!

Using the blood in his heart as a sacrifice to the wind and moon, with Qingfeng as proof, he would never let everything in the scene become reality!

Dongfang Jin's lonely figure stood there for a long time before he finally eased his emotions. His gentle eyes looked at the situation in front of him as vigilance slowly rose in his eyes.

The water in the mirror was not so easy to break, and the change in the spring was obviously not the change in the formation, but...

Yes! It gradually transformed into a type of animal. It looked like a dragon but not a dragon. It was like a snake flying and a snake flying. It was a giant monster formed from water.

Before Dongfang Jin could do anything, this giant monster formed from water began to attack Dongfang Jin.

A water ball rushed towards Dongfang Jin with the force of thunder. Dongfang Jin waved his sleeve and the huge True Qi stirred the water even more violently!

The monster was obviously stunned when it saw that the attack was not successful. It seemed to be excited and unhappy that someone had provoked its dignity. It immediately attacked Dongfang Jin with the power to wipe out an entire army.

This monster was formed from water, so it had no weakness to attack. Moreover, it was in the water now, and it was completely under its control. Even though Dongfang Jin's martial arts were profound and profound, it was still difficult for him to conceal his defeat.

Moreover, because of the painful scene just now, in order to avoid falling into a deep sleep, Dongfang Jin forcefully activated his martial arts and woke up. He had lost a lot of his inner energy and was seriously injured. He was not a match for this monster at all.

Obviously, Dongfang Jin had understood this situation a long time ago. An unprecedented solemness arose in his eyes. His fingers gripped the sword hilt tightly, continuously dodging the monster's attacks. His eyes scanned the surroundings, looking for a chance to survive.

A monster and a person, attacking and dodging at the bottom of the water. After a long time, the monster saw that it had yet to hit Dongfang Jin. It paused slightly, and there was a faint whistling sound.

Then, an even fiercer attack was launched at Dongfang Jin!

When there was a howl just now, Dongfang Jin had been listening attentively. At this moment, when he looked at the huge monster in front of him, his eyes flashed with a trace of light.

He changed his dodging strategy, and his sword moved forward like a gust of wind. The sword cut through the water ball, but it could not change the force contained within.

The white shadow was hit. Like a swan with broken wings, it fell to the ground, lifeless.

A strange sound was heard. After the huge monster looked at the motionless white shadow for a while, it slowly dispersed its body and merged with the spring water.

A moment later, a three foot long giant came from the distance. If one looked closely, it looked like the physical body of the monster that was transformed from water. It looked like a dragon, but not a dragon. It looked like a snake that was flying and a snake.

Its entire body was covered in black spots and yellow spots. The corner of its mouth was drooling, and its eyes were filled with bloodthirstiness and fierceness, and it revealed obvious complacency!

Hehe, it was wishful thinking for a tiny human to want to fight it.

The Water Mirror was first attractive to the mind, but if he fell into a deep sleep, he wouldn't need to fight anymore. Unfortunately, this human's will was so strong. He had clearly given up struggling, but he still woke up in the end.

So he still forced it to do something. For thousands of years, no one had been able to reach this step. This little human actually had this kind of ability. Moreover, just now, he had been seriously injured and could still contend with it for so long.

Such an outstanding person, apart from the Young Lord of the Divine World from hundreds and thousands of years ago, this human could be considered one as well. Unfortunately, no matter how amazing he was, he would soon be its meal!

The complacency in his eyes became increasingly obvious. Just as he opened his mouth and was about to swallow Dongfang Jin, in that instant, the man lying on the ground leapt up. The sword light was piercingly cold, flashing past and directly hitting his vitals.

He was risking his life to survive!

When they were fighting just now, Dongfang Jin had suspected that this water monster did not have a physical body. It was completely formed from water. He felt that in this situation, there was either something controlling it from behind, or it was something with spirituality that gave life to it.

Just as he was deep in thought, he faintly heard the roar of the water monster and immediately had a plan in his heart. He flew up and let himself face the attack.

In this way, if he were to pretend to be dead, he would definitely attract the controller behind him. At that time... He struck again!

If one did not have a strong mind, strong perseverance, and the ability to plan strategies, one would never think of such a way to survive.

The monster was injured. It looked at the king who looked down on the world in front of it. Its body emitted a majesty that was above all living things, and its eyes were filled with an obvious pleading look.

It did not want to die. Although it had been lonely for a thousand years, it still wanted to live. At this moment, its life was being held by someone else. It did not have any sense of dignity or dignity. Its only thought was to live.

Seeing the pleading look in the monster's eyes, Dongfang Jin understood. This was a place left behind by the Immortal World. Naturally, it wasn't an ordinary place. Although this was a beast, judging from the exchange just now, he understood that it definitely had spiritual senses and thoughts.

He was currently exhausted and heavily injured. At this moment, he relied on his only will to not collapse. Above him was his lover who he had used all his life to protect, and more importantly, the two of them could not withstand any more twists and turns.

A hoarse voice sounded, "If you want me to let you go, it's not impossible. Then you must break the formation and send us out safely! Otherwise..."

The rest of the words were hidden in the endless coldness in his eyes.

Facing Dongfang Jin who had the demeanor of a king, the monster immediately nodded. With a sweep of its tail, the spring water rotated like a pillar.

Dongfang Jin knew that this monster wouldn't lie to them. After all... After living for hundreds and thousands of years, he naturally cherished his own life. Now, it was holding on with all its might. It looked fine, but its vital parts had been injured. It definitely wouldn't use its own life to joke with him.

As soon as Dongfang Jin landed on the shore, he spat out a mouthful of blood. His body went limp, and he knelt down on one knee. With his sword as his main body, he supported his limp body.

Suddenly, a voice full of surprise and joy came from behind him, "Dongfang Jin, you finally came out? Are you alright?"

Looking at the source of the voice, a beautiful figure appeared in front of them. A warm look appeared in his eyes and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. It was extremely dazzling.

Lan Xuehan hurriedly came forward and supported Dongfang Jin. Looking at his almost transparent pale jade face, her eyes revealed a pained expression.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. The formation has been broken. Let's go out first and talk!"

Lan Xuehan nodded and also understood that now was not the time to talk. She immediately supported Dongfang Jin and transferred all of his weight onto her body. The two of them supported each other as they walked out.

Once the formation was broken, Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan stood in front of the peach forest. The peach blossoms on the trees seemed to have sensed something and fluttered about. The peach trees also began to move.

A narrow path appeared in front of them, leading straight to the path of time!

Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Jin looked at each other and smiled. The two of them supported each other and slowly walked out.

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