Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C109 The Emperor will Grant Him a Marriage
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C109 The Emperor will Grant Him a Marriage
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C109 The Emperor will Grant Him a Marriage

The peach blossoms danced in the sky. The peach trees moved away neatly. The two of them supported each other and slowly stepped forward. It was like a beautiful painting, filled with endless tenderness and sweetness, unparalleled in the world.

Emperor Wenjing, who had long received the unusual phenomenon in Floating Dream, looked at Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan. His eyes were filled with an unreadable expression. The corner of his mouth was tightly pursed. He was neither happy nor disappointed.

The two of them walked to Emperor Wenjing. Dongfang Jin's face was pale and his eyes were calm, as if he was not the one who had just come out of a life and death situation.

He said loudly, "This son has come out of Floating Dream alive. I hope that Royal Father will abide by the agreement. This son's heart is filled with sincerity."

Emperor Wenjing's sharp eyes pierced into Dongfang Jin's eyes, as if he wanted to see this son, who had always been far away in the Nine Heavens, where did he get such strong feelings from?

They loved each other with their lives, and they loved each other with everything they had!

Looking at his calm and calm eyes, Emperor Wenjing closed his eyelids and covered the expression in his eyes. He turned his head and looked at Lan Xuehan, who was just as weak as him, but was still in high and mighty condition.

"Lan Xuehan, Zhen knows that you are a great talent, but you are, after all, a person of the pugilistic world. In this place where power and influence gather, you are just a batch of commoners. Zhen's Imperial Decree will allow you to be free and unrestrained from now on, and live a happy life of gratitude and vengeance will be far away from you. What follows is endless schemes and tricks. Every step is arduous and full of danger. Are you sure you can accept it? "

The dignified voice carried the unique power of an emperor. Emperor Wenjing's cold gaze stared into Lan Xuehan's eyes, not allowing her to dodge at all.

Lan Xuehan smiled sweetly. Her eyes flashed with brilliant starlight as she faced Emperor Wenjing's gaze without any fear.

"He is willing to use his life to fight for me. So what if I lose everything for him?"

Her tone was clear, but it carried an infinite amount of determination.

When Dongfang Jin, who was standing beside him, heard these words, his face was filled with brilliance and a warm smile. It was as if the morning sun had sprinkled down from the sky and dazzled the eyes of the people beside him.

When Emperor Wenjing heard these words, he looked at his son, who had always been calm and collected. He was so happy and his eyebrows curved. It was as if he had seen a devastatingly beautiful woman through time.

After a moment, he covered up the expression in his eyes and said, "Alright, Zhen will grant you a marriage!"

"Lu Cheng, pass on Zhen's decree. There is a girl from the Lan family, even though she is civilian woman. But her teacher is Old Man Tianshan, and that is why it shocked the entire world. She had a good appearance, was humble in marriage, and was gentle and virtuous. She was indeed the model of a girl at that time. Zhen was delighted.

She was specially bestowed the title of Prince Xu's imperial concubine, a first-grade imperial concubine. The wedding would be held after the two of them reached adulthood. He was also bestowed with a thousand taels of gold, a hundred acres of fertile land, and a pair of jade ruyi. There are four Night-Luminescent Pearls in the South Sea. Before the wedding, she specially grants Lan Xuehan to stay in Prince Xu's residence."

Dongfang Jin smiled brightly and knelt down with Lan Xuehan. He said to Emperor Wenjing in a warm voice, "This son thanks Royal Father for his grace!"

Lan Xuehan's face was full of smiles, but her heart was filled with uncertainty and anxiety.

She was very clear that now, with the Imperial Decree, everyone in the world knew about her and Dongfang Jin's marriage. However, to her, to Dongfang Jin, she only liked him. It was not like what she had said to Emperor Wenjing, that she could give up everything and live and die together with him!

Therefore, she still had a huge uneasiness in her heart. If she and Dongfang Jin were really not suitable for each other after the test, then what should she do? After all, love and marriage were different.

In particular, there was a huge gap between their thoughts, values, and beliefs that spanned thousands of years. These were all factors that caused her to be confused and uneasy. To be more precise, she had no confidence in their future!

Lan Xuehan supported Dongfang Jin as they walked to the side of the carriage. Along the way, Dongfang Jin paid attention to the changes in Lan Xuehan's expression. He saw the confusion and uneasiness that she felt after hearing the Imperial Decree.

The joy of hearing the Imperial Decree just now was completely replaced by gloominess at this moment. A dark shadow condensed between Dongfang Jin's brows, and his eyes shone with an unknown luster. His entire person was emitting a sinister aura.

Lan Xuehan was immersed in her own thoughts and did not notice the changes in Dongfang Jin, but Mo Xing who was beside her keenly felt the change in her Royal Highness's mentality.

From the bright and beautiful scene to the shady scene, Mo Xing was very sure that it had something to do with Miss Lan!

Lan Xuehan had just helped Dongfang Jin onto the carriage when Dongfang Jin's body went limp and he spat out a mouthful of blood. Lan Xuehan panicked when she saw Dongfang Jin's injuries were so serious.

She hurriedly put her hand on Dongfang Jin's wrist, wanting to find out his condition. However, Dongfang Jin turned his wrist and tightly held her snow-white wrist. His eyes were filled with anger as he said word by word, "Lan Xuehan, you still don't believe me, right? Even though I knelt for you and begged Royal Father for five days and five nights, even though I broke into the Floating Dream for you, even though I put in a lot of effort for you, even though Royal Father announced our marriage to the world, you still don't believe that we have a future, and you don't believe me. Right? Lan Xuehan, you are so cruel! "

Lan Xuehan pursed her lips tightly when she heard Dongfang Jin's furious questioning. She did not even bat an eye.

Dongfang Jin could tell that she was uneasy, her hesitation, and her lack of confidence were all seen by him. But what could she do? The habits of her past life were deeply rooted in her bones. She could not stop it, but she would rather break through!

"Dongfang Jin, I don't know how to tell you. But I don't want to lie to you either. I do like you now, but I haven't reached the level you want me to like you yet. Rather than letting us down in the future, I would rather tell you now!"

Hearing Lan Xuehan say "like," Dongfang Jin's gloomy heart slightly dispersed, and his tone also eased up a little.

"Okay, I will use practical actions to make this liking become what I want. However, Lan Xuehan, I hope you do not reject me. Don't limit your liking to a certain limit. You just need to let go of your heart. Can you leave the rest to me? "

Dongfang Jin's vast and profound eyes were full of pleading. Lan Xuehan's heart felt like it had been grabbed, and she felt suffocated.

Such a peerless youth, who was famous and had a body full of pride, was begging her at this moment. She only hoped that she could let go of her heart and not reject him! If so, how could she say such words of rejection!

Forget it, in this life, she had always pursued whatever she wanted. If she was restricted by an unknown future, then wouldn't that be going against her original intentions? This wasn't her either.

"Alright, Dongfang Jin, I promise you!"

When Dongfang Jin heard this, a smile appeared on his face. However, the injuries on his body did not allow him to force himself.

Lan Xuehan looked at his weak appearance and felt anxious and angry in her heart. "You are already like this, yet you still have the mood to think about these things?"

"If I don't make it clear, then wouldn't you be depressed in your heart? I have always been prepared for a rainy day, and I will not have the slightest bit of danger for you. Lan Xuehan, you will be mine for the rest of your life. Don't think of escaping me!"

As he spoke, his tone gradually became weaker. Lan Xuehan's heart ached when she heard Dongfang Jin's words. She felt that her eyes were swelling.

This person!

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