Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C11 Entering the Snow Mountain
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C11 Entering the Snow Mountain
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C11 Entering the Snow Mountain

It was as if he was comforting Lau Mianyue, but at the same time, he was giving himself confidence. The afterglow of the setting sun landed on their faces. It was an extremely beautiful painting that was naturally formed. However, the obvious worry caused them to have more of the aura of the mortal world.

Lan Xuehan was carried out of the room by Old Man Tianshan. Before she could say anything, he used his Light-body Technique and took her away. Even though she was calm, her curiosity was aroused by this Light-body Technique. In the past, she had always thought that it was a fabricated thing that she had experienced. The excitement in her heart could no longer be suppressed.

Old Man Tianshan looked at her excited expression and said proudly, "How is it? I'm a good old man, right?"

Lan Xuehan was already used to his action of selling treasures. She snorted and said, "I will definitely be more powerful than you in the future." Because she believed in her own aptitude and hard work. The reputation of a 'genius girl' was not for nothing.

Old Man Tianshan saw that she did not reveal a look of admiration and felt a little depressed. Thinking about how an influential person like him was being scoffed at by a seven-year-old baby girl, one could imagine the depression in his heart.

However, on second thought, this was the disciple of the goddess that he had gone through great hardships to find. If she was the same as an ordinary person, he would probably be unhappy with her!

After thinking about it, he said to Lan Xuehan who was in his arms, "Girl, how much do you know about this continent?" Although he asked, his feet did not slow down at all.

Lan Xuehan was taking advantage of the evening to admire the scenery on both sides. She found that this manor was still very big. The old man's speed was not slow, but it took him two to three minutes to get out of the door.

Sitting on the mountain, the four big golden words Liberty Villa glittered. Inside the manor, there were pavilions, waterside pavilions, flower gardens, and rockery courtyards. There was the elegance of a scholar, the high profile extravagance, and the freedom of some people from the pugilistic world. He thought about how the family he had reincarnated into was still a rich lord!

Hearing the old man's question, Lan Xuehan said without any respect, "Are you old and unconscious? You clearly know that I lost my memory, yet you still ask this kind of pointless question! After I woke up, I only asked the people around me. She told me the situation of this continent and the country's branches, as well as their national strength. I don't know anything else. Even my own name was told by my father just now."

When Old Man Tianshan heard her words, he was so angry that he shook his beard. He said fiercely, "Stinking girl, call me master. I just received my gift, but you haven't called me master yet! Also, don't be rude. Believe it or not, I'll throw you down. "

Lan Xuehan heard his threat and her eyes narrowed. She quickly grabbed his white beard and said, "Stupid old man, I have never been threatened by anyone. At most, we can go down together. Anyway, I am a person who deserves to die and I am unknown here. And you seem to be quite famous, right? If I were to be killed by a child like me, everyone in the world would probably laugh for a hundred years after you die, right? "

Old Man Tianshan's body stiffened when he heard this, and then he smiled apologetically and said," Good disciple, Master is joking with you! How could I throw you down? Even if I fall down, I can't let my precious disciple fall down! Quickly let go! Your master's beard can't withstand your pulling."

Lan Xuehan saw his fawning look and could not help but curl her lips. She said, "Are you Old Man Tianshan? Why is it different from before? If I didn't believe my eyes, I would have thought that you were a different person!"

When Old Man Tianshan heard this, he hurriedly said," Of course it's me. But just now, I was afraid that your parents would see my temper and wouldn't take care of you, so I wasn't willing to let you go. That's why I deliberately showed my dignified side. "

Lan Xuehan retorted with a sneer, "Are you sure you took it out and not pretending?" Old Man Tianshan smiled embarrassedly and said, "Who cares. Anyway, I have brought you out now. You are my disciple!"

Lan Xuehan was too lazy to argue with him, but she felt that if she had such a master, her future days would not be boring.

"Then tell me about it. Otherwise, I wouldn't know anything." Lan Xuehan did not look at him and calmly threw out these words.

Old Man Tianshan straightened his expression and said, "If you listen to others, why don't you go and see for yourself. No matter what the world is like, what you see is what it is. What others tell you might be a kind of misdirection to you, only what you see in your heart. It is the place where love is attached, where life relies. It doesn't matter whether you live a long life or are devastated. Different people had different opinions. According to thousands of people, it's better to travel a thousand miles."

Lan Xuehan thought that what this old man said was quite reasonable. Why should she listen to others? When she had the ability, it was also a very interesting thing to travel the Jianghu and see the mountains and rivers.

Old Man Tianshan saw that his words had an effect on his little disciple. His heart, which had been ignored just now, had regained some balance, and he felt pleased with himself for a moment. He immediately opened his mouth and said, "Although I won't tell you the power of the world, you should at least understand the places that you are going to live in! Let me tell you this. Listen carefully. "

Lan Xuehan was already filled with curiosity. When Old Man Tianshan mentioned it to her, she naturally would not let go of the opportunity. She withdrew her gaze from the scenery and listened attentively.

"My sect is located on the Skysnow Mountain at the border of the four countries. It has been snowing for a long time. It's always cold to the bone. There are countless exotic flowers and plants in the Skysnow Mountain, and they are all treasures that are hard to find in the world. You are now my disciple, and you are the second and last disciple. I never wanted my disciple to self-study and not know the world. So, after three years, you will have a chance to go down the mountain once a year. Within two months, you will gain experience and return to the mountain. However, during this period of time, you are not allowed to go home to see your parents, and you are also not allowed to use your parents' power to gain a foothold in the martial arts world. You have to rely on yourself. Did you hear that? "

Lan Xuehan heard that she still had a senior brother and immediately asked," How is my senior brother? "

That old man immediately said proudly," Of course my disciple is unparalleled in the world. His appearance, intelligence, martial arts are all incomparable and his medical skills are even more exceptional. Right now, I am afraid that there are some areas that I am not as good as his! "

When Lan Xuehan heard that, she said disapprovingly, "Tch, you can brag! Even if you are not bragging, then you are probably old to the point of being unable to see, right? When I reach his age, I will definitely be more awesome than him. "

Old Man Tianshan did not get angry because she did not believe him. He only said slowly," He's only ten years old this year. Are you sure you can have his achievements at ten years old? Then my old man will be gratified. Both of my disciples are people with extraordinary talent. I don't know how many old people will be jealous of them. Haha!"

Lan Xuehan did not listen to the latter part of his words. Just 'ten years old' was enough to give her a huge shock. To be able to make such an 'arrogant' old man praise him like that, it must be true. She thought that either that rotten child came from another world like her, or he really had extraordinary talent.

Old Man Tianshan did not say anything else. Lan Xuehan was digesting that shocking fact. The two of them were speechless along the way. The evening wind blew, and the early spring breeze made them feel relaxed and relaxed. The sun was setting in the west. After the Celestial Old Man brought her down the mountain, he rode a white horse towards the west. The birds that returned late in the night were left in the dust.

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