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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C110 Achieving Cooperation
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C110 Achieving Cooperation

Dongfang Jin's internal injuries were very serious, and his body was also extremely weak. Ever since he returned to Bamboo Garden, he had been in a state of recovery. Lan Xuehan was not much better than him. Currently, her vitality was greatly damaged, and she had lost all of her martial arts.

Even though Dongfang Jin, a person with superb medical skills, was by her side to treat her, this was not something that could be slowed down overnight. The sequelae of the Spirit Gathering Pill even caused many hidden experts to be fearful. Furthermore, Lan Xuehan's current weak body.

Dongfang Jin also blamed himself for this. The miracle medicine and the healing saint grade were all given to Lan Xuehan as if it was free. If Old Man Tianshan was here, he would definitely yell and scold these two for wasting money!

However, as Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan came out of Floating Dream alive, the world was in another uproar.

Dongfang Jin was a celestial being and had never been close to women. But now, for the sake of a girl, he had lost his reputation and his life. Initially, everyone in the world was complaining about Lan Xuehan's beauty, but now, they had followed her into Floating Dream. Putting life and death aside, everyone in the world felt that only such a beautiful girl could match up to the world's number one young master. Therefore, everyone expressed their blessings towards the marriage between the two of them. They were happy for it.

However, some people were happy and some were sad!

In the Song Residence, ever since the news of Dongfang Jin kneeling and begging for the Imperial Study was spread, the courtyard where Soong Xiaoyou lived had been shrouded by dark clouds. The servants under her changed batch after batch because Mistress was not in a good mood. If the servants were not careful, they would die in the Yellow Springs.

That day, he heard that Dongfang Jin was willing to enter Floating Dream for Lan Xuehan and use his life to fight for her. Soong Xiaoyou had already lost the nobility and elegance of a noble girl.

After smashing everything that could be smashed in the room, the maid was also executed one after another. But even so, it could not offset the jealousy and hatred in her heart!

She had high expectations of herself since she was young, and she strived to do everything perfectly. It was all for the sake of being worthy of that peerless man. She had learned all kinds of piano, chess, painting, poetry and sword techniques. Her appearance and character, as well as her royal etiquette, were top-notch in every aspect. In the circle of noble ladies in the Linfeng Country, she had always been the model that everyone admired and praised.

In the end, she did not disappoint her many years of hard work and obtained the beautiful title of 'Linfeng Juexie'.

He was the' Young Master Wushuang 'that everyone in the world admired. She was the' Linfeng Just' that everyone praised. It was a match made in heaven to begin with. Moreover, his mother was his only aunt, so the two of them were close from childhood. In the end, he treated her differently from others.

She thought that she would definitely become his Princess, standing shoulder to shoulder with him, playing the zither and singing.

However, Lan Xuehan had barged in and made all of this become an illusion. How could she be willing to accept this?

Soong Xiaoyou's beautiful watery eyes were covered by fierce hatred. Her beautiful little face was filled with ferociousness and the handkerchief in her hand was ravaged until it was not good.

"The princess is filled with resentment. Has she ever thought of taking back what belongs to her?" A gloomy voice came from behind. Soong Xiaoyou was startled. She adjusted her expression and turned around to look at the person who had come.

"So it is Mister Baili! It is just that Mister is the First Prince's advisor, why would he come to my Zhongyi Constabulary? Also, what did Mister's words just now mean? Forgive Xiaoyou for not understanding. "

Soong Xiaoyou's tone was smiling and her tone was elegant. However, her eyes were staring at Baili Ce. As the daughter of the first wife of the Marquis's Estate, she was naturally very clear about the current competition for the imperial power. Furthermore, she had always regarded herself as Princess Xu, so she had always wanted to know everything about the current situation. It was a good thing that she could help the person in her heart.

The Zhongyi Marquis had always followed King Xu's lead, and Baili Ce was the First Prince's number one strategist. The two prefectures should be in an enemy state, but she had to be wary of what Baili Ce had come here for.

Seeing the wariness and scrutiny in Soong Xiaoyou's eyes, Baili Ce did not mind at all. Smiling faintly, he said, "The princess is a smart person. She naturally understands what I mean. The princess had a gorgeous appearance and a prominent family background. She was the undisputed "Linfeng Juzhu" of Linfeng Country. Everyone knew that the daughter of the Soong family was fond of Prince Xu. She was the predetermined Princess Xu. But now, all of this was broken by a lowly civilian woman. She had turned the princess into a laughingstock.

As such, the princess did not have any thoughts? Could it be that the princess did not want to take back everything that belonged to her? Winning Prince Xu once again and winning everything that belonged to her? If the princess has any ideas, I'm willing to lend the princess a helping hand!"

One had to say that Baili Ce's words had stabbed Soong Xiaoyou's painful feet, and his words had attracted the jealousy in Soong Xiaoyou's heart. Therefore, no matter how much she guarded against it, it was inevitable that she would have the power to break the technique at this moment!

"Sir, what is the meaning of this? If Xiaoyou remembered correctly, Mister was a person by the First Prince's side. Why would he have the intention to help Xiaoyou now?" Although what Baili Ce said was very tempting, everyone in the world came for the sake of profit. The world is in a state of chaos for the sake of profit. She is not stupid enough to do so. Baili Ce would be so kind.

After all, the help brought by civilian woman was not as great as the help brought by her number one family. If her dream came true, it would definitely be a heavy blow to the First Prince!

"Hehe, the princess is indeed smart! However, she is still a little lacking."

"What do you mean?" Soong Xiaoyou could tell the sarcasm in Baili Ce's words. She frowned and felt unhappy.

"Don't tell me the princess doesn't understand? Your father is a loyal man, and he always returns kindness to others. More than a decade ago, the Zhao family was the number one family in the Linfeng Country. At that time, there was an internal conflict in the Soong family, and the family was in danger. It was the patriarch of the Zhao family who had lent him a helping hand, and had married his daughter to your father. And he had given his all to help your father take charge of the family, which was why he had the honor of being the lord of the loyal constabulary.

Although the Zhao family was overturned, the Emperor could not eliminate both families at the same time. This would definitely cause chaos in the country. That was why the Soong family was able to become the head of the family and enjoy its glory.

However, your father would never forget the kindness of the Zhao family when they lent a helping hand that day. That was why he was extremely loyal to King Xu and he would do his best to help.

At the same time, he naturally would not have any disloyalty towards King Xu because of whether or not you could become Princess Xu. In that case, it would not have any effect on the First Prince.

However, I have a grudge with Lan Xuehan and naturally do not wish for her to become Princess Xu. At the end of the day, I am only helping you because Lan Xuehan and I are enemies. The enemy of an enemy is a friend, right?"

These words were both reasonable and allowed Soong Xiaoyou to completely put down her guard. She was the daughter of the Soong family, so she naturally knew what Baili Ce had said.

Therefore, she chose to cooperate with Baili Ce. Since there was someone who was of the same mind as her, she naturally wouldn't refuse. Furthermore, Baili Ce was an expert, and his schemes and martial arts were top-notch. With his help and her own conditions, her dreams would definitely come true. She would become Jin's Princess!

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