Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C111 The Qin and Xiao Duo
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C111 The Qin and Xiao Duo
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C111 The Qin and Xiao Duo

When she thought of this, an obvious joy flashed across Soong Xiaoyou's beautiful face. Her eyes were filled with anxiety as she asked, "May I know what kind of wonderful plan mister has?"

A trace of sarcasm flashed across Baili Ce's eyes. This was how a woman was. She would do anything for him! However, this was also good. Since there was someone who was willing to deal with Lan Xuehan, he was naturally happy and at ease.

Soong Xiaoyou had grown up in this dirty aristocratic circle since young. The methods of the women in the backyard were naturally much better than Lan Xuehan, who lived in the wilderness. Those people only let them test Lan Xuehan and did not say that they could not harm Lan Xuehan. But they naturally had scruples. After all, he knew very well. The people in that place did not like others to act on their own.

Hence, he only needed to provoke Soong Xiaoyou and he naturally did not need to do anything else. As for what happened to Lan Xuehan in the end, it could only be counted on Soong Xiaoyou.

"The county head wants to deal with Lan Xuehan. Now is the best time!"

This sentence made Soong Xiaoyou's eyes flash.

"Sir means that Lan Xuehan has just come out of Floating Dream and is seriously injured. Is this the best time for us to attack? However, Jin's treasure, that slut, will definitely protect her without any loopholes. The people around Jin are not so easy to deal with!"

A strong resentment appeared on Soong Xiaoyou's face, but there was also a trace of helplessness.

"Won't the princess find a chance that King Xu cannot protect her? The Floating Dream was one of the most dangerous forbidden places in the Shenghe Mainland. They would most likely die in there. Even if they come out, they will suffer a great loss of Yuan Qi. This is the best opportunity.

Lan Xuehan had obtained all of Old Man Tianshan's teachings. Her cultivation in martial arts was also a rare genius in this world. If it was during normal times, it would be very difficult for ordinary people to hurt her. But now, she was seriously injured. No matter how heavily guarded Prince Xu was, he still couldn't hurt her. As long as the Princess planned well... It will definitely be a success in one go! "

Baili Ce's eyes flashed with a brilliant light as he slowly lured Soong Xiaoyou and guided her!

"A place that cannot be protected?" Soong Xiaoyou tried her best to think about this place.

A light flashed in her mind and Soong Xiaoyou's eyes lit up. She said joyfully, "I have thought of it, the Imperial Palace! Yes, the Imperial Palace. Although Jin had carefully protected her, he had not reached the point where he could cover the sky with one hand in the Imperial Palace. Furthermore, I see that the Emperor doesn't want Lan Xuehan to become Jin's concubine. If something really happened to Lan Xuehan in the Imperial Palace, the Emperor will definitely be biased. "

Seeing that Soong Xiaoyou had already thought of something under his guidance, Baili Ce understood that his objective for this trip had been achieved. He hoped that Lan Xuehan would like his big gift. An endless amount of sinister thoughts flashed across his sinister eyes, and a ruthless smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

For the past few days, Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Jin had taken medicine to nourish their bodies. Today's weather was finally sunny, and the bamboo leaves outside were rustling. It was a picturesque scene.

Lan Xuehan, who had been bored in the room for many days, finally had the thought of Fu Sheng stealing half a day of leisure. She ordered people to set up tea tables in the bamboo forest and Xuan Qin.

The sound of the Zheng Zheng Qin resounded throughout the Bamboo Garden. The servants looked at Lan Xuehan, who looked like a fairy descended from the heavens. All of them were fascinated. When they heard the immortal music that cleansed the hearts of people, they became even more infatuated!

Just as the sound of the zither faded away, a clear and melodious flute sound cut in. Other than the sudden insertion at the beginning, the harmonization of the zither and flute at the back seemed to have been rehearsed a thousand times and it was seamless.

The noble young master who was like a peerless jade held the jade flute in his hand and slowly walked over with leisurely and leisurely steps. He stood beside Lan Xuehan. The two of them looked at each other and smiled. The tacit understanding between them was self-evident!

When the servants saw this beautiful scene, even their breathing became shallow. They were afraid that they would inadvertently disturb the beautiful scenery of this world. In their hearts, they could not help but say, "Only envy the mandarin ducks but not the immortals."

Dongfang Lyi who was standing far away looked at this scene and listened to the soul-stirring music of the Qin Xiao. The hostility that he felt when he came just now gradually eased up. The warmth at the corner of Dongfang Jin's mouth was so obvious that he no longer had the distant past of the mortal world. He now had a sense of warmth and elegance.

There was a trace of confusion in the corner of Dongfang Lyi's eyes. Previously, he had always felt that Third Brother was the king who gave birth to the empire. No one could stop him from ascending the throne.

Ever since Third Brother saved him and gave him warmth that he had never enjoyed since he was young, he swore to himself that in this life, he would be a sharp sword in Third Brother's hand. He would help him eliminate all obstacles on the path of imperial power!

However, everything had changed since the appearance of this girl. The cold and cold Third Brother didn't hesitate to offend Royal Father for her sake. He was risking his life for her sake. Emperors were born with loneliness. The royal family would never have the word "love." Third Brother was obviously in love with her.

When Dongfang Lyi thought about the "love" he heard from Third Brother at the door of the Imperial Study, and the undisguised smile on his face, he was confused about Lan Xuehan's position.

What should he do to treat Third Brother the best? Prince Jin, who always did whatever he wanted, was completely confused!

The song ended, and the lingering sound lingered in the air. Everyone was still immersed in the duo's ensemble, unable to extricate themselves from it. For the rest of their lives, they might not be able to forget this scene in front of them. It was peerlessly beautiful, and it combined all the beautiful things in the world!

Lan Xuehan's bright and beautiful face was full of smiles, "I never thought that you would be able to match my tune the first time. Comparisons between people are really infuriating. Shangguan Lan that fellow, I have practiced with him a few times before he was able to barely keep up with my tune."

Hearing this, Dongfang Jin's smile instantly dissipated a little. His eyes slightly narrowed as he said softly, "So, you have even performed with Shangguan Lan in the past?"

Lan Xuehan pretended not to notice Dongfang Jin's displeasure. A trace of cunningness flashed across her eyes. She nodded and said fearlessly, "Yes. We have been with him on the mountain for a few years. We played the piano when we had nothing to do. Unfortunately, that guy was too stupid. Sigh! "

Hmph, if she didn't make Shangguan Lan cry and tell his mother, then she wouldn't be called Lan Xuehan! Who asked that fellow to bully her as if it was a matter of course, and even make me suffer many times!

She had long seen that Dongfang Jin's cynical character was definitely at the level of his nose ancestor. Shangguan Lan's little thoughts were not enough in front of Dongfang Jin at all.

Shangguan Lan, you better pray for your own good luck!

At this time, Shangguan Lan, who had been punished by Dongfang Jin in the Ministry of Personnel and had worked so hard for the Imperial Examinations, did not know that he had been sold by Lan Xuehan again. His dark handsome face gritted his teeth and cursed Dongfang Jin, this black-hearted person. One day... It would be best if he did not fall into his hands!

Dongfang Jin's jade face had already recovered to its original state, but the sourness in the depths of his eyes was still clearly visible. When he thought about how Lan Xuehan had even performed with Shangguan Lan, he felt that Shangguan Lan was really too free now. He should find something to do for him!

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