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C113 The Carriage Is Warm

Lan Xuehan reached out her slender hand and held Dongfang Jin's long and slender hand. She said gently, "Don't worry. When the soldiers come, they will block the water. When the water comes, the earth will block the water. I am not someone to be bullied. If what I have learned over the years is still not enough to deal with a bunch of snakes and scorpions in the backyard, that old man will definitely come and strangle me! "

Hearing the consolation in her words, Dongfang Jin calmed his emotions and said, "You have lost your martial arts, so you have to be careful. If anyone dares to bully you, you can bully them back. As long as you are not injured, it doesn't matter how you play!"

These words successfully made Lan Xuehan laugh out loud. Her face was swaying and her tone was full of smiles. "Haha, Dongfang Jin, what if I play too much and offend everyone?"

Dongfang Jin raised his eyebrows and looked at her leisurely. "Don't tell me you haven't offended everyone yet?"

The corner of Lan Xuehan's mouth twitched and her forehead was filled with black lines. This bastard. It was clearly because he was too proud and had made a woman fall in love with him. That was why he made so many enemies for her. What was the meaning of his gloating tone?

"You still have the nerve to say that? If it wasn't for you, how would I have become a thorn in the eyes of those women?"

"Then you should feel lucky. Out of all these women, only you have succeeded."

... ""

Lan Xuehan was speechless. This person!

On this day, it was still as bright and beautiful as before. The blue sky was boundless.

The Bamboo Garden had already started moving.

Lan Xuehan woke up early in the morning to clean up. She originally thought that this was just a banquet, so she did not want to disturb her sleeping time at all.

But when she thought about it, Dongfang Jin's name was renowned across the world, and there were countless women who wanted to marry him. And she was given a marriage to him, so there must be many women who hated him. They would wait for him to find his faults. Although she wasn't afraid of trouble, she didn't want anyone to step on her.

Especially Liuyun and Yi who kept nagging by her ear, saying something to wake her up earlier. She dressed up properly and said something about making those days proud of themselves. The noble lady, who was superior to others, opened her eyes wide and looked at them. Such things kept repeating themselves, making it so that she could not sleep even if she wanted to.

Dongfang Jin knew this was her first step into the circle of noble ladies in the capital, but he didn't care much about it. After all, the world was big, and she was the biggest. No matter how big the matter was, he would be there. He wanted to give her a piece of heaven and earth so that she could do whatever she wanted. The sky was clear!

However, seeing that she was willing to give up on sleeping time and get up early to pack up, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but curl up.

Did this mean that she cared about him too? So, she was willing to draw makeup for his eyebrows and ruin peach blossoms with all her might!

After Lan Xuehan dressed up, it was still a round of praise from the crowd. Peerless and peerless in the world!

She brought Liuyun to the entrance of the mansion and saw Dongfang Jin's low-profile luxurious carriage parked at the entrance. She was secretly delighted in her heart, thinking that Dongfang Jin was really considerate and knew to arrange the carriage for her early.

However, when she saw Mo Xing driving the carriage, Lan Xuehan's brows raised. "Mo Xing, why are you here? Where is your prince?"

During breakfast, she did not hear that he had arranged for Mo Xing to be given to her!

Mo Xing chuckled, and a flattering smile appeared on his handsome face." Miss, my family's prince is waiting for you in the car! Young miss, quickly get in the car!"

En? Dongfang Jin also wants to enter the Palace? Why didn't I hear what he said!

With doubts in her heart, Lan Xuehan got into the car. Sure enough, she saw Dongfang Jin leisurely sitting in the carriage with a book in his hand as he casually flipped through it.

Lan Xuehan sat opposite him and asked this serious man doubtfully, "The banquet organized by the Imperial Concubine, the ones invited should be women, right? It is inappropriate for a big man like you to go with me, right?"

Hearing this, Dongfang Jin raised his head and a trace of amusement flashed across his face, "Who told you that I'm going to attend the banquet with you?"

"Hmm? Not to the banquet? Then what are you doing in the car?" Lan Xuehan did not turn around for a moment.

Looking at the usually lazy and astute little girl in front of him who was rarely confused, Dongfang Jin's heart became softer and softer. He extended his fingers and pinched her small nose lovingly.

"I'll go to the Palace to find Royal Father, and I'll send you there as well."

Lan Xuehan paused for a moment. She thought he had specially prepared it for her! Seriously, she had been touched for nothing.

Dongfang Jin saw her disappointment and remembered the expression that flashed across her face when she got into the car just now. In his heart, he could roughly guess what it was.

"Although you have been betrothed by Royal Father, you can't avoid those blind people using their identities to pressure you. I will send you there to avoid some people's petty thoughts. "

The words that came from the sky made Lan Xuehan's mood instantly brighten up.

That was true. He had been recuperating in the residence these few days. Emperor Wenjing had never given him anything to do, so there was no need for him to enter the palace. However, the reason why he entered the palace now was because he wanted to intimidate the crowd! He did not want others to look down on him because of his status.

Thinking of this, Lan Xuehan's heart felt warm. Although she was not afraid of those women's provocation, she could not help but feel extremely touched when he put in so much effort for her!

Dongfang Jin put down the book in his hand and smiled as he pulled her into his embrace. He hugged her and softly said, "Let Liuyun follow you at all times. Be careful of everything. The women in the Palace are not simple. You should pay more attention to yourself."

Lan Xuehan leaned against him and smelled the light fragrance that was like bamboo and snow on his body. Hearing his words, the corner of her mouth could not help but curl up and said in a long tone, "Reporting to Prince Xu, this little girl knows. Ever since you received the invitation, you have been muttering to yourself that you are about to turn into an old grandpa. Can we not talk about this anymore? I promise that I will return safely. Alright! "

Dongfang Jin narrowed his eyes and lowered his head to kiss this little mouth that he loved and hated.

After a while, Lan Xuehan's lips swelled up. The ripples in her eyes rippled and the flirtatious expression between her eyebrows was very obvious. She hurriedly gasped for breath. This kiss almost made her suffocate!

Dongfang Jin, on the other hand, was full of smiles as he leisurely said, "What an eccentric person. Who am I worried about? You actually think I'm long-winded!"

Lan Xuehan cast a sidelong glance at him. She looked at him, who was high up in the clouds. Compared to her weak body, she said discontentedly, "Who knows why? Who are you? The famous Young Master Wushuang was full of twists and turns. Forgive me for my poor cultivation. I can't guess what you are thinking!"

Upon hearing this, Dongfang Jin pretended to kiss her again. His tone was clear and shallow, "It seems like you still don't have a good memory. Since that's the case, I have plenty of ways to teach you a good memory."

Seeing that the enlarged jade face was about to be pressed down again, Lan Xuehan hurriedly pushed his body that was about to be pressed down. She shouted loudly, "Alright, alright, I know it's for me. For me, that's why you put so much effort into it. I really feel deeply honored!"

Dongfang Jin smiled faintly. "It's good that you know!"

Lan Xuehan expressed that even though she could see Dongfang Jin's face every day, she still had no ability to resist his smile. He was a monster in this world!

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