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C114 Peony Banquet

Just as the carriage stopped in front of the Imperial Palace, Lan Xuehan heard a gentle voice drifting into the carriage.

"Greetings, Jin. I wonder if Jin's injuries from a few days ago have recovered? Is there something important that Jin has come to the Palace today?"

The affection in her words was very obvious. Lan Xuehan raised her eyebrows at Dongfang Jin and muttered, "Peach blossoms are really blooming everywhere!"

Dongfang Jin looked at her leisurely and said to the outside, "Xiaoyou don't need to worry. This king is already fine. There was nothing important for her to enter the Palace today. It was just that Xuehan was fortunate enough to receive the Imperial Concubine's invitation. She came to participate in the Peony Meeting. I was afraid that she didn't know the way, so I specially sent her over! "

This sentence made Lan Xuehan's face slowly open up a smile, but it made the people outside the car almost grit their teeth.

What a good ability, to actually make Jin spend so much effort to personally come and support her!

When the people beside heard this, a trace of deep thought appeared in their eyes. These were all elites under the imperial power, so they naturally knew very well that King Xu's action was to establish his prestige for civilian woman, so as to avoid being bullied for no reason!

As soon as Dongfang Jin finished speaking, Lan Xuehan had already gotten out of the car. Seeing that Fenghua was clearly superior to her, Soong Xiaoyou's heart burned with jealousy, but thinking of today's plan, she forcefully suppressed her jealousy and hatred.

She changed into a gentle and virtuous expression of a young lady from a noble family and went forward to hold Lan Xuehan's hand very closely. Furthermore, she said, "Sister Lan should be attending this kind of banquet for the first time, right? The banquet in the Palace was not like other places. There were strict requirements for etiquette and whatnot. If Sister is unaware of the matter and offends that benefactor, then it would not be good.

Elder Sister, if you don't mind, why don't you follow your younger sister? Younger sister is willing to give elder sister some pointers so as to avoid losing Jin's face, right?"

If not for the fact that there were too many people gathered at the palace entrance, Lan Xuehan would have applauded and cheered for the princess.

Putting aside the profound meaning behind her elder sister's words, just these words alone... She had earned herself the reputation of being gentle and kind in the open, but in reality, she was mocking herself for being just a village girl in the mountains. He did not know the royal family's etiquette and had never seen anything like this.

Moreover, when comparing himself to her, he made it seem that she was much stronger than him in every aspect. Wasn't this making it clear to everyone that Princess Xu should be the one to sit? And not him, a village girl?

A trace of cold light flashed across Lan Xuehan's eyes. She lightly pulled out her hand and the corners of her mouth drew a meaningful smile.

"Thank you for your good intentions, Princess. It's just that although I left home from a young age, I also know the situation at home. My parents did not add any younger brothers or sisters for me, so I can't bear to call them older sisters.

But if the princess is fond of Prince Xu and wants to get a concubine or something like that... It's not too late to call me Elder Sister after entering the estate! Could it be that all the noble young ladies in Heavenly Saint Capital are like the princess who doesn't know manners and doesn't know how to address her?"

As soon as these words came out, Soong Xiaoyou's face instantly turned pale. Her beautiful watery eyes began to turn red and her lips trembled as she wanted to speak.

However, Lan Xuehan's spirit was lifted and her smile became deeper and deeper. "As for the etiquette, the current Saint has already said that I do not need to bow. Could it be that there is someone who can surpass the Emperor? Furthermore, I came from the pugilistic world and am used to being unrestrained and unrestrained. I think that the noble Your Ladyship in the Palace should be magnanimous and virtuous people, so they should not mind my rudeness, right? "

This sentence was simply absolute. Lan Xuehan had not even entered the Palace yet and had already worn such a tall hat on all of Your Ladyship. Then this time, there will definitely not be anyone who will bother with her about etiquette and etiquette. After all, the one who did not care about people's words and etiquette was only Lan Xuehan!

Soong Xiaoyou did not expect Lan Xuehan to be so wild and uninhibited. Her original intention was to let Lan Xuehan acknowledge her as her younger sister in front of everyone. At that time, some people would definitely be able to understand some of the meaning, because the older sister and younger sister who had nothing to do with it were mostly serving a husband. This was exactly what she wanted.

It was just that she did not think that Lan Xuehan would actually make it clear in front of everyone, and even give her such a big embarrassment!

In the capital, wasn't the young lady of the Shangguan family using all means to establish a gentle and virtuous reputation for herself? She thought that Lan Xuehan was also like this, but she was actually so straightforward and saw that there were people with malicious intentions looking at her from the side.

Soong Xiaoyou immediately panicked. She had lived in the circle of light since she was young, where did she go through such a setback?

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, she saw Dongfang Jin get off the carriage. His white clothes were connected to the sky. When he stood alone, he monopolized the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Soong Xiaoyou immediately wanted to pounce on him but did not know where Mo Xing came from. Mo Xing blocked her steps and said coldly with a stiff face, "Princess, please stop. My Royal Highness does not like others to get too close."

Hearing this, Soong Xiaoyou's face turned red and green before finally turning pale. She stood there sulkily and looked at the independent Dongfang Jin with red eyes.

"Jin, I just wanted to help Sister Lan out of kindness. After all, she is your fiancee now. If she doesn't know etiquette, she will lose face in the end. But how can Sister Lan say that about me?"

Dongfang Jin glanced at Lan Xuehan, who was standing with her arms crossed and watching a good show, and then he laughed in his heart.

She was extremely emotional and did not have the feminine beauty of the girls in the capital. Therefore, when she opened her mouth to speak, it would naturally hit her vitals. The needle would hit the nail on the head. Soong Xiaoyou had been used to the intrigue and intrigue in the depths of the mansion since she was young, so she mistakenly thought that Lan Xuehan was also such a girl.

But how could she know that the disciples of Skysnow Mountain learned the strategy to govern the country. What they understood was the general trend of the world, and Lan Xuehan was even more so the character of Zi Wei. Therefore, her master must have strict requirements for her in this aspect. How could she, an ignorant young lady, understand?

"Ping Ting, Xuehan is my fiancee. In my Imperial Residence, she is the etiquette!"

Just a few short words made Soong Xiaoyou feel as if she was struck by lightning. Her small face, which was covered in tears, had a huge disbelief written on it. The people beside were also shocked by King Xu's words.

Such a gentle tone, such an elegant man, but his words carried arrogance that looked down on the world. Truly, really handsome and foolish!

Dongfang Jin didn't care what other people's state was. He turned around and pulled Lan Xuehan, who was smiling and bending her eyes, and the two of them walked inside!

What happened at the entrance of the Imperial Palace today would spread across the world at a rapid speed. Like this... Even if there were people who wanted to do something, they would think about it carefully. Similarly, even if there were some people with ulterior motives... They would never compare their sincerity with his!

Soong Xiaoyou stood there, her eyes filled with deep pain. He actually called her by her title? In the past, he had always called her by her name. It made her feel that he treated her differently from other people. But now, he called her by her title. This kind of gentle, yet cold alienation!

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