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C115 A Verbal Duel

Seeing Lan Xuehan and the palace maid leading the way to the imperial garden, Dongfang Jin's eyes were cold and his tone was gentle but carrying a clear killing intent. He said to the darkness, "Protect her well."

The air in the darkness moved and was silent.

Dongfang Jin walked towards the outside of the palace. Previously, he said to her that it was fake to look for Royal Father. Because he knew her personality very well. She was so stubborn and proud. She did not want her to worry about her at all times. She wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with him, so naturally, she did not want her to stand up for her at all times!

However, she was his person, and everything had him!

Dongfang Jin walked out indifferently and elegantly, but his brows were furrowed with a trace of hostility.

Previously, Mo Feng came to report that there was movement in the sky, and it was directed at her! Although he didn't know why, he felt that it wasn't simple. Besides, he had accumulated a lot of things these days, and all of them needed to be dealt with by him.

It seemed like there were some things that needed to be done in advance!

Lan Xuehan followed the palace maids to the Imperial Garden. Before she even walked to the front, she heard laughter coming from inside. The sharp voice of the person beside shouted, "Miss Lan has arrived!"

Immediately, the people inside stopped their actions and looked at Lan Xuehan.

Some of them had seen Lan Xuehan on the day of the Hundred Flower Festival, while others had only seen Lan Xuehan today. But no matter what, the astonishment and jealousy in their eyes were undisguised and did not hide anything.

Not to mention her unparalleled appearance, just the head of the Four Young Masters in the world and Prince Xu's deep affection for her was enough to make them wish they could shoot a hole in Lan Xuehan!

But who was Lan Xuehan? In her past life, there was a storm of bullets. In this life, she traveled the world. How could she let these few jealous eyes disturb her mind?

The corners of her mouth contained a languid smile, and the expression between her brows was fluttering. One step at a time, she walked in front of the Imperial Concubine and the others. She elegantly said, "Greetings to Your Ladyship. Today, we were invited by you. Xuehan. It is a great honor!"

Without any intention of bowing, she stood there leisurely and peacefully.

Seeing Lan Xuehan being so rude, the Imperial Concubine deeply suppressed the displeasure in her heart. The Emperor had already exempted her from the formalities, let alone everything that happened at the palace entrance. She was also clear that she naturally would not be foolish enough to bother about Lan Xuehan's etiquette!

With a noble expression on her face, she saw that the Imperial Concubine had a smile on her face. She said amiably, "Miss Lan need not be overly courteous. This palace can be considered to have taken care of Prince Xu. She had long treated King Xu as her own child and doted on him. Now... It was not easy for him to become a family. Bengong was very happy in his heart!

If Miss Lan has nothing to do in the future, then come and visit my Jing Chen Palace more often. This Palace will be happy to see such an iconic person! "

Lan Xuehan smiled when she heard that and lowered her brows as she said, "Many thanks for Your Ladyship's great love. Xuehan will remember it!"

"En, alright, take a seat!" The Imperial Concubine said with a smile.

Lan Xuehan had just sat down when she heard Soong Xiaoyou's voice. She looked up and saw a standard bow with natural grace and bearing. No wonder she was called a model! It was not much inferior to the military salute in her previous life!

When Soong Xiaoyou sat down, she heard Imperial Consort Xian softly sigh and said with emotion, "This Princess Ting Ting is really a wonderful person. It seems like the Linfeng Country will not be able to find another person like the princess!

Bengong had always thought that the princess would be able to marry Prince Xu, but she did not expect that the world would be so unpredictable. It was a pity that the princess had been infatuated with him for many years! What kind of worry does this make the Zhongyi Marquis!"

Lan Xuehan's brows raised as she looked at Imperial Consort Xian's malicious eyes and smiled faintly.

Provoke the relationship between the Zhongyi Marquis and Dongfang Jin? Ha, if it was really relying on a woman, then Dongfang Jin would have been famous for many years for nothing!

The first half of the sentence aroused Soong Xiaoyou's jealousy, but she clearly heard the latter half of the sentence. She was very clear of her father's standpoint, so she would not be foolish enough to be used by Imperial Consort Xian as a gun.

It would not do her any good to tear off all pretenses of cordiality with Lan Xuehan in front of everyone. If her father were to find out, it would instead make her father dissatisfied with her.

Soong Xiaoyou still had a gentle smile on her face and said with a trace of disappointment, "Many thanks for Your Ladyship's concern. It is just that Xiaoyou did not have this fortune and cannot stay by Prince Xu's side. Xiaoyou does not blame anyone else."

Imperial Consort Xian originally wanted to provoke the flames of war between Lan Xuehan and Soong Xiaoyou but she did not expect that Soong Xiaoyou would be so inconsiderate and break her own design with just one sentence.

However, she did not believe that Soong Xiaoyou would be as calm as she appeared on the surface. After all, the predetermined position of Princess Xu was snatched by a lowly Jianghu girl. She did not believe that Soong Xiaoyou could swallow this anger!

Imperial Consort Xian turned her head and said to Lan Xuehan who was leisurely looking at the scenery of the Imperial Garden, "Miss Lan is really a celestial beauty. No wonder Prince Xu is so devoted. She was willing to abandon the daughter of Soong family, who was childhood sweethearts, and did not hesitate to offend the Emperor. He gambled with his own future and also requested for this marriage."

This sentence, everyone present could tell that Imperial Consort Xian was mocking Lan Xuehan for using sex to serve others and this seductive charm that caused trouble. And that Dongfang Jin was just a dissolute playboy who loved beauties but did not love the country!

A trace of dark light flashed across Lan Xuehan's eyes and the smile on the corner of her mouth became bigger and bigger. "Haha, Imperial Consort Xian, Your Ladyship, did you forget? I am from the same teacher as Dongfang Jin and have known each other since childhood. Love is one of the things that cannot be explained clearly. I am very glad. I was able to meet him in my entire life.

Furthermore, compared to the most ruthless emperor's family, Dongfang Jin is obviously much more popular. He has great love. He can love me, but he can also love all the people in the world! Isn't that so?"

Hearing this, all the noble ladies present revealed looks of envy, jealousy, and hatred towards Lan Xuehan. Such an outstanding man was actually beat by her to it!

Imperial Consort Xian was choked by Lan Xuehan's words and the resentment in the depths of her eyes deepened a little. This Lan Xuehan had a glib tongue that made people hate her to the extreme!

The Imperial Concubine saw that the atmosphere was gradually turning stiff and looked at the useless Imperial Consort Xian. She still had a bright smile like a flower. "Alright, don't say anymore. Now that the marriage of King Xu has already been decided, we don't need to say anymore. We don't want to make the Emperor unhappy. As for the princess, if she really had a destiny with King Xu, she would definitely be able to achieve good things in the future. If she is not fated, there is no point in talking about it here."

Her words were very ingenious. However, Lan Xuehan laughed disdainfully in her heart. She wanted to get on Dongfang Jin's good side? She also had to ask to see if she agreed or not!

The noble ladies present all agreed and repeatedly said yes. After saying a few more interesting things, the atmosphere of the banquet was pushed to its climax.

After a long while, the Imperial Concubine seemed to have a bored expression as she faintly said, "Sigh, these two years in the capital have really become more and more boring. Each banquet only has this kind of thing, and people are tired of listening to music, chess, painting and painting. It's really boring! "

Soong Xiaoyou took a step forward and bowed, "If Your Ladyship feels bored, how about we play something interesting?"

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