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C116 The Party Was Thrilling

A curious expression appeared on the Imperial Concubine's face, but she still leisurely asked with her imperial bearing, "What's interesting? Tell me about it."

"In reply to Your Ladyship, there is a game called beating drums and spreading flowers among the people. The rules of this game are to put on a flower drum and then order people to cover their eyes. When playing the flower drum and the sound of the flower drum, we will start to pass the flowers in our hands to others. When the flower drum stops, who will have the flowers on their hands... We will let the person respond to Your Ladyship's words and do one thing. How is it?"

When the Imperial Concubine heard this, she smiled and a glimmer of light flashed across her eyes, "Alright, this sounds quite interesting. I wonder what your sisters think? "

Imperial Consort Xian looked at Soong Xiaoyou who was looking down on her and had a smile on her face as she also echoed, "Bengong also feels that this is very interesting."

Consort Xian and Consort Shu by the side naturally did not have any objections.

It was just that a game also had to be carried out with royal etiquette so these Your Ladyship naturally would not participate and would only watch the noble ladies play!

Very quickly, everything Soong Xiaoyou said was placed and Lan Xuehan naturally had no choice but to participate in this game. But she always felt that there was a trace of uneasiness so she secretly raised her vigilance!

The noble ladies followed the rules of the game and formed a circle. Of course, every person's position was arranged by Soong Xiaoyou. Beside Lan Xuehan was a young woman in her twenties. According to Liuyun, she was the daughter of Duan Qian Qian Qian.

However, Lan Xuehan could smell a delicate fragrance from Duan Qian. It was like the coldness of winter plum blossoms, but also like the richness of spring peach blossoms. However, it made people feel especially safe when they smelled it. It was just that... The depths of Lan Xuehan's eyes were dyed with a trace of coldness!

But what was surprising was that Soong Xiaoyou was sitting beside her. This made Lan Xuehan laugh coldly in her heart. She wanted to see what kind of tricks this princess of noble status wanted to play!

The drum started and the flower first fell into the hands of a woman. The first round started and naturally, it was the host who requested it. The Imperial Concubine smiled and let her perform a show. This was also considered to be over.

Later on, there were people who were asked to perform poems and poems one by one. However, Lan Xuehan felt that Soong Xiaoyou seemed to be calculating something. Her eyes contained a biting cold light as she looked at her from time to time.

Finally, the flower fell into Lan Xuehan's hands. She stood up gracefully and the Imperial Concubine smiled as she said, "Miss Lan's music that day could be said to be unparalleled. Bengong had always been thinking about it. Now that we have a chance, Miss Lan will play a song for us!"

Lan Xuehan generously replied, "Your Ladyship has overpraised. Since Your Ladyship does not mind, Xuehan will naturally offer a song for everyone to help with the liveliness."

After the song was played, everyone cheered. Lan Xuehan smiled but did not speak. Her expression was neither proud nor arrogant and carried a natural elegance and elegance!

The game continued, but it was unknown if Soong Xiaoyou did it on purpose. She waved her sleeve and swept the tea cup off the table. The tea splashed onto Lan Xuehan's Luo Qun and it was a stain.

Soong Xiaoyou seemed to be shocked and quickly used the brocade handkerchief in her hand to wipe Lan Xuehan. Her small face was full of fear as she repeatedly said, "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry! Miss Lan, I did not do it on purpose."

The corners of Lan Xuehan's mouth curled into a smile. Her fingers lightly flicked and she wiped the handkerchief without leaving a trace. She said calmly," It doesn't matter. The princess doesn't need to take it to heart. It's just a piece of Luo Qun. "

This sentence caused many of the noble ladies to turn red in their eyes. It was just a Luo Qun. The material of this dress was an inch of gold worth of Fiery Gilt Immortal Gold. Normally, even a piece of handkerchief would make others envious. What's more a piece of clothing?

Lan Xuehan knew that this was the Fiery Gilt Immortal Gold, but it was all prepared by Dongfang Jin. She didn't spend any money, so she naturally wouldn't feel any heartache. Furthermore, she had been looking at the things in Dongfang Jin's manor these days. Every single one of them was a rare treasure in the world, and they were priceless. It wasn't strange that she had seen so many of them.

Soong Xiaoyou's eyes lit up, and she put on a sincere expression. She said to Lan Xuehan, "I'm really sorry, Miss Lan. However, this dress could not be worn anymore. If Miss Lan did not mind, I'll bring Miss Lan to change her clothes!"

The Imperial Concubine sitting on the throne also had a worried expression as she said to Lan Xuehan, "That's right. Miss Lan, let the princess bring you to change your clothes!"

Seeing the two people singing and harmonizing with each other here, if Lan Xuehan still could not guess that there was something fishy going on here, then it would be in vain for Dongfang Jin to earnestly teach her before entering the Palace.

She stood up and stood elegantly as she said to the Imperial Concubine, "Many thanks for Your Ladyship's good intentions. Then Xuehan will not reject it and will have to trouble the princess to accompany her!"

Rather than guarding against them having a son behind their backs, it would be better to put it on the table in the open. This way, it would be better than her guarding against exhaustion. Since he wanted to harm her, why not go and see who was unlucky!

Lan Xuehan followed Soong Xiaoyou and left the seats, leaving behind the people with strange thoughts in the Imperial Garden. Lan Xuehan looked at Liuyun who was following behind her and a trace of a smile flashed across her eyes.

Very quickly, Soong Xiaoyou led Lan Xuehan to a rather desolate place. There were few people here and it seemed like it was an abandoned place in the Palace.

Suddenly, Soong Xiaoyou's resentful voice sounded, "Lan Xuehan, your appearance was a mistake and now it is time to end this mistake."

Just as she finished speaking, she turned around and struck a palm towards Lan Xuehan. Lan Xuehan was already prepared and dodged to the side. Liuyun, who had received the hint earlier, immediately stepped forward and blocked Soong Xiaoyou's attack.

A trace of surprise flashed across Lan Xuehan's heart. She had never thought that a young lady who was raised in her chambers actually had such profound martial arts. This was something that she did not expect.

It seemed that she should not have underestimated this daughter of the Soong family!

Seeing the battle between Liuyun and Soong Xiaoyou getting more and more intense, Lan Xuehan saw that Soong Xiaoyou did not have the momentum of losing at all. A trace of doubt flashed across her heart. If they fought in the Imperial Palace, was this Soong Xiaoyou not afraid that she would get herself into trouble?

Suddenly, there was a flash of light and a trace of seriousness appeared in Lan Xuehan's eyes. She shouted loudly, "Liuyun, leave quickly."

As soon as she finished speaking, eight black clothed people flew out from the darkness. They held their swords and stood there with black scarves on their faces.

Lan Xuehan could not feel a trace of anger from these people as if they were all dead people. Their eyes did not have the slightest fluctuation but there was a silent killing intent that was condensed on their bodies. It was as if everything in the world was empty and there was only killing intent.

This kind of person could no longer be called a suicide soldier. Furthermore, Lan Xuehan suddenly felt that there was a powerful force targeting her. She did not believe that Soong Xiaoyou alone could mobilize such an assassin!

The person who was protecting Lan Xuehan in the dark also appeared. With the black clothes on his body, Dongfang Jin's aura was long and there were no weaklings under him!

The two parties immediately began to fight. The smell of blood filled the air. Lan Xuehan's heart was anxious. This place had clearly been dealt with by someone a long time ago, so there was no one here at all.

And now that she had lost all of her martial arts, she was completely unable to help Liuyun and the rest. Thinking of this, Lan Xuehan was prepared to turn around and walk back. As long as she found a place with people, this assassination attempt against her would naturally end in failure.

When Soong Xiaoyou saw that Lan Xuehan was about to leave, a strong killing intent flashed across her eyes. She used an empty space to take out a hidden whistle. The sharp whistle was not loud and was only heard by the people here but Lan Xuehan's heart flashed with a trace of uneasiness.

Sure enough, along with the whistle, a group of colorful snakes crawled out from both sides. This snake was obviously aiming at Lan Xuehan and was crawling straight towards her.

Seeing the snakes swarming towards her, Lan Xuehan's heart turned cold. Immediately, Soong Xiaoyou's voice filled with killing intent and complacency sounded, "Lan Xuehan, this was specially prepared for you. No one will be able to save you today!"

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