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C117 His Old Friend King an

Lan Xuehan finally understood when she heard him. Why did Soong Xiaoyou bring up this game and why the seating arrangements were so ingenious? Why did Duan Qianqian, who had a strange fragrance, sit beside her? Because from the beginning, Soong Xiaoyou did not want her to make a move. Instead, she led him here.

These assassins were obviously not someone Soong Xiaoyou could arrange. Instead, there was someone helping them from behind. If she died at that time, then everything would be written by Soong Xiaoyou herself. On the contrary, if she did not die, Soong Xiaoyou could also shirk all of her responsibility. After all, there was no direct evidence to prove that today's matter was related to Soong Xiaoyou. He could only blame his bad luck for meeting an assassin.

Seeing the snakes crawling towards her as if they were attracted by something, Lan Xuehan suddenly thought of the strange fragrance on Duan Qianqian's body and the flowers that she had taken for a long time.

Originally, she knew that the fragrance on Duan Qianqian's body was very strange. After thinking for a moment, she remembered. This fragrance was called Luo Yi. The one who smelled it would feel calm and relaxed.

However, she saw Duan Qianqian glance at her with obvious jealousy and hatred in her eyes. Moreover, when she sat down, she deliberately sat close to her. This series of actions made her raise her vigilance.

Later on, the flower in her hand was handed over by Soong Xiaoyou. Moreover, it stayed in her hand for a long time. Now, it seemed like... Soong Xiaoyou must have done something to it, so it mixed with the flower fragrance. That was why it had become a fragrance that attracted snakes.

If she remembered correctly, the only thing that could have a reaction with Luo Yi was the Heavenly Clarity Grass. However, only the geniuses in the sky had the Heavenly Clarity Grass. Where did Soong Xiaoyou get it from? Could it be that she had some relationship with the heavens? However, she had never offended the heavens!

Even though Lan Xuehan's thoughts were chaotic, she also understood that this was not the time for her to be distracted. Luo Qun turned around and held a cold sword in her hand. The sword light was sharp and sharp, like Lan Xuehan, emitting an endless coldness.

Even though she had lost all her martial arts, her skills were still there!

Looking at the snake that was attacking her, Lan Xuehan turned her body and drew her sword. The snake that was pouncing on her was struck to the ground. This stalemate continued. Seeing the continuous swarm of snakes swarming over, Lan Xuehan gradually felt that her physical strength could not hold on anymore.

Without the support of her inner energy, she could not hold on for long.

Just as she was anxious, she heard a slightly puzzled and incredulous voice, "Han?"

Following which, an extraordinarily handsome man landed beside Lan Xuehan and helped her repel the snakes.

This man was dressed in a brocade robe, but it was hard to describe his free and elegant temperament. He was like a poet who roamed the fields, but also like a Vigilante who guarded the world of swords. He carried a sense of freedom. His eyes were as clear as a clear spring, and the corners of his mouth curled into a smile. He was elegant and extraordinary. He had a Zhi Lan Jade Tree, although it was not as stunning as Dongfang Jin's distant Gao Yang. However, it made people feel safe and at ease.

He flipped the jade flute in his hand and faced the creepy snakes. His face was filled with helplessness, and his eyes were filled with coldness. He quietly stood in front of Lan Xuehan and protected her behind him.

Lan Xuehan looked at Fang Xuan who was floating over and her eyes flashed with surprise and doubt. Fang Xuan and her knew each other in the Pugilistic World. The two of them were close friends with each other and were the same as Shangguan Lan.

But why would he appear here?

As if he wanted to solve Lan Xuehan's doubts, someone in the crowd exclaimed, "It's King Ann, Dongfang Xuan! Retreat!"

Seeing the person who flew away in an instant, Lan Xuehan's eyes were filled with a deep chill. This group of people was not something an ordinary person could train. Such strong organizational ability, such powerful combat ability... Such strong discipline, even Dongfang Jin's men could not hurt them!

She tilted her head and looked at Soong Xiaoyou opposite her. That woman's eyes were clearly filled with unwillingness and jealousy. It seemed that if she wanted to investigate the origins of these people, this woman could not be moved for the time being!

Lan Xuehan's eyes carried a mocking and thick coldness, "Soong Xiaoyou, I will not make a fuss about today's matter with you for the time being. However, you better remember that you must not provoke me again. Otherwise, I will make you wish you were dead. "

Soong Xiaoyou did not expect that her plan today would be so meticulous and that Lan Xuehan would still be able to escape. She also did not expect that Prince Ann, who had always travelled the martial arts world, would actually return to the Palace today. Furthermore, he actually knew Lan Xuehan and was willing to do it for this woman. To risk his own life!

He really did not know what was good about bringing this slut along. Everyone protected her!

Her eyes were filled with crazy hatred as she looked sharply at Lan Xuehan. "Lan Xuehan, I do not need you to let me go. You are just a lowly civilian woman. If it was not for Jin, do you think you can enter my eyes? I won't let this matter rest until I kill you today. We will wait and see!"

Finishing, Soong Xiaoyou left before Lan Xuehan and the rest could do anything. Seeing Soong Xiaoyou being so arrogant and rude, Dongfang Xuan did not think that his daughter, who had always been gentle and virtuous, would actually be so vicious.

However, he was not disappointed. After all, he had been wandering the martial arts world and was not used to these scheming and scheming. So, if he had no expectations, how could he be disappointed?

However, the only one who could make Soong Xiaoyou call Jin was Third Brother, who was famous all over the world, right? When did Han get involved with Third Brother?

Thinking of these daily gossips about the affairs of the mortal world, a trace of surprise and worry flashed across Dongfang Xuan's heart!

Seeing that the enemy had dispersed, Liuyun immediately rushed forward and anxiously asked, "Miss, are you alright?"

Lan Xuehan smiled comfortingly, "I am fine, don't worry."

She tilted her head and looked at Dongfang Xuan, who was as carefree as he was in the depths of her memory. Lan Xuehan teased him. "I never thought that I would be able to look at the clouds and the clouds, and watch the flowers bloom and fall. Young Master Xuan. It was actually the current Prince Ann! What is it? Do you need me to greet you?"

Dongfang Xuan's handsome face was slightly embarrassed, as if he was embarrassed that his identity had been exposed." Han, I... I did not mean to hide it. It was just that when one walked the world, if he revealed his identity, he would inevitably be questioned. It will cause trouble. "

His eyes looked at Liuyun who was beside him and said with a smile in his eyes, "However, I also do not know that my close friend is actually the famous Old Man Tianshan's direct disciple, my, Third Brother's, junior sister!"

This time, both of them hid from each other.

Lan Xuehan heard this and laughed. Her eyes revealed a warm gaze, "Alright, if I continue to say it, I am going to vomit! Seriously, it's hard for you to still have the mood to settle old scores with me in this kind of environment."

Looking at the ground full of snake corpses and the dark red bloodstains by the side, it was true that this environment made people faintly vomit.

After interacting with her for a long time, he naturally understood her habits. She was practically a clean freak, and it was also hard for her to endure talking to him for so long!

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