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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C118 They Were at Loggerheads
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C118 They Were at Loggerheads

Dongfang Xuan naturally moved forward. With a flip of his body, Yu Xiao stood far away from her. A gentle breeze blew past, and the unpleasant smell finally dissipated a little. He looked at the people rushing over from afar, flickering with sparks under the night sky. A clear look appeared in his eyes.

A trace of ridicule flashed across Lan Xuehan's heart. It seemed like this Emperor Wenjing was determined not to let her become Dongfang Jin's Princess!

Such a big assassination had happened in the Imperial Palace, although the main character of the assassination was not the Emperor's concubine or something like that. But at any rate, it was still the Imperial Palace! Such a huge commotion actually only came at this time. He really didn't know if they were here to catch the assassin or to collect the corpse?

If the guards weren't ordered by someone else to be forbidden to come here, she wouldn't believe that the palace guards were all useless. If that was the case, even if the Emperor had nine lives, it wouldn't be enough for them to protect him!

Emperor Wenjing brought the people from the Inner Palace's banquet over and looked at Lan Xuehan and Lan Xuehan who were standing beside him. His clothes were slightly messy, but there were no signs of injury. He lowered his eyelids. He covered up a trace of surprise. Emperor Wenjing turned his head to look at the ground full of snakes and bloodstains. His cold voice rang out, "What's going on? Who can explain it to Zhen?"

Before Lan Xuehan could speak, Soong Xiaoyou who rushed over from behind immediately went forward to kneel. She said with guilt, "This subject greets the Emperor. Reporting to the Emperor, it is all this subject's fault. It was this subject's negligence that caused Miss Lan to fall into such a dangerous situation.

At the banquet, this subject accidentally spilled the tea onto Miss Lan's clothes. Initially, she wanted to bring Miss Lan to the side hall of the Jing Chen Palace to change her clothes, but halfway through, chennu's body was not feeling well so she pointed to the road and let Miss Lan go to the side hall to change her clothes. Originally, he thought that since they were very close to the side hall, there shouldn't be any major issues.

However, she didn't expect Miss Lan to actually walk here and almost caused the assassination of the thief to happen. It is this official's fault. This official is willing to receive punishment!"

These words were accompanied by tears. Such a beauty was full of tears here, making one's heart ache just by looking at her. These words made everyone present believe seventy to eighty percent of what they said, and their eyes revealed a look of heartache.

Imperial Consort Xian, who was by the side, had a strange smile on her beautiful face. She said in a crisp voice, "Yo! How can this be blamed on the princess!? Didn't you see that Prince Ann was here as well? Prince Ann had the bearing of a dragon and the bearing of a phoenix. It was possible that some people came from the pugilistic world and were naturally uninhibited and uninhibited. When they saw Prince Ann, they wanted to get close to him and establish a relationship with him.

Furthermore, the Imperial Palace had always been calm. Why did some people have assassins the moment they arrived? Perhaps, this assassin is seeking revenge from the Jianghu and has implicated others."

The two women sang harmoniously and each sentence was ruthless. Their words implied that they would never be able to turn the situation around. Lan Xuehan had seen many battles in her previous life. In her current life, she had been wandering the Jianghu. She had never seen such a sinister and ruthless scene. It seemed that the Imperial Palace was full of danger, and all of them were experts in acting.

She took a step forward and looked at Imperial Consort Xian with her sharp eyes. The corner of her mouth contained a smile, but it made people feel a bit bloodthirsty.

"Why not Imperial Consort Xian and Your Ladyship say it clearly? It was I who saw Prince Ann's extraordinary demeanor and wanted to talk to him. That was why I came here and got killed for nothing! Furthermore, I was the one who lured this assassin here! "

Imperial Consort Xian looked at Lan Xuehan, who was emitting a dangerous aura, and her aura weakened. She did not dare to look at Lan Xuehan's starry eyes and glanced at her. She said in a low voice, "It was originally. Isn't this obvious?! He really did not know shame. He actually dared to say what he wanted. "

Although his voice was low, it still reached everyone's ears. Lan Xuehan's eyes were like a torch as she glanced at the disdain in the eyes of others. She felt a little uncomfortable in her heart but her expression did not change.

She tilted her head and looked at Emperor Wenjing. Her eyes were clear as if she was looking straight at the heart. "Reporting to the Emperor, these assassins are not fools. No matter how great the enmity is, they will not find it in the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace has always been heavily guarded. Coming here to seek revenge, I am afraid that they have not seen me yet. They were killed by the guards in the Palace. Imperial Consort Xian and Your Ladyship's words were purely slander. Your Ladyship actually spoke without thinking. Xuehan This was the first time ___ had seen her following her master around the four kingdoms.

Furthermore, today's matter was obviously an assassination arranged by someone with ulterior motives. As for the target of the assassination, I don't think it would be my little civilian woman's turn no matter what. It was just that I happened to be unlucky and ran into her. As for Prince Ann, he just happened to pass by and saved me. "

As he spoke, he flipped the universe. Dongfang Xuan looked at the lady in blue with a smile on his face. His face was filled with joy. Ever since the two of them met, he knew that Lan Xuehan was a rare and extraordinary girl in the world. She was as beautiful as Third Brother, with the wisdom of a king looking down on the world.

Now that he saw her, it was indeed the case!

This assassination was obviously an assassination that Royal Father had tacitly agreed to target her. But she merely said a few words and pushed all of this to Royal Father. She had used her master, Old Man Tianshan, to put pressure on Royal Father and counterattacked the slander of Soong Xiaoyou and Imperial Consort Xian. In the end, Royal Father had no choice but to give her an explanation!

However, why did Royal Father treat Xuehan like this?

Emperor Wenjing was very unhappy in his heart. He originally wanted to get rid of Lan Xuehan. But he did not expect that she would escape and even backhanded attack. He suppressed the anger in his heart and looked at King Ann and asked, "When will Fourth Brother come back? Why is he here? Have you paid your respects to Royal Mother?"

Dongfang Xuan smiled elegantly. He had the bearing of a royal family member, and he also had an unusual and unrestrained air about him. He replied with a clear voice, "Reporting to Royal Father, your son just came back yesterday. Today, the Japanese wanted to invite Royal Mother to pay their respects, but they heard that the Imperial Concubine was having a banquet. Royal Mother was not in the Palace, so this son thought that she had been away from the capital for a long time. He walked around the Imperial Palace, but he did not expect to meet this young lady in danger. So he helped her. "

Her words didn't really matter, just that no one would be able to find anything wrong with her. Emperor Wenjing didn't say anything else, so he ordered his men to call Yin from the capital, ordering him to investigate this matter thoroughly.

He then ordered Lan Xuehan not to take this matter to heart, and to give her an explanation. Soong Xiaoyou's unintentional loss was naturally not a big deal. But as Your Ladyship of the Palace, Imperial Consort Xian's words were without reason and were really absurd. Therefore, Emperor Wenjing ordered her to be grounded for a month as a form of punishment.

The carefully planned murder ended just like that. Everyone dispersed. Dongfang Xuan used the excuse of guarding against the thief from leaving and indicated that he wanted to send Lan Xuehan back to the mansion.

Emperor Wenjing knew that his son was not interested in the throne and liked to live a carefree and unrestrained life in the Jianghu. He was magnanimous and had a clear and upright mind compared to the other princes. It was because of this that he felt a sense of compassion for his son. Of course, he would not reject this request.

Furthermore, even though he wanted Lan Xuehan to die, this was only limited to what he did behind her back. He did not forget to do it on the surface!

The two of them had been good friends for many years. Lan Xuehan naturally knew that Dongfang Xuan was worried about her safety, so she did not say anything. She only thanked Prince Ann for his good intentions on the surface, and the two of them headed towards the palace entrance.

When they reached the palace entrance, Lan Xuehan did not see the carriage. She was slightly puzzled in her heart. Didn't Dongfang Jin say that he was in the Imperial Palace? After such a big incident tonight, he also did not appear? There was no one at the palace entrance now!

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