Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C119 Goddess Miao Yin
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C119 Goddess Miao Yin
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C119 Goddess Miao Yin

Dongfang Xuan saw the disappointment in his eyes. Dongfang Xuan's handsome face showed a trace of ridicule. "When I entered the Palace, I happened to see Third Brother's carriage. I thought Third Brother came to the Palace to do something important, but later I heard that Third Brother came to the Palace to send his future consort to the banquet. I was just thinking, was it that woman who could make Third Brother, who was far away in the sky, enter this thirty feet of dirt? But I never thought that it would be you, Han! Indeed... Her beauty is alluring!"

After listening to Dongfang Xuan's words, Lan Xuehan thought it through. It turned out that Dongfang Jin had specially come to send her into the Palace today, and it was not like what he had said. He had something to do in the Palace. When she thought of this, the depressing feeling that she had encountered that night instantly vanished. She turned to be in a cheerful mood.

Seeing the ridicule in Dongfang Xuan's eyes, Lan Xuehan did not hold back and retorted, "What do you mean by seductive beauty? Could it be that you are as attractive as Young Master Xuan's confidantes in the mortal world, causing you to not hesitate to offend the City Lord? Hero saving a beauty? And I didn't dare to go to Chang'zi City for no reason. That's what it means to be tempting, and it's also because you're wearing human skin on the surface. You're actually a dissolute playboy with a big tail!"

Don't think that she didn't know that as the saying goes, mutual interests mean that whatever character you have, you can have a few points. She was used to being carefree, so naturally, she was curious about the casino's fireworks.

After meeting Fang Xuan, the two of them had the temperament of being serious on the surface and secretly playing around, so they cooperatively pretended to be dissolute young masters many times and went to that kind of place.

She remembered that at the Immortal Tea House in Chang Zi City, they were only there because they admired Fairy Hua Kui and Fairy Miao Yin. Hence, the two of them agreed to go to the Immortal Ming Residence with the elegant demeanor of a Hua Kui. Not to mention that Fairy Miao Yin had a unique appearance and every move she made was charming and moving. Just her singing that sounded like the sound of nature made Lan Xuehan deeply admire her. It was truly worthy of the reputation of many young masters of rich families coming here for the sake of beauties, and they did not hesitate to spend a lot of money!

She was originally a woman. Other than admiring, there was nothing else. However, she did not expect that this guy in front of her was really a playboy who had compassion for the fairer sex.

That day, the two of them were admiring Goddess Miao Yin's singing. However, a bully young master with a greasy face came and wanted to plant Miao Yin on his cow dung. She simply felt that it was like in a novel, as long as a devastatingly beautiful woman was bullied like this... There would definitely be a chivalrous man who would appear and save this woman from the abyss of misery.

She propped her head up, wanting to see if it really was the same as the law. If it really didn't work, then it wouldn't matter even if she made a move in the end. However, she never would have thought that this brother sitting beside her... She suddenly shouted, "Let go! Where did you release it? How dare you behave atrociously here! "

Hearing the sarcasm in her venomous tongue, she sniggered. "Release?" She sized up the old man. Indeed, the fat on his waist was trembling as he breathed. He even proudly fanned himself with the picture of a court lady, pretending to be elegant. He was like a pig that stood up, making people laugh!

She couldn't help but laugh, but that bully young master turned his gaze to her. His gaze was filled with lust, coupled with his face. It was simply nauseating. He spoke with a lewd smile, forgetting what Dongfang Xuan had scolded him just now. "This young master simply looks like a heavenly Xianer, causing this young master to be extremely happy. Why don't you and Miao Yin follow this young master? This young master will definitely let you have a good meal. "

Although Lan Xuehan was a man in men's clothing, she could not conceal her graceful bearing. Instead, she gave people the impression that she was an elegant young master with a weak body. It seemed that this tyrant was a man and woman!

She trembled for some reason. She raised her eyebrows and pointed at herself. "Are you talking about me?"

That tyrant nodded his head like a chick pecking at rice, and his face revealed what he thought was a suave and elegant demeanor. "Only you are a celestial being here, and I am the son of the City Lord of Chang Zi City. If you follow this young master, then this young master will definitely let you have a good meal. "

She laughs loudly, the disdain in her eyes is very obvious. "With just you? I don't know where you came from. Don't you think you're like a pig that stood up? It's not your fault for being ugly, but it's your fault for coming out to scare people. I really don't know if your mother changed it to a random state when she gave birth to you. That's why she made you look so miserable."

When he said this, Fang Xuan laughed so hard that he could not even straighten his back. He said while laughing, "Haha, Han, I didn't think that your words would be so interesting. Absolute. Absolute!"

The people below burst into laughter again. They saw that the face of the Evil Tyrant, which was covered with meat, had turned red. Immediately, he shouted fiercely, "Attack! Capture that brat! This young master will definitely trample him to death! Only then can I relieve the hatred in my heart! "

How could these people be a match for Lan Xuehan and the others? In just a few moments, they were taken care of by Lan Xuehan and the others. But when Lan Xuehan and the rest walked in front of Miao Yin and prepared to comfort the beauty. The bully young master held a knife from behind and rushed up. Before Lan Xuehan could do anything, fang Xuan, who was standing beside her, waved his hand and the knife coincidentally landed on the Young Master Evil Tyrant's chest. He lost his life on the spot.

Later on, Miao Yin was afraid that the City Lord would seek revenge, so she led Lan Xuehan and the others to leave with her. Lan Xuehan was still in Skysnow Mountain, so it was naturally impossible. Therefore, this dissolute man had taken advantage of Dongfang Xuan for nothing. However, the city lord had lost his son. He immediately swore that he would shred the man who killed his son into a thousand pieces. He immediately announced that the entire city wanted the two of them.

Therefore, she didn't dare to go to the Changzi City anymore. Because her portrait was still hanging there. She had always thought that if it wasn't for Dongfang Xuan shouting, she would definitely have a better way to save Miao Yin. It was much better to act in the dark than to kill that bully in broad daylight.

Looking at Dongfang Xuan again, it was obvious that he also thought of that matter. His eyes were filled with a deep smile. Thinking of the happy and unrestrained days between the two of them, Dongfang Xuan felt very happy in his heart.

He was a prince of the dynasty, and the maternal family was the General Estate of the Protector. He was very powerful. However, he didn't like these schemes and schemes, so he didn't have the slightest interest in the throne. Traveling the Pugilistic World, he found a pure land and met Han. It was the fortune of his life.

However, he felt that Han's bones were the same as his. She was not suitable for living in the Imperial Palace. But why did she agree to marry Third Brother and get involved in the dispute of the imperial power?

Thinking of this, he could not help but ask, "Han, how did you become Third Brother's fiancée? With your character, it is not suitable for the inner court of the Imperial Palace. What exactly do you think? Is it because of something?"

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