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C12 Jin Huashuang

With all the stars in the sky, although the night winds are late and a little chilly. However, Lan Xuehan didn't feel cold at all when she was wearing the light cloud. Old Man Tianshan gave her a pill in Xu. After eating it, the wound on her head was no longer as painful as before.

After a night of rushing, they arrived at the foot of the snow mountain at dawn. Lan Xuehan had expended too much energy before coming here, and after coming here, she had to spend some time traveling. After saying this, she could not help but fall asleep in the arms of the old man. She only knew how to walk and did not rest. She did not see any other scenery along the way.

When she opened her eyes, what entered her eyes was a painting. They arrived at the foot of the mountain, about a few dozen miles away from Skysnow Mountain. However, it was said that the coldness in Skysnow Mountain was bone-piercing, but the flowers and plants at the foot of the mountain agreed to meet in spring. It was extraordinarily beautiful. The flowers and the moon were flowing, and they were extremely colorful. Under the illumination of the rising sun, she was dazzling and beautiful.

In the Skysnow Mountain that was dozens of miles away, the mountain peak was rather high, but it did not seem to reach the sky. It was covered in silver, giving it a sense of holiness and elegance. At a glance, it was completely white, but it was not dazzling at all. In the beginning of spring, the snow was still floating. It was an amazing scene.

Old Man Tianshan suddenly abandoned his horse and flew up with Lan Xuehan in his arms. With a few light movements, he arrived at the top of the snow mountain.

The few houses did not seem to be out of place, but rather stood tall. They did not have the imposing manner of a sect. Instead, they looked like a few farmers living in the mountains leisurely. However, if one did not have some ability, who would dare to place the house in Skysnow Mountain?

"Strange, where did that kid go?" While Lan Xuehan was sizing him up, Old Man Tianshan muttered to himself. Although his voice was very soft, it was still very clear to the ears. Only then did Lan Xuehan recall the gifted senior brother that the old man had told her about. He was an extremely curious person.

Old Man Tianshan put Lan Xuehan down from his embrace and shouted at the top of his voice, "Stinking brat, your master has brought your junior sister back, hurry up and come out!" His loud and clear voice echoed throughout the entire snow mountain.

Lan Xuehan looked around the place where she was going to live and suddenly saw a person sitting on a distant mountain peak. His figure was slightly smaller, like a child. His white clothes and the snow merged into one. If one did not see it, one would not be able to tell it apart. However, his back was elegant, graceful, and peerless. His black hair was as black as ink. In the world of white, it seemed exceptionally dazzling.

Lan Xuehan slowly walked towards him as if he did not know. Only when Lan Xuehan stood in front of him did he come back to his senses and look at Lan Xuehan.

When Lan Xuehan saw his appearance, she was stunned for a moment but quickly recovered her calm. She began to carefully size up his face. What kind of face was this! Even if she was used to seeing Nangong Feng's handsome face. Kelly's evil ways, Lan Muhua's unworldly appearance was not even a fraction of the face in front of her.

His eyebrows were like ink paintings, and he possessed the aura of the mountains and rivers. His eyes were like clear springs. He held the essence of white jade. Her nose was tall and straight, and she had the elegance of a bamboo. Her thin lips were crimson. The sun was setting and the clouds were rising. His white clothes were purer than snow, and they were as warm as jade. He was competing with the sun for glory alone. Being sized up by others, he was still calm and elegant. The corner of his mouth was full of smiles. Even though he was young and tender, he was like an unmatched noble young master.

'Master Mo is like jade, young master is unparalleled in this world 'was true.

Dongfang Jin looked at the girl in front of him, thinking that she was the junior sister that his master had brought back! Very few people could see his appearance being so calm, but she was only stunned for a moment at the beginning. After that, she recovered her calm and calmly examined him.

Even though she was young, her eyes were like stars, dazzling and resplendent. The exquisite lips under her delicate nose were even more perfect, and her fair skin was like an egg that had just come out of its shell. It was as smooth as jade. A devastatingly beautiful woman was not hard to see. Her elegant and noble temperament was as cold and unparalleled as a fairy in the snow. It was just that the gauze on her forehead made her more popular.

After he finished looking, he did not say anything. He still lowered his head to look at the thing in front of him. Lan Xuehan followed his gaze and it turned out that he was playing chess with her. She played white chess with her left hand and black chess with her right hand. Most of the black pieces on the chessboard had been eaten by the white pieces. Anyone who knew how to play could tell that the black pieces were exhausted.

However, the person in front of her was holding the black pieces and thinking about how to take the next step. Lan Xuehan reached out her hand. She took out a black piece from the container that was holding the black pieces and placed it on a spot on the chessboard. The entire game of chess went back and forth and the white chess piece was at a disadvantage.

Dongfang Jin's eyes lit up and he smiled slightly. He had a look of sudden enlightenment and said, "Wonderful! His voice was as pleasant as the sound of a spring breaking jade, and it was fascinating.

Lan Xuehan saw Dongfang Jin's smile. It was as if she saw a snow lotus blooming. It was mesmerizing. She blinked her eyes and secretly cursed, Evil monster.

Obviously, Dongfang Jin heard it. He raised his head and smiled gently. He asked, "Junior sister, you have been tired all the way, but you don't know? I'm Master's eldest disciple, your senior brother. You're saying that I'm a monster, but Master doesn't know who I am? Junior Sister, do you know that one of the rules of the sect is to respect the master and respect the elders? Since you've entered the sect, you should abide by this rule."

After Lan Xuehan heard his long speech, she wondered why her hands were so cheap just now.

She rolled her eyes and lowered her head to flick the snowflakes that fell on the 'Qingxun Flowing Cloud'. She said, "Senior brother heard wrongly. I did not say anything about you. I was talking about a bird that just flew over."

Dongfang Jin wanted to refute, but as she moved, she saw the Misty Cloud on her body. A dark light flashed in her clear eyes, and Lan Xuehan didn't notice it.

He didn't say anything. At this time, Old Man Tianshan walked over with a smile and said, "Stinking brat, I thought you were there again. How is it? This is the disciple that I have waited for for several years. It is not easy!"

Dongfang Jin stood up and flicked the creases on his white clothes. He smiled and said, "Very good." His tone was light and the word good was long. He looked at Lan Xuehan, who was standing next to him, meaningfully.

Then, without waiting for Old Man Tianshan to speak, he turned around and walked back. Old Man Tianshan did not understand why his eldest disciple had that kind of tone. Just as he was about to ask Lan Xuehan, who was in front of him. Lan Xuehan also walked back. As she walked, she waved her hand and said, "Master, do you want to starve my disciple to death? Food..."

When she woke up yesterday, she was just preparing to eat some medicine to try out the ancient dishes. She had not eaten yet. She was taken away by this damn old man. On the way, he didn't stop. He rode on his horse all the way, and it was already the quarter of an hour. His stomach was already empty. If he didn't eat, she would starve to death. It wasn't easy to save her small life, so she couldn't give an explanation like this.

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