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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C120 Dongfang Was Jealous
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C120 Dongfang Was Jealous

It had to be said that Dongfang Xuan was indeed a member of the royal family. This sensitivity was definitely not something an ordinary person could have. However, although he had indeed entered the capital because he had agreed to Dongfang Jin's proposal, but now she was very clear that she had stayed behind because of Dongfang Jin.

She smiled and shook her head. "Ah Xuan, you should know me best. If I am unwilling, who in this world can force me?"

Dongfang Xuan nodded and thought about it. On the surface, Han looked lazy and unruly, but in reality, she had her own opinions. Whatever he decided on, no matter how difficult it was, he would not easily change his mind.

Just as he was about to say something, the sound of a carriage came from afar. Looking up, it was that person who had always kept a low profile and was extremely elegant.

When the carriage came to a stop, the man in the moonlight surpassed the bright moonlight. He looked up at Lan Xuehan, his eyes were warm, and there seemed to be a worry that had not been covered up between his brows.

He slowly walked over and stood in front of Lan Xuehan. He looked at her for a while and finally said gently, "Don't worry, I will take revenge for you!" His voice was slightly raised, carrying traces of bloodthirsty killing intent.

It seemed that he already knew everything that happened in the Imperial Palace. This was also good, she didn't need to waste her breath.

He tilted his head and looked at Dongfang Xuan with gratitude in his eyes, "Thank you for saving my life today. Third Brother will remember this favor."

Dongfang Xuan looked into Third Brother's eyes and naturally saw the trace of displeasure deep in his eyes. After that, he thought about it and faintly smiled in his heart. He had always thought that Third Brother was far away in the heavens and did not care about the mortal world, but he never thought...

He smiled warmly, "Third Brother, there is no need to thank me. Han and I are good friends. When she was in trouble today, even if she saved him with her life, her brother would not hesitate at all. I think that if I encounter danger in the future... Han will also be like this."

Since Third Brother had fallen in love with her, she would let him see whether the peerless and elegant Third Brother was worth it for Han to give up the life she yearned for for for him.

However, when he said this, Dongfang Jin narrowed his eyes. Lan Xuehan, who was beside him, trembled for no reason. What was Ah Xuan doing? Why did she feel like he was digging a pit to bury her?

However, it was only for a moment. Dongfang Jin pulled Lan Xuehan over and said, "Of course, Third Brother will pay what your third sister-in-law owes. If Ling has any difficulties in the future... Third Brother will definitely help. However, Ling has just returned to the capital, so he probably has a lot of things to do. Third Brother would not disturb him anymore. I will bring your third sister-in-law back first.

Also, since you have already pretended not to know each other in the Palace just now, it is better to avoid it in the future. Otherwise, you will bring trouble to your third sister-in-law."

After saying that, he brought Lan Xuehan onto the carriage. Dongfang Xuan was left there with a smile on his face. If he had not felt it wrongly just now... It should be Third Brother who was jealous, right? His words were a declaration of sovereignty, and he was also forbidden from dating Han.

Ha, I didn't expect that the famous Third Brother, who was high up in the clouds, would have such a day!

Dongfang Xuan shook his jade flute and turned around to leave!

In the carriage, Lan Xuehan's heart was neither high nor low. Originally, because of today's matter, her mood was a little uncomfortable. Because of the conversation with Dongfang Xuan, her mood became a little better. Later on, when Dongfang Jin came, he said in a domineering manner: Her mood instantly became clear. However, she had never expected that Dongfang Xuan would dig such a huge pit for her when he left.

Although she and Dongfang Xuan had nothing to do with each other, she was naturally not afraid of Dongfang Jin. However, when she felt the pressure in the carriage getting lower and lower, her heart felt uneasy.

She glanced at Dongfang Jin and saw that he was resting with his eyes closed. Her heart trembled again. Feeling that the atmosphere was really awkward, she laughed dryly. She opened her mouth and said, "Today is really dangerous! I didn't expect that your little cousin would be able to invite such an expert. Even if this type of expert was at my peak, I can't guarantee a full retreat.

It seems that your charm is truly great. I've finally met you today. All the noble ladies at the banquet are eager for something to happen to me so that they can step on me. However, it's fortunate that I'm smart."

This sentence was said very well. He said that he was in danger because of him and that he was shocked. He secretly expressed that he did not have as many peach blossoms as him, so if he was smart, he should not have come to find trouble with him!

However, if Dongfang Jin's anger was dispelled by her words, then he would not be Dongfang Jin.

He opened his eyes and his eyes were cold. Lan Xuehan's heart trembled when she saw him. She said lightly, "Ling has always traveled the martial world and does not like the trivial matters of the court. He never meddled in the matters of the palace.

But today, for you, he was dragged into this accident. Lan Xuehan, you are really capable! A Yung Zixuan from a rich family, and a Shangguan Lan who relies on each other. One. You have been traveling the martial world for four years. How many dissolute debts have you incurred?"

The words that came after had lost Young Master Wushuang's elegance and composure, and he spoke with a bit of gritted teeth.

Hearing Dongfang Jin's questioning, Lan Xuehan glanced at him guiltily. She did not look at him in the eye. She had made many friends in the martial arts world, but she did not know much about them. After all, making friends was just to make friends, not for profit. Therefore, she didn't dare to guarantee that any good friends she met in the future wouldn't be nobles.

However, other than Yung Zixuan confessing to her, Shangguan Lan and Dongfang Xuan were purely friends. Dongfang Jin's jealousy was too unreasonable.

She felt that she really needed to clarify a little, so as to avoid suffering his anger for nothing.

"Dongfang Jin, Shangguan Lan and Ah Xuan are just friends. Don't think too much about it."

Dongfang Jin looked at her coldly. "Of course I know. Otherwise, do you think they can still appear in front of you? Yung Zixuan is an example."

Yung Zixuan, that's right. Speaking of Yung Zixuan, she remembered that day in Liberty Villa, after her mother's poison was cured... Yung Zixuan didn't even see her face and just sent someone to tell her that there was something important at home. Then, he left. At this moment, from what he said, could it be that he had done something to her?

Understanding the inquiry in Lan Xuehan's eyes, Dongfang Jin's expression was indifferent as he said in all seriousness, "That's right. It was I who ordered people to knock on the Rong family's business. If not for this, how could that brat not even have the time to meet you? He left?"

"Then you were jealous? Could it be that you had fallen in love with me a long time ago? "Lan Xuehan's eyes were full of ridicule and a faint trace of anticipation.


" No, at that time, I was still not sure what kind of feelings I had for you, but it was still a little different. Since that's the case, I won't give that kid an opportunity to take advantage of me. "

Dongfang Jin said it as if it was a matter of course.

"Dongfang Jin, I really admire you." Lan Xuehan had a defeated look on her face.

Dongfang Jin raised his eyebrows. "Since you admire me, then don't mess with the peach blossoms. In the past five or six months, it is not the season for the peach blossoms to grow."

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