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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C123 The Blood in the Court Changed
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C123 The Blood in the Court Changed

This time, he had already received the news that Soong Xiaoyou was going to make a move on Lan Xuehan. The Imperial Concubine had always hated Third Brother and could not bear to see him have a bit of happiness. Now that she had Lan Xuehan, she definitely would not let her live to create more trouble. Three women was just a show, let alone a woman who had lived in a wealthy family's courtyard since childhood.

That was why he tacitly allowed this assassination to happen. It was to get rid of the woman who tied his son up. He secretly ordered the guards to be removed, and he also tacitly allowed the Imperial Concubine and the others to kill Lan Xuehan. Unfortunately, no matter how he calculated, he did not expect Fourth Brother to appear. It allowed this woman to escape disaster.

From the moment Lan Xuehan was brought out of the Imperial Palace, he knew. This assassination has failed. With Third Brother's character, this matter would definitely not be settled peacefully. Thus, he waited here for him. It was just that he did not expect that woman's weight in his heart was already so high! It was so high that the father and son, who did not hesitate to fall out with him for many years, appeared calm on the surface!

At this moment, Emperor Wenjing was overwhelmed with anger. His eyes were wide open, and the veins on his forehead were bulging. He kept holding the table and breathing heavily. He could not even speak.

However, when Dongfang Jin saw this, he covered the expression that flashed across his eyes and calmed down a little. Then, a gentle and slow voice with infinite killing intent rang out.

"Today's matter, I will definitely not let it go. I will not let go of anyone who has hurt her. Including that woman. I have not dealt with her for so many years. Since she still doesn't know life from death, then let's settle our old and new grudges. Just wait and see. Let's see what sort of baptism the Linfen Dynasty that you've used all your heart to maintain will experience! "

After saying that, without waiting for Emperor Wenjing to speak, Dongfang Jin pushed open the door and the white figure disappeared into the night sky in the blink of an eye.

When Lu Cheng, who came in later, saw Emperor Wenjing like this, a trace of fear flashed through his eyes. He quickly stepped forward and supported his shaky body. With a careful and worried look, he asked, "Your majesty, do you want to call the Imperial Physician?"

Lu Cheng's touch seemed to have woken Emperor Wenjing, who was still immersed in anger. He suddenly came back to his senses and shook Lu Cheng's hand away. He turned around and swept away the teacups and porcelain on the table. The teacups and porcelain cracked and shattered on the ground.

When Lu Cheng saw this, he immediately knelt down with a frightened expression and shouted, "Emperor, please calm your anger."

Only, Emperor Wenjing acted as if he did not hear it and kept muttering, "Unfilial son, unfilial son, he wants to anger Zhen to death!" In the past, his sharp eyes revealed traces of heartache and weakness.

After Dongfang Jin returned to Bamboo Garden, he did not rest and immediately entered the study. A room of light was lit up until dawn, and a snow-like document spilled out from the study. The king who commanded the country decided the life and death of several families in one night.

A few days later, the head of the Wang Family, the biological father of the current Imperial Concubine. The Minister of Rites, Wang Shouren, was found guilty of treason. Later on, when he was in office, corruption and illegal activities were exposed. He treated human lives as if they were grass and caused the wrath of the heavens. Therefore, the citizens of Linfeng Country were happy to see this dog official, who had been bullying the common people, being punished.

As for his daughter, in the name of plotting against the prince, the evidence was conclusive and she was stripped of her title of Imperial Concubine. She was sent to the Cold Palace and was imprisoned for the rest of her life.

As for the Minister of Works, he was treated as a commoner because of corruption. His daughter, Duan Qianqian, was delusional enough to find Dongfang Jin to plead for her father's forgiveness. However, she was sentenced to death in the name of plotting against the prince.

As for the daughter of the Soong family, Soong Xiaoyou, due to her vicious heart, she often killed servants. She was removed from the title of princess and demoted to a civilian.

In the past few days, Dongfang Jin had dealt with everyone who had participated in the conspiracy against Lan Xuehan. The situation in the Imperial Court had changed, and a Wang family had fallen. This allowed the truly talented Humble Class students to have a chance to rise to power. Many important positions in the Imperial Court had been changed, but Emperor Wenjing had not had time to react. Everything had already been decided.

Only now did they truly understand how this gentle and elegant peerless youth, on the surface, was decisive in killing and ruthless in his methods.

This blood exchange caught the First Prince, Dongfang Xiao, off guard. He didn't even get a chance to intervene, and Dongfang Jin had replaced him with his most powerful assistant, the Wang Family. As a result, his vitality had been greatly damaged.

The man who had caused all of this had accompanied Lan Xuehan to the Drunken Fragrance Restaurant.

Originally. Lan Xuehan had always wanted to see what her father had given her. Unfortunately, after coming to the capital, she had been delayed by all sorts of things and had never gotten a chance.

Coincidentally, she had the time today. That was why she wanted to come out and take a look. At the very least, she should recognize her face first. However, Dongfang Jin saw that she was about to leave and insisted on following her. He was afraid that she would be in danger after losing all her martial arts.

After exchanging a few times, they were fruitless, so she could only follow him. However, since he wanted to follow her, she would be letting herself down if she did not bring him along to play with her.

Dongfang Jin had a smile on his face as he looked at the blue-clothed youth in front of him. He had the elegance that was not inferior to his own, and his brows were filled with high spirits.

As soon as he arrived at the door, the manager personally came out to welcome him. Lan Xuehan looked at his calm face. There was no sign of the high and mighty officials and nobles on his middle aged face. Instead, it was clear and calm. She was immediately satisfied with this man's behavior.

Before he could greet, Dongfang Jin waved his hand with a smile and said gently, "No need to be so polite. I am just here for a meal."

Lan Yan immediately understood and looked at the blue-clothed young master beside him. He turned around and led the way for the two of them. As he walked, he instructed them to bring the signature dishes to the distinguished guests.

However, before they could step into the private room, they heard an evil voice from behind them, "Little Han, enjoy the delicacies alone. Aren't you afraid that you'll choke if you eat them?

This year, this young master's life is not good. It's all because of some unlucky things. I've been so busy recently. But I heard that you've been in an uproar recently! Let's go. While we're eating, let's have a good chat!"

Without waiting for anyone to speak, Shangguan Lan waved his fan and walked into the private room in a dissolute manner. He sat at the end of the room with a smile in his eyes. He looked at Dongfang Jin with a hint of gnashing his teeth in anger!

Lan Xuehan looked at Shangguan Lan's actions with amusement. She shook her head and walked in. Dongfang Jin, who was glanced at by Shangguan Lan with a murderous gaze, did not even cast a glance at her. He also sat beside Lan Xuehan.

Lan Yan looked at the three people in front of him. He seemed to have something to say, but his expression was conflicted for a long time and he still swallowed the words he wanted to say. A trace of appreciation flashed across Lan Xuehan's eyes when she saw Lan Yan's appearance.

She slowly opened her mouth and said, "Shopkeeper, you don't want to report your family name?"

Lan Yan immediately understood what Lan Xuehan meant when he heard that. His calm face showed excitement. He knelt down on one knee and said loudly, "This subordinate, Lan Yan, greets Young Lord."

Although he did not know why the Young Lord did not care about Prince Xu and the Right Minister, he had been in the capital for so many years. He rarely saw the Young Lord. A few days ago, he received a letter saying that the Young Lord had come to the capital. He had been waiting.

He was naturally happy to see it today!

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