Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C124 A Disaster for the Country and the People
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C124 A Disaster for the Country and the People
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C124 A Disaster for the Country and the People

Lan Xuehan smiled sweetly and supported him with her hand. She said in a crisp voice, "Uncle Lan, there is no need to be so polite. You have been stationed in the capital for many years. I have put in a lot of effort. When my father came, he told me to treat you well. Otherwise, he won't forgive me when I get home."

His tone, which carried a hint of a teasing tone, eased the heavy atmosphere, and touched Lan Yan's heart.

"Young Lord is too serious. If you call me Uncle Lan, this subordinate will accept it."

Shangguan Lan, who was standing beside, looked at the small talk between Lan Xuehan and Lan Yan. There was a trace of deep thought in his eyes. He knew that Lan Xuehan was the daughter of the Liberty Villa's Master, Lan Muhua, but he had never seen anyone from the Liberty Villa. Because, he felt that everyone had their own secrets. He and Little Han had been together for many years, so there was no need for them to touch the defensive line between them. Sometimes, it was not a good thing to be too clear.

The charming peach blossom eyes were filled with exaggerated surprise, and he shouted loudly, "Xiao Han, you are really mean. I'd like to eat the food in Drunken Fragrance Restaurant, but I didn't expect it to be yours. If I had known this earlier, I wouldn't have had to pay for it. Seriously, I have spent so much money for nothing! No, in order to make up for my hurt heart, you have to lend me the chef from Drunken Fragrance Restaurant. Let me have a good meal. This way, I won't waste my years of caring for you!"

When Lan Xuehan heard Shangguan Lan's shameless words, a dangerous smile appeared on her face. "Shangguan Lan, I finally understand today that my martial arts has never been as good as yours. It's all because you have already become one with your lowly self, invincible under the heavens! "

What a creative statement! However, the smile on Shangguan Lan's face had completely faded, and his face was as dark as ink!

"Little Han, when did you become so eloquent? Could it be that you have also learned to be bad because you are with some black-hearted people?"

Lan Xuehan heard this and tilted her head to look at Dongfang Jin, but she saw that he was elegantly sipping his tea quietly, as if he completely did not realize that the "black-hearted person" that Shangguan Lan spoke of was him.

She completely admired Dongfang Jin's calmness, but it was also true. Thinking about how Dongfang Jin was a little fox eight years ago, she was afraid that he had already cultivated to perfection this time!

"No, people always need to find a big tree to cool down. I have always been lazy and did not wish to fight with you in a battle of wits and courage. But now, the situation is different. I naturally do not have to worry about it anymore, right?"

Shangguan Lan raised his eyebrows. Was this saying that she was relying on Dongfang Jin now, so she didn't have to be afraid of him anymore?

Dongfang Jin's slender and fair fingers held the teacup and placed it on the edge of his crimson lips. Smoke curled up from the corners of his mouth, obscuring the overflowing smile on his face.

"That's right! It really is a big tree, so when its roots move, it shakes half of the country! Tsk tsk, thinking about that family of a hundred lifetimes, was it easy to pass down their inheritance for so many years? It was a pity that the times were not good. In one night, the entire clan was destroyed. Ronghua was not around. The Minister of Works was also unlucky to have met his blind daughter. She had taken the lives of the entire family. However, the young lady of the Soong family was still the cousin of his childhood friend. However, you, as a big tree, instantly charged her with the crime of poisoning a servant and stealing the title of princess. Xiao Han, the situation has changed. The Imperial Court is changing blood again and again. It's just that it's been hard on me. I almost lost my life and died of exhaustion in the position of the Right Minister."

When Lan Xuehan heard Shangguan Lan say these words, it was impossible for her not to be shocked. That day, Dongfang Jin only said that he wanted to take revenge for her, but she didn't expect him to be so generous. A hundred-year-old family was overturned in an instant.

She knew that Dongfang Jin was gentle and decisive on the surface, but she didn't expect him to be so powerful. His attacks were ruthless and ruthless, leaving no room for negotiation.

She was afraid that there was more than one Linfeng Country in his heart. However, that man didn't seem to be a kind person either.

Lan Xuehan was in a daze and did not even hear Shangguan Lan calling her. She only came back to her senses after knowing that she felt a gentle gaze with a probing look. After avoiding Dongfang Jin's meaningful gaze, Lan Xuehan said to Shangguan Lan, "What did you say?"

Shangguan Lan naturally saw that Lan Xuehan's thoughts were flying. They must not have spent so many years together for nothing. However, he did not want to investigate further. Some things were destined. He could not struggle free and could only face it!

"I say, you are not so happy that you are stupid, are you? Being the trigger of this matter, what do you think?"

Lan Xuehan frowned. She did not seem to like the phrase "anger for a beauty." Was it to say that Dongfang Jin was muddle-headed? Or did it mean that she had the potential to bring disaster to the country and the people? She did not like either of these two!

Just as Lan Xuehan was about to stop answering Shangguan Lan's boring questions, Dongfang Jin, who had been quiet all this while, faintly said, "If you want it, how about I give you this chance?"

As soon as these words came out, even more of Shangguan Lan's drafts died in his belly. His excited heart of gossiping instantly stopped beating.

He liked to see Lan Xuehan's embarrassment, but if this bad taste was at the cost of his life, then forget it!

There were many people in Drunken Fragrance Restaurant who were in demand, so naturally the dishes were all very good. However, thinking about Dongfang Jin's craftsmanship, she suddenly felt that Dongfang Jin's cooking was better. Thinking about it this way, she was somewhat interested in Yang Yang Yang.

Shangguan Lan saw that Lan Xuehan was not interested, so he ate his chopsticks and slowed down. He elegantly swallowed the food in his mouth and asked in puzzlement, "Usually, you love delicious food the most, and often you don't seem to be full. Today, what happened? The food in Drunken Fragrance Restaurant is considered one of the best in the capital, but you still can't eat it. What a strange thing!"

Shangguan Lan was right. She loved delicious food. First, it was because of her nature. Second, it was because she was born in the special forces in her previous life. When carrying out missions, she often did not have enough to eat, and sometimes she would starve for a few days. So she cherished every opportunity to be full.

It was just that she had been eating Dongfang Jin's food these days. It was as if she had always enjoyed the luxury of the human world, but she was bored of it!

"That's because you have never eaten Dongfang Jin's food before. That's the true delicacy of the human world!" Lan Xuehan raised her eyebrows and said to Shangguan Lan.

However, when Shangguan Lan heard this, he was so shocked that he even dropped his chopsticks. He could not imagine what this otherworldly fairy from the clouds would look like when he walked into the kitchen one day. Wasn't he afraid that the filthy air would dye his snowy white clothes?

He did it to such an extent for Little Han! A strange look surged in Shangguan Lan's eyes, as if he was both happy and worried.

However, Shangguan Lan, who Lan Xuehan thought would shout, was silent. She looked at Shangguan Lan. When she saw the rolling look in his eyes, doubt and confusion rose in her heart. But she did not ask. She always knew. Although Shangguan Lan looked evil and unruly on the surface, he was extremely cold and strict in his bones. His expression indicated that he didn't want to talk about it, so it was useless even if he asked!

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