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C126 The Room Was Filled with Warmth(1)

However, he hadn't forgotten to watch Dongfang Jin change his expression. However, when Dongfang Jin saw this place, his expression didn't change at all, let alone his expression.

Then let him see how Dongfang Jin was going to act when he was inside.

Lan Xuehan also felt a little regretful. She originally wanted to tease Dongfang Jin a little, but now she suddenly had a feeling of guilt, as if she had pulled down the divine palace. It made her feel very guilty.

Before she reached the door, she did not leave. She turned around and said, "Forget it. I'm tired today. I'll come back another day."

However, a pair of slender and powerful hands suddenly grabbed her. A faint voice was heard, "If you want to go in today, I'll go in with you. But in the future, if you want to come to this kind of place alone, I absolutely won't allow it. Whether you want to go in or not, you can decide for yourself! "

Lan Xuehan originally did not want to go in because of Dongfang Jin, but she did not expect Dongfang Jin to actually say so. Suddenly, a rebellious feeling that she had not felt for a long time arose in her heart. Under Shangguan Lan's encouraging gaze, she leisurely walked into the Dream Life Pavilion.

The Dream Life Pavilion was not as vulgar as other places, even though it was a brothel. It could be considered a brothel with good taste. There were no coquettish women in front of the door to attract customers like ordinary brothels. Instead, they were wandering around. They had a dream-like spirit, and they were flowing with a faint light.

When Lan Xuehan and the other two entered the door, they heard a charming voice, "Yo, we haven't seen each other for many days. The Right Prime Minister is becoming more and more graceful! What? Could it be that he has another good friend? That's why I'm not willing to come to my tiny Dream Life Pavilion?"

Looking at the direction of the sound, Lan Xuehan saw a charming woman appear. The light halo on her Jadeskin spread out and every frown and smile was filled with charm. Her coquettish eyes were like silk, as if it was tempting to the soul. He was wearing a purple muslin dress, and his slender waist was exposed. His long black hair seemed to be stained with dust.

This woman's charm was even better than that of Fairy Miao Yin! However, her eyes were clear and bright. It seemed that she was not a good person. Just as Lan Xuehan was lost in thought, she suddenly felt a pain in her hand. It turned out that it was Dongfang Jin who was secretly up to no good.

She rolled her eyes speechlessly. She originally wanted to pull her hand out, but her struggles were fruitless, so she let Dongfang Jin hold her hand!

When Shangguan Lan heard the beauty call him, his eyes immediately changed into a mischievous smile. He walked towards the beauty and stood still when he was almost in front of her. He smiled lightly, "How is that possible? I have no time to take pity on Mei Niang. How could I bear to let Mei Niang suffer the pain of longing for me? It's just that I've been too busy recently, so I haven't come to the world to look for Mei Niang. Mei Niang, are you blaming me?"

When Charm Niang heard this, the court lady lightly covered her lips and smiled, "What is the meaning of this, my lord? How could Mei Niang dare to blame Sir? Otherwise, if Sir doesn't come to my Dream Life Pavilion in a fit of anger, then I will cry for no reason! "

Lan Xuehan expressed that she should have brought Shangguan Lan along when she went down the mountain in the past. Look, look, this person's foundation is completely an expert. She had never known that Shangguan Lan was actually an expert at speaking love words. These words made her want to throw up the night meal.

Just as she was speechless, Mei Niang swayed and walked over. When she saw Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan, there was a momentary astonishment in her eyes, but she immediately regained her clarity.

Just as she walked in, Mo Xing, who was behind her, stepped forward to block her. "My young master has mysophobia and doesn't like others to get too close to him."

Mei Niang smiled cautiously, completely unlike her previous seductive manner. She looked at the man in white. He was as elegant and elegant as the clouds. The only person in the world who had such unparalleled elegance and elegance was Young Master Wushuang, whom everyone respected!

It was blasphemous to look at such a person. How could she approach him without knowing what was good for her?

"Find a clean private room."

When Mei Niang heard that, she immediately agreed and led the way. Shangguan Lan had clearly expressed that he had been defeated. Initially, he wanted to see Dongfang Jin make a fool of himself, but now, it seemed like Dongfang Jin had become the center of attention!

While Mei Niang was talking to Shangguan Lan, the people inside had already seen them. The girls were all shy. The man was first stunned, then surprised. This Dream Life Pavilion was a place for high-ranking officials and nobles. Naturally, they were all powerful and influential people. When they saw Dongfang Jin, they were all stunned. When they came back to their senses, only then did they realize that his figure had already disappeared from the room.

However, this knowledge made them feel as if they had been struck by lightning, and their minds went blank.

Prince Xu came to a brothel?!

After entering the room, Mei Niang felt very uncomfortable standing at the door. If it was an ordinary guest, she would definitely shout at this time and let the girls in the pavilion come and serve her. But now, even if she had a hundred guts, she wouldn't dare to do so!

Seeing that the charming lady was reserved, Lan Xuehan could not help but laugh and instructed her, "Serve some good wine and set up some tea and refreshments. You can leave!"

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