Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C128 Happened to the News(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C128 Happened to the News(1)
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C128 Happened to the News(1)

Mo Xing had been by Dongfang Jin's side for a long time, so he naturally wasn't someone to be trifled with. After he had settled his matters, he came to the door of the room. When he heard the light breathing sound inside, he gave a meaningful look and did not come out to disturb them.

Now that he came in, he restrained his curiosity very cautiously. He did not look around. Otherwise, if he was afraid of offending the Royal Highness, then he could imagine that his future days would be a luxury to even commit suicide by slamming into a wall.

Although Lan Xuehan looked calm on the surface at this time, she had already cursed Dongfang Jin hundreds of times in her heart. She did not need to look in the mirror to guess that her lips must be slightly swollen right now. With a lustful expression, she raised her head and glared at Dongfang Jin hatefully. It was all his fault!

Dongfang Jin smiled elegantly and his mouth was full of satisfaction and satisfaction. Seeing Lan Xuehan looking at him like a little girl, the smile in his eyes deepened and he said unhurriedly, "You still look at me like that? Want to do it again?"

Hearing the serious flirting words, Lan Xuehan lowered her head and casually picked up the cup to drink a mouthful to hide her uneasiness.

After calming down for a while, Lan Xuehan remembered that she originally wanted to sit in the hall and relax a few times. She had a chance to hear some gossip, but now Dongfang Jin was here. She had never thought of letting this man sit in the hall with her. If that was really the case, she was afraid that there was no need to do business in the Dream Life Pavilion.

Just as she was considering whether she should leave or not, she heard Mei Niang's voice from the platform below.

"Everyone has made it in time today. Our Dream Life Pavilion has a new batch of beautiful women. All of them are outstanding beauties with excellent singing and dancing skills! Today, we will have them present their ultimate techniques to all of you, and let you all take a look."

The people below also started to jeer, and one of them was a man who pretended to be elegant. He waved the fan in his hand and asked, "Who doesn't know that the Dream Life Pavilion is the biggest entertainment place in the capital? Those who can come in are naturally not ordinary people, not to mention those who can make your seductive mother have such a high evaluation. That aroused my curiosity even more. Hurry, quickly let this Young Master and all of you take a look! "

When that charming woman heard this, she laughed sweetly," Yo! Young Master Li, don't be anxious. This stage is prepared for these girls. Today, I guarantee that all of you will be satisfied! "

When these words entered the private room, it stopped Lan Xuehan from wanting to leave. It was originally meant to be fun. Since there was such a lively scene, why not watch?

She ordered Mo Xing to open the window. This private room was really good. Sitting here, facing the stage, he could clearly see the layout of the room below.

She placed the melon seeds in front of her and started munching on them. She looked like she was watching a good show. Seeing Lan Xuehan's attitude, Dongfang Jin smiled and took the melon seeds from her hands. His fingers moved slightly and his expression was calm. He gave the peeled melon seeds to Lan Xuehan and placed them at a convenient place for her to take.

When Lan Xuehan saw this, her heart seemed to be overflowing with something. Dongfang Jin was a person who was never stingy and moved!

When the singing and dancing began, Lan Xuehan did not dwell on this matter anymore. She had always been free and easy. Wherever her temperament was, she would do whatever she wanted. If one day, Dongfang Jin really occupied every single detail of her life... It meant that he had succeeded!

Lan Xuehan watched the singing and dancing below and enjoyed Dongfang Jin's service with peace of mind.

The leisurely tune carried the unique poetic and artistic feeling of the ancient people, but the words inside made Lan Xuehan instantly shed sparkling tears. Her fingers that were holding the teacup trembled slightly, and the teacup fell. The tea inside spilled on Lan Xuehan's Luo Qun. She did not feel it at all, as if she was immersed in endless memories.

"Cai Xiu was attentively holding the jade bell, but back then she was drunk and flushed. The dance was low, and the Willow Tower was full of joy. The song was full of peach blossoms, and the wind was low. After parting, we met again, and we met again a few times in the same dream. We only have a silver jar left for tonight. I'm still afraid that we'll meet again in a dream."

" Xiao Han, this is how I feel. " Feng, whose face was pale, was shot several times, said with a smile.

Mengyao, who had tears in her eyes, shook her hands. She looked like she had just survived a disaster. "This is really strange. I never knew that you actually have the feelings of a poet. Tsk tsk, if you don't go to the Cultural Bureau with such talent, it would be a waste of talent!"

"Tsk, don't look down on me. In the few days that you came to find me, I will think of a way to welcome you in a different way. After thinking about it, I still feel that this is the best. "I am afraid that we will meet in a dream." Do you know? This is what I want you to do!"

It was a simple conversation, but it was filled with tears of joy. In that battle, Feng gave her a chance to live. He had lured the enemy away, and in the end, when she had found him, his entire body was covered in blood, but his face carried a carefree smile. He casually skipped the hopeless waiting and the pain all over his body in a joking manner.

Now, this poem was written here in the form of a poem for people to sing. Was it Feng or Mengyao? Was it really them? It had been eight years. Did the endless search for these eight years really have a result?

Lan Xuehan staggered to her feet. Dongfang Jin quickly helped her up. Looking at her with tears streaming down her face and feeling the grief and joy that gathered on her body, Dongfang Jin felt that his heart was filled with mixed feelings at this moment.

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