Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C129 Happy News(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C129 Happy News(2)
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C129 Happy News(2)

She found them, didn't she?

Lan Xuehan turned around and looked at Dongfang Jin's picturesque face with teary eyes. Her hoarse voice was choked with sobs. "Dongfang Jin, I found them. I finally found them. Quick, let that girl come up. I want to ask her."

Dongfang Jin used his eyes to signal Mo Xing to go and settle this matter. He naturally comforted Lan Xuehan. "It's good that you have found them. Don't worry. Calm down. Let's take a look first. We can't lose our minds just because of a little clue."

Hearing Dongfang Jin's words, Lan Xuehan's emotional state finally eased up. Yes, everything was not clear yet. She should not have panicked and lost her judgment.

Mo Xing quickly brought her over. That girl was also as beautiful as a flower, but Lan Xuehan did not have the mood to look at her. She went straight to the point and asked, "Who wrote the lyrics in the song that you sang just now?"

When had that girl ever seen such a fairy-like person? She was in a trance when she came in, but Lan Xuehan's words made her feel oppressed. She slightly lowered her head and softly said, "This song was taught by elder sister Hua Lou, the place where this little girl was previously at. It was also the words that she wrote for me."

"Where is that girl now?" Lan Xuehan tightly knitted her beautiful brows and asked. It could not be Mengyao. She was so proud, how could she not go to this kind of place to make a living.

"She is dead."

Lan Xuehan's mood became a little depressed when she heard that. She then asked, "Where are you from? Do you know her background?"

"I was originally a member of Xiyue Country. I don't know her background very well. I only heard that she seemed to be a disciple of the Shangguan family, and that she had made a mistake. That's why the entire family was executed, and she was exiled to a brothel. Later on, she didn't dare to humiliate her, so she hung up the beam and committed suicide. "

Lan Xuehan was unwilling to get the news to cut off just like that." What is her name? "

The female lowered her brows and thought for a while before replying," I know that she seems to be called Li Yueran. The rest is not clear. But later on, she heard from her other sisters that she seemed to have offended Crown Prince. That's why the whole family was executed. "

After asking this, there was nothing else to inquire about. Lan Xuehan closed her eyes and instructed Mo Xing, "Take her away. We'll see what she wants. Money or ransom is fine too. We'll satisfy one of her requests!"

When the woman heard this, her face was filled with joy. She immediately knelt down and said, "Thank you, Young Master."

Mo Xing went out and left the two people in the room. They were silent and silent. A trace of silence fermented in the room. After a long time, Dongfang Jin's emotionless voice sounded, "What do you want to do now?"

Lan Xuehan pursed her lips and asked softly, "There is still one month until the Four Kingdoms Banquet. When will the Prince Chen of Xiyue Country arrive?"

Hearing this, the uneasiness in Dongfang Jin's eyes suddenly dissipated. Just now, he was really worried and afraid that Lan Xuehan would hear what this woman said. He would go to the Xiyue Country to find an old friend regardless of the cost. What should he do at that time?

However, when he heard her ask this question, he knew that Lan Xuehan's rationality was still there. At the very least, she had found the key factor, the Prince Chen of the Xiyue Country.

"Prince Chen has arrived at the Linfeng Country and is about to enter the capital."

Early in the morning, Emperor Wenjing sent the Imperial Decree to Dongfang Jin's residence and ordered him to organize the Four Kingdoms Banquet and welcome the envoys from the four kingdoms.

In fact, this Imperial Decree was already expected. A few days ago, Dongfang Jin's thunderous methods had changed the Imperial Court's blood. Now, they were all his people. No matter how angry and unwilling Emperor Wenjing was, it was of no use. Therefore, it was better to save face for himself.

After Dongfang Jin received the Imperial Decree, he even ate with Lan Xuehan in the room. He was indifferent and only asked about the days when the envoys from various countries came to the capital.

"Reporting to Your Highness, the Xiyue Country's Prince Chen will be able to enter the capital in about a day. Crown Princess from the Zihua Country should still be in four days, and Prince Beiming from the Holy Snow Country should be in five days. But according to our report, Prince Beiming is not in the convoy. However, we haven't found his exact whereabouts yet. "

Lan Xuehan frowned when she heard the news, especially when she heard that "Prince Beiming is not in the convoy." She was stunned for a moment.

" Alright, you go and make the arrangements. " Mo Xing answered and left.

"What's wrong?" Dongfang Jin asked gently.

"Nothing. It's just that I've recovered my martial arts. I finally don't need to be" confined "by you anymore. I've been bored to death recently." What he said was not false at all. Dongfang Jin was worried that she would lose her martial arts and someone would harm her, so he had forbidden her from going out for a stroll during this period of time. Even if she went out, he would be the one to accompany her. Even though she knew that he was worried, Lan Xuehan was still not used to it. Now that she had recovered her martial arts, at least she had more protection. Of course, she was happy.

Dongfang Jin stared at her with a cold gaze. "Do you think I am" restraining "you?"

Understanding the threat in his eyes, Lan Xuehan immediately smiled as if she was trying to please him. "No, no. Thank you, Prince Xu, for working so hard for this little girl. This little girl is very grateful!"

"What a glib tongue." Dongfang Jin scolded her with a smile.

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