Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C13 Xue Jin Bid Her Farewell
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C13 Xue Jin Bid Her Farewell
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C13 Xue Jin Bid Her Farewell

When Old Man Tianshan, who was in a dilemma, heard his precious disciple say, I'm starving. He quickly followed.

He comforted her, "Girl, wait a moment. I'll let that brat cook for you. That brat's culinary skills were superb. Even the Imperial Kitchens in the Imperial Palace might not be better than his. It was a pity that he did not cook easily. However, we can use the excuse of receiving wind for you to squeeze that stinky brat out."

When Lan Xuehan heard that, her head was full of black lines as she thought," I'm afraid you want to eat it! You still want to use my name, but according to the situation just now, that brat probably won't buy it! "

One of them was filled with joy, and the other walked into the room without any hope. The interior was simple and generous, and it was divided into two rooms inside and outside. The tables in the outer hall were filled with exquisite dishes, just like someone else. It was overflowing with an alluring fragrance and the colors were extremely harmonious. Just looking at it was enough to make one salivate.

Lan Xuehan was a little surprised but the old man beside her shouted excitedly and quickly rushed forward. He picked up the chopsticks on the table and wanted to taste it as soon as possible.

But the person who was as elegant as jade moved faster than him. He held his hand and said, "Master, Little Junior Sister came from afar and has not taken a seat yet. Did you make your move too fast? Moreover, this meal is for little junior sister. Master, don't be anxious."

Old Man Tianshan put down his chopsticks with a dejected face, gritted his teeth, and cursed, "Stinking brat!"

Dongfang Jin changed his previous appearance that made people's hair stand on end. He smiled gently to Lan Xuehan at the door and said, "Little Junior Sister, didn't you say that you were hungry just now? Come and eat first!"

Lan Xuehan replied with a smile and walked to the opposite side of him and sat down. "Senior, could it be that you have already calculated the time we will arrive? Why is the food still warm? Furthermore, with such a large table of dishes, I'm afraid that they were all prepared before we came up, right?" He asked unhurriedly.

Dongfang Jin smiled faintly and replied, "Actually, it's not hard to guess. Master went to the Liberty Villa in Fenshui City yesterday to pick you up. That place is in the middle of Linfeng Country, and the Skysnow Mountain at the border of the four kingdoms is riding a good horse. One night was enough. Besides, I'm leaving today. Master will definitely want you to see me. So you will definitely hurry back and not stay outside for too long. I calculated the time and prepared the food for you in advance. "

Lan Xuehan thought that this senior brother was really not simple. He actually calculated people's hearts and geography so accurately. At such a young age, his mind was even deeper than a general like her. In the future, he would definitely not be underestimated.

However, he just said that he would leave today. It seemed that he would not live with this little brat in the future. It was really too good!

Lan Xuehan only thought that the jade made by heaven in front of her was only ten years old. She forgot that she was also only seven years old.

Dongfang Jin looked at Lan Xuehan in understanding. His thin lips, which were like delicate flowers, curled into a warm smile. He was afraid that even he himself did not notice it.

But Old Man Tianshan opposite saw it. His eyes overflowed with a smile as if it was expected.

The three of them did not speak a word. They quietly finished the exquisite and delicious breakfast.

Suddenly, the air trembled slightly. A handsome man dressed in yellow profound clothing suddenly appeared.

Even though Lan Xuehan did not know martial arts, she could tell that this young man's martial arts was extremely high. Just from the fact that he could go to Skysnow Mountain, she could tell.

When the man saw the unfamiliar Lan Xuehan eating with his young master, he was surprised for a moment. He cupped his hands and bowed respectfully, "Greetings young master, greetings senior." Just as he did not know how to address Lan Xuehan.

Dongfang Jin said lightly, "Mo Xing, this is my junior sister, the disciple that master just took in."

The yellow-clothed man was surprised for a moment and immediately bowed, "Greetings, young miss." Because it was extremely difficult to make Old Man Tianshan take her in as a disciple. His talent was absolutely the best, and it could be seen just by looking at his young master. He was able to write at the age of three, he was able to learn martial arts at the age of four, and at the age of seven, he was conferred the title of "Young Master Wushuang."

He did not know what was so special about this girl in front of him that made his young master, who had high standards, admit that she was his junior sister. She seemed to be carved out of jade, and in terms of appearance, she was comparable to the young master. However, he could not feel the slightest fluctuation of her inner energy. It was as if she did not have any martial arts skills.

"But everything is ready?" Her elegant and light tone interrupted Mo Xing's thoughts. Mo Xing returned to his senses and respectfully replied, "Yes, Young Master. We have prepared everything and are just waiting for Young Master's order. We will set off immediately."

He actually saw that Young Master's junior sister was in a daze. She was really careless. At this moment, Mo Xing wanted to slap himself to death! He stole a glance at the young master from the corner of his eye. Good, the young master's expression did not change at all.

Dongfang Jin got up and walked in front of Mo Xing. He faced the silent Old Man Tianshan. With a wave of his white jade-like hand, he lifted his embroidered robe, and his bamboo-like handsome body suddenly knelt down. He said with a clear voice, "Disciple bid farewell to Master today, and thanks Master for his guidance and teaching me all of my abilities. Disciple remembers what Master says. If the flames of war were to rise in the world, when war breaks out, I will definitely do everything in my power to treat the common people well. "

When he finished speaking, he solemnly kowtowed three times, his white forehead becoming completely red. No one spoke in the room, the heavy atmosphere only the sound of kowtows echoing, even the sound of breathing becoming a bit weak.

Mo Xing thought, his young master was the king. When he was given the title of 'Young Master Wushuang', he was promised by the Emperor that he would not kneel to the emperor or to his father.

But now, he was bowing to Old Man Tianshan, his master. His respect for him was greater than that of the current Saint.

Old Man Tianshan also changed his usual frivolous and playful expression and walked in front of him. He said in an exceptionally solemn and serious manner, "Master hopes that you can do as you wish and get what you want. Think twice before doing anything. Some things are not easy to come by by by fate. You must not hurt yourself for something you don't need. As for the future disputes in the world, before that time comes, there will be many variables. We cannot rashly come to a conclusion yet."

After he finished speaking, it was unknown whether it was because he couldn't bear to part with Dongfang Jin, or because he had some thoughts in his mind. He supported Dongfang Jin up, sighed, and walked straight out.

Dongfang Jin's body stiffened, and his clear eyes revealed a trace of seriousness. After that, he quickly concealed himself and returned to normal.

He smiled elegantly at Lan Xuehan, who was still sitting there. He said, "There aren't many people who can play chess with me. I look forward to your future. Unfortunately, today is the day I leave. Perhaps I won't come back in the future. But we will definitely meet again."

Lan Xuehan still had doubts because she had been taught a lesson by him earlier. But after eating this meal, she thought that the five-star chef from her previous life was only so-so. Her anger had long gone beyond the clouds.

Nightmare of Smile said like a blooming flower, "Senior Brother, don't worry. I'll definitely look for you in the future. You have to cook again!"

When Dongfang Jin heard the first sentence, the sun was still rising and the sun was warm. However, the last sentence made his expression stiffen slightly. So, she only thought of him as a cook. He felt rather uncomfortable in his heart and replied with an evil tone, "Okay."

He turned around and walked out of the room. His steps were still calm and elegant. However, the snowflakes on the ground were startled. In the blink of an eye, his white clothes merged with the heaven and earth, disappearing without a trace.

Lan Xuehan did not understand why his aura suddenly changed, but she did not think too much about it. She was now full of energy and did not wish for the old man to be immersed in the melancholy of separation, so she ran out of the room to look for that old man.

She walked out of the room and looked around. She discovered that the old man was standing in front of the chessboard that Dongfang Jin had placed earlier. It was unknown what he was thinking.

She walked forward, but Old Man Tianshan did not look back. However, he slowly spoke of the past events of the past for her to hear.

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