Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C131 Northern Ocean Crown Prince(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C131 Northern Ocean Crown Prince(2)
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C131 Northern Ocean Crown Prince(2)

Lan Xuehan's expression was gloomy but immediately returned to normal. She looked at the unconscious Beiming Yu and thought deeply. But just as she was thinking of leaving Beiming Yu there, she saw a group of people riding their horses over. However, the leading man in white seemed very familiar. She blinked. She saw the person clearly. It was Dongfang Jin!

At this moment, in another courtyard of Dongfang Jin's house, Lan Xuehan was waiting outside. Seeing Dongfang Jin come out, she immediately went up to him and asked anxiously, "How is he?"

Glancing at her, Dongfang Jin unhappily replied, "He won't die."

Lan Xuehan felt that he should not die. After all, Dongfang Jin's medical skills were displayed here. If he really died, wouldn't it destroy his reputation? She calmed her heart and said, "Then I'll go in and take a look at him."

Hearing this, Dongfang Jin felt that his anger had risen, and the knot in his heart had become even stronger. He heard that Liuyun came to find him and told him what had happened. He was worried about her safety, so he immediately sent people to find her traces.

She had ordered him to save her, but now she showed such concern for Beiming Yu in front of him.

He grabbed Lan Xuehan's wrist. His clear eyes were like a black storm as he said word by word, "Lan Xuehan, you are really good!"

Lan Xuehan's heart shivered. When she saw the expression in Dongfang Jin's eyes, she immediately regretted it in her heart. She had such a relationship with Dongfang Jin now, but she still wanted to enter another man's room. No wonder Dongfang Jin was angry!

She swallowed her saliva and looked embarrassed. "Alright, don't be angry. I will wait for him here. I won't go in. Is this enough?"

"It's almost dark now. Don't tell me you want to stay here and watch him for the whole night?" Dongfang Jin felt that if Lan Xuehan dared to say yes, he would definitely strangle her without any mercy.

Lan Xuehan naturally knew that this was not appropriate, but "Then what about his safety?"

Dongfang Jin gave her a cold look. "You don't need to worry about this. He is Prince Beiming. His safety, I will take responsibility for it."

Lan Xuehan thought about it and agreed. This was the Linfeng Country. If something happened to Beiming Yu here, it would be a big matter between the country and the country. Given Dongfang Jin's character, he would definitely prevent such a thing from happening and protect Beiming Yu.

"Alright, since you have a plan, let's go."

Dongfang Jin's mood eased up a little because of Lan Xuehan's tactfulness. He brought Lan Xuehan back to the Duke Xu Palace.

Lan Xuehan was ready to return to her room as soon as they arrived at the entrance. Just as she was about to leave, Dongfang Jin's cold voice entered her ears. "Don't you want to explain what you did today?"

Lan Xuehan looked at him and saw the surging emotions in his eyes. Immediately, there was a trace of unhappiness in her heart. Beiming Yu was her saviour. He was also her friend. When a friend was in trouble, how could she stand idly by? But what did Dongfang Jin mean now? Was he restricting her actions?

"There's no explanation. If he's in trouble, I can't just leave him to die. It's that simple." Lan Xuehan's tone was slightly cold and revealed a kind of arrogance.

Dongfang Jin naturally could hear the coldness in her words and asked in an unfriendly tone, "What is it? You are risking your life to save people. Don't tell me I don't even have the right to ask?"

"Are you sure you are asking and not interrogating? Dongfang Jin, what right do you have?" Lan Xuehan admitted that she was a bit unreasonable, but an inexplicable feeling of grievance kept fermenting in her heart, making the words that she said carry thorns.

When Dongfang Jin heard Lan Xuehan's words, he immediately felt an invisible needle pricking in the depths of his heart. Muffled pain. His picturesque jade face was dyed with loneliness and self-mockery. "Why? Do you think I don't even have the right to ask a question just because you are about to be my wife? "

Lan Xuehan stubbornly replied, "That is just a matter of time. Now we have nothing to do with each other. You do not have the qualifications to restrict me." When Dongfang Jin heard this, the corner of his mouth was tightly pursed, and a broken light flowed out from his eyes. His gaze was cold as he looked at Lan Xuehan. Without saying a word, he quickly walked into the Imperial Residence. His back was filled with loneliness and sorrow.

Lan Xuehan stood firmly at the door, slightly regretting what she had just said. She wanted to stop Dongfang Jin, but she didn't know how to do it.

On the other side, Liuyun ran over quickly. She looked anxious. "Miss, are you alright? You scared me to death. You didn't know that when the prince knew you left, he didn't bring anyone with him. That face immediately turned cold. Without saying another word, he arranged for someone to look for you. But it was no wonder that the Royal Highness was worried. These few days, the power in the capital was complicated. There are many people targeting you, so the Royal Highness is naturally afraid that something will happen to you!"

Lan Xuehan heard Liuyun's words and her mind went blank. She asked in a dry voice, "What did you say? What is against me?"

When Liuyun heard this, she immediately covered her mouth and was secretly angry that she had said something wrong. She quickly shook her head and said, "Nothing, nothing. Miss, you heard wrongly."

If it was so simple to be scared, then she was not Lan Xuehan. Her expression turned cold as she stared at Liuyun and asked, "Explain clearly."

Liuyun saw Lan Xuehan insist and knew that she could not hide anymore. So she told Lan Xuehan. It turned out that there were still remnants of the forces that were killed by Dongfang Jin. Anyone with discerning eyes would know that it was Dongfang Jin who took revenge for Lan Xuehan, so those people naturally aimed their sharp blades at Lan Xuehan.

Dongfang Jin did not tell Lan Xuehan because he was afraid that she would be worried. Hence, he secretly deployed to eliminate these people and did not let Lan Xuehan know. Who knew that Lan Xuehan would run out after receiving an unknown news today. She did not even bring a single person with her. After Dongfang Jin found out, he became extremely anxious and ordered people to investigate Lan Xuehan's whereabouts. He followed her all the way.

When Lan Xuehan heard this, she felt extremely guilty in her heart. She did not know about these things. She thought that Dongfang Jin had restricted her actions because of jealousy, which was why she had a big fight with him. But who would have thought that Dongfang Jin was angry because he was worried about her safety.

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