Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C133 Sleeping Together(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C133 Sleeping Together(2)
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C133 Sleeping Together(2)

"Well, I don't want you to get involved in our business either."

How could he not know that she had helped Beiming Yu seize the crown prince position back then? Such decisive means, such a deep mind, even he couldn't help but take a liking to her. Initially, he thought that she had a different opinion of Beiming Yu. But today, seeing the serious expression on her face when she said these words to him, his heart felt as if something was about to swell up. He was overjoyed.

Did this prove that her feelings for him were also gradually rising?

Dongfang Jin thought that in this world, he could maintain an indifferent and distant state of mind and plan strategies. However, she was the only one he dared not relax even after putting all his thoughts into it. He would be angry about anything that happened to her. He would be angry, jealous, happy, and fall into a trap where he could not see his way forward clearly. As a result, his heart was filled with boundless uneasiness. All of this was because he had been poisoned. He had been poisoned by a poison called Lan Xuehan, which had penetrated deep into his bone marrow. He had been born with his soul!

Dongfang Jin pulled up Qianqian's slender hand, which was pulling his white sleeve, and pulled her into his embrace. His chin rested on her shoulder, and his face was filled with peace and satisfaction. He muttered softly, but his words were filled with overbearing warmth.

"Lan Xuehan, you are mine. In the future, don't say anything that has nothing to do with you. It hurts too much."

When Lan Xuehan heard these words, guilt filled the sky and covered the earth. She did not expect that her words would cause such harm to him!

"Alright, I will never say such words again." Lan Xuehan wrapped her arms around Dongfang Jin's slender jade-like waist and answered slowly and firmly.

After thinking for a while, Lan Xuehan continued, "Dongfang Jin, I know what I am doing, and I know how I feel about you. However, in this life, there is not only love, there is also friendship and familial love. I treat them as friends. If they are in trouble, I will not stand idly by. But all of this is based on the fact that it will not cause any harm to you. I hope you can understand me."

Dongfang Jin hugged her arm and exerted some force, as if he wanted to pull her into his body and melt her into his flesh and blood. He had long understood what she had said, but the latter part was even more unexpected to him.

Dongfang Jin's heart seemed to have rolled away as he was moved. He trembled slightly, and his clear and smooth voice was mixed with a low and hoarse voice. "I understand."

He understood that she had feelings and loyalty, and that she was open-minded. He understood that she was free and unrestrained. He understood her utmost love. He understood that the only good thing she knew in the entire world was that he was fortunate enough to have it, understood that he knew that he would either be in heaven with her in this life. Or he would go to hell with her, and it would be difficult for him to let go!

That night, Lan Xuehan fell asleep with him under Dongfang Jin's gentle attacks. The two of them were covered in the same blanket. Dongfang Jin hugged Lan Xuehan's soft body and slept well the whole night. The corner of his mouth hung an extremely charming smile, as if he was hugging the most precious thing in the world.

At first, Lan Xuehan felt a little awkward, but when the fragrance of bamboo and snow lingered around her nose, her nervous state of mind suddenly relaxed, and her heart was filled with happiness and peace. She suddenly felt that this might be the so-called happiness, and there was no need to give away ten thousand miles of land as a painting. There was no need for gold, jade, or power to console her. There was only one side that was soft and collapsed, a room full of fragrance, and a person who was in cahoots with her. That was the greatest happiness in the world!

She turned around and circled around Dongfang Jin's waist, snuggling into his arms. A blissful smile hung at the corner of her mouth, and she gradually fell asleep.

In the darkness of the night, the smile on her beautiful face deepened. It lit up her soul, which had been lonely for a few years, and the lights that lit up the ground were breathtaking!

The next morning, Dongfang Jin was the first to wake up. The sunlight shone through the window onto the face of the person in his arms. A faint smile hung on her beautiful little face. The sleeping little face had a faint blush on it, and it was like the morning sun had dazzled his eyes.

Her clear eyes were filled with warmth as warm as the sun. Her fingers traced her face carefully, and her heart was overflowing with happiness.

If all the hardships in the past few years were for the sake of today's embrace, then he felt that the heavens were treating him well!

Lan Xuehan's face was itchy and she dodged in a daze. But she felt that thing closely following and opened her eyes helplessly. She was thinking that the blind person actually dared to disturb her sleep?

In her previous life, as a special forces soldier, she rarely slept, so she especially cherished the opportunity to sleep. This also fostered her extreme temper when she woke up. Usually, the one closest to her didn't know? She didn't believe that Dongfang Jin didn't do it on purpose!

Heaven and earth slept the most. Lan Xuehan was disturbed by Dongfang Jin like this, so naturally, she was angry in her heart. She lifted her jade foot under the blanket and was about to kick someone out of the bed, but it was obvious that Dongfang Jin was prepared.

His jade-like hand held Lan Xuehan's foot and the smile on his face deepened. "I did not know that your sleeping posture was so ugly! If I did not wake you up... Then I will sleep on the ground today. In order to not let you wake up feeling guilty, I had to risk the danger of being kicked out of bed to wake you up. "

What did he mean by lying with his eyes wide open? He looked at Dongfang Jin. This was it. She could clearly see that he was at least two people away from the bed. If that was the case, he would still be pushed to the ground. She really admired herself.

Lan Xuehan's face darkened, and she gritted her teeth as she said word by word, "You worry too much. Even if you sleep on the ground, I will not feel the slightest bit of guilt. Because you asked for it. Who asked someone to shamelessly ask me to be together with him last night!"

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