Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C137 The Azure-clothed Man(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C137 The Azure-clothed Man(2)
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C137 The Azure-clothed Man(2)

Dongfang Xiao frowned when he heard this. It wasn't that he didn't believe Baili Ce's words. It's just that he doesn't trust those people. "Senior, it's not that I don't believe you, but those people have been following me since that night. No more moves. What are their intentions? "

It was obvious that Baili Ce did not know how to answer such a question. He really didn't understand. How could such a family have benevolence and righteousness? Lan Xuehan's existence was already a huge threat to them, but they hadn't made a move yet. This was really puzzling. However, he did not dare to ask. After all, that kind of family was not something he could afford to provoke!

"First Prince, you have to understand a fact now. Since we agreed to work with them, there's no turning back. Besides trusting them, we have no other way out. Besides, even if we want to retreat, there is no other way! " That family, those who submit prosper, and those who resist perish. The Six Word Truth. But it is completely implemented!

Dongfang Xiao clearly understood the meaning of Baili Ce's words. He eased his anger and did not speak anymore.

On the other side, there was an extremely concealed but luxurious mansion. There were mechanisms and formations everywhere, and there were countless experts hidden in the dark. Occasionally, the fragrance of flowers would come, but it carried a chill that made one's heart palpitate.

In the room, a man who was kneeling on the ground said in a low voice with a humble tone, "Young Master, the Family Head is urging us again."

The person who was called Young Master paused his fingers on the white jade cold chess piece, and then quietly fell back down.

He looked at the game and then smiled. He slowly said, "A piece has been placed and the entire game has been changed. It can be seen that every step must be taken seriously!"

With a sweep of his green sleeve, the pieces that filled the entire game were scattered. That person stood up casually and stood by the window with his hands behind his back.

After a long time, he seemed to be talking to himself, "The daughter of the Lan family, it's time for her to go back. There's no reason for me to guard hell for her, but she can live in the human world, right?"

The man kneeling on the ground asked with a trembling voice, "Didn't young master not want her to go back to the Lan family?"

When the man in green heard this, he laughed lightly and said, "When did I not want her to go back? Previously, I only wanted to test if she has the ability to survive, but now it seems that it's not bad!"

"But now, she and King Xu's fiancee. If I want her to go back, I'm afraid that's not possible. "

"Oh, I forgot, she's so disobedient!" There was a faint smile in her voice, as if she doted on him, but it made those kneeling feel a chill in their hearts.

"As the heir of the Lan family, severing relationships is the most important condition. It's really not good for her to be this emotional and righteous. Tell me... If I help the patriarch train an outstanding heir, will he thank me?" The green-clothed man's voice was still extremely pleasant, but his words revealed a chill that seemed to come from hell!

"Alright, you go and reply to the Patriarch. Just say that his heir isn't perfect yet. Wait for this young master to teach him a little more, then I'll bring her back." Hopefully, she would like the present that he had prepared for her!

" Yes, young master. " The man stood up. Just as he was about to bend down and slowly withdraw, the green-clothed man suddenly thought of something.

"Wait, is Crown Princess from the Zihua Country coming to the capital soon?"

"Yes, young master. She will be here in two days."

"Oh, you are talking about the beautiful Jiang Shan. What should Young Master Wushuang do? The following scenes really became more and more exciting! Go and pass a message to Dongfang Xiao. Let him take the opportunity to sing a few lines on the stage. "

"Yes, young master." After saying that, he left.

The green-clothed man stood by the bedside with a faint smile on his face. However, his eyes carried a deep coldness, as if he had condensed the coldest ice in the world. The depths of his eyes flickered with Yin Flames that could burn everything.

Hehe, my fiancee, I look forward to the moment you return to the Lan family with me!

On the other side, Dongfang Jin had been busy with all kinds of things, leaving early and returning late. Lan Xuehan also knew his worries and tried not to go out to cause trouble for him, so she had nothing to do in the residence, reading some biographies to pass the time.

These two days, the weather was getting hotter and hotter, so Lan Xuehan ordered people to set up a soft collapse in the bamboo forest to make it cool. On this day, she was leaning on the soft collapse and reading a book, but after reading for a long time, not a single word entered her eyes.

Liuyun rushed over in a hurry, her face full of excitement. Before she arrived, she heard the voice first, "Miss, Miss, Prince Chen is almost at the city gate."

When she heard this sentence, Lan Xuehan put down the book in her hand with a slap. There was a trace of excitement between her brows, "Liuyun, Yi, pack up. Let's go to Drunken Fragrance Restaurant."

Seeing Lan Xuehan's expression not revealing her excitement, Liuyun's heart had a trace of fear. If the Royal Highness knew that she helped the future Princess to inquire about other men's news, would he punish her?

But before she could think of a countermeasure, Lan Xuehan had already brought Yi out of the Bamboo Garden's entrance. Liuyun was quick-witted and quickly chased after them.

Forget it. At that time, she would stop some young miss and hope that the Royal Highness would not torture her too much on account of this!

In the Drunken Fragrance Restaurant, Lan Xuehan picked a seat with excellent eyesight and sat down. She looked at the bustling crowd below, especially the young ladies who were waving their silk handkerchief. The flushed face made Lan Xuehan think of the words' new bride 'for no reason.

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