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C14 Past Events

In the Skysnow Mountain, the cold wind wasn't strong, but snowflakes were flying everywhere. The silver white clouds covered the entire mountain, giving it a kind of quiet beauty and holiness, causing people to calm down.

It turned out that her senior brother, Dongfang Jin, was the Third Prince of the Linfeng Country. Dongfang Jin's Royal Mother was originally the daughter of the Zhao family, one of the four big families, Song, Zhao, and Wang.

The competition for imperial power had never stopped since ancient times, and there were many women who died along the bloody road. For the power to rule over the Nine Heavens Palace, the galaxy was in chaos. Their flesh and blood were crippled. What was implicated was the beauty's black hair turning into snow, passing away as an immortal. She was filled with love.

The four great clans were a hundred years old noble clan. They were deeply rooted in the earth, and their children were flourishing. Their forces were interwoven, and they had great reputations both in the outside world and in the court. Song, Zhao, Wang, and Li families were led by the Zhao family. The other three families were all behind them.

Fourth Prince's emperor was originally an unfavoured concubine, and he didn't have the ability to fight for the throne. However, the heavens favored him, and when he went out, he saved the heir of the Zhao family, Yi Yang.

Not only was Zhao YI beautiful, but she was also the most talented. Her political power and strategy did not belong to a man. However, it was a pity that she had paid the wrong amount of money, so she could not tell who she was.

She did not care about her family's objections and married the unfavoured Fourth Prince, Dongfang Sheng. At that time, Dongfang Sheng already had a concubine, and he had two sons.

This kind of situation was normal in every slightly famous family. After every man became weak, they would arrange a room for him. This was to show that he was an adult. Moreover, in the Son of Heaven's home, even if Dongfang Sheng was not favoured, but there's no less etiquette to go.

Zhao Yi, who was trapped in Dongfang Cheng's love river, was deeply affected by the feudal rites. Thus, the concubines and children did not stop her from marrying Dongfang Cheng.

Dongfang Cheng loved the married Zhao Yiyou even more, and the concubines in the manor did not act rashly.

After two years of loving and loving husband and wife life, the Zhao family Master was happy to see his daughter happy. His opposition gradually turned into support for Dongfang Sheng.

Later on, with the support of the Zhao family and the other three great families, together with Dongfang Sheng's wisdom and Zhao Yiyou's talent. They had gotten rid of the Crown Prince at that time, and had swept away all the other princes who had the ability to compete with him on the Imperial Road. Dongfang Cheng rose from an unfavoured Fourth Prince to the throne of the Nine and Five Lords in one fell swoop. The title of the country was Wen Jing, and he had given Zhao Yi the title of Empress Xianjia. For a time, the Zhao family had unlimited honor and honor. He had won a great victory.

In the second year of Wen Jing, Empress Xianjia was pregnant and the Emperor was overjoyed. He rewarded the sons and daughters of the Zhao family to the position of ministers and officials. It could be said to be the number one family since ancient times.

In the third year of Wen Jing, Empress Xianjia gave birth to a dragon son and the Emperor was happy to have a son of his own. He bestowed the name of his son, Jin. At that time, Jin was known as a beautiful woman with peerless beauty. It was the will of the clouds and the high clouds. It could be seen that the Emperor was fond of this child. Later on... Later on, that child did not let down the word 'Jin'. He was able to write at the age of three, he was able to use martial arts at the age of four, and he was called 'Young Master Wushuang' at the age of seven.

Unfortunately, Empress Xianjia suddenly passed away due to illness during the four years of literary scenery. The Zhao family had also caused the Emperor to kill because of their high achievements, and was crowned with the name of colluding with the enemy, and their immediate family members were all executed. The other concubines were removed from their posts and expelled from the capital, Heavenly Saint Capital, never to be hired again.

The once prosperous and prosperous Zhao Estate had withdrawn from the political stage of the literary scene, and the curtains had been drawn. Only the Shenxiu Zhong Ling, 'Young Master Wushuang', had been left behind, and the people of the world remembered the former prosperity.

Lan Xuehan quietly listened to this secret history of the palace. At this time, she deeply felt that her ability to protect herself was of paramount importance.

How could a sound sleep allow others to sleep peacefully? This was the Emperor's suspicion. Perhaps he had already planned this beforehand and took the care of the Zhao family's young lady first. After obtaining the support and help of the Zhao family, he would be able to ascend to the throne. Then, he would find another crime and punish Zhao family. This was a perfect plan to kill two birds with one stone.

It was just that he didn't know how true the feelings were or how false they were! He was afraid that Empress Xianjia's death didn't end because of her illness. He just did not know what role the Emperor played in it.

In the past, he had read about the struggle for the throne from books and television. After laughing in his heart, he did not feel anything.

Now, it was unknown whether it was because of that stunning woman or because he felt sorry for his nominal senior brother. Lan Xuehan felt that her heart was dull. She felt deeply that in this era where imperial power reigned supreme, humanity was indifferent and helpless.

"Then why did you take senior brother as your disciple?" Since her master stayed in Skysnow Mountain, it was likely that he did not want to meddle in the mundane affairs of the mortal world. Then how could she take Dongfang Jin as her disciple?

Old Man Tianshan was lost in his memories as he replied, "Back then, I created an enemy to chase after and kill him, and I accidentally got hit by the feather arrow. Fortunately, Miss Zhao, who was in a good relationship with her, saved me and saved my life. Later, in order to repay her, I promised her one thing.

After she gave birth to the child, she came to me and said that the condition she wanted me to agree to was to wait until Dongfang Jin was four years old before accepting him as her disciple. That night, when I observed the heavenly phenomena at night, I discovered that there were changes in the Constellation. The light of the Evil Extermination Awakening in the east shot out, and I knew that someone was born with Spiritual Sense. Later on, I saw that the child had innate talent and intelligence, and even had spiritual knowledge. I knew that the Evil Extermination Star was him, and I felt that it was great. Thus, I agreed.

The next year, after Empress Zhao passed away, the Zhao family was uprooted. I was afraid that the royal family's struggle would endanger him, so I wanted to take him away, but because I promised his mother that I would bring him after she was four years old, I left him in Heavenly Saints City.

Later on, when the rumors spread that he was three years old and capable of martial arts when he was four years old, I felt more and more that my original decision was correct.

Seven years in the literary world, when I went to pick him up, he already knew that I would be his master, so he was very calm. The Emperor was overjoyed. He felt that it was a blessing for him to become my disciple. Thus, I brought him to the Snow Mountain.

After he came, I taught him knowledge and martial arts. ... Knowledge of the art of war, knowledge of Constellation, medical knowledge, and formation. He learned everything very quickly, and his performance surpassed his own. I am very pleased. Just like you said before, after three years, ask him to go down the mountain and train. When he returns, he will still be called 'Young Master Wushuang'. However, he indeed deserves it. "

Lan Xuehan looked at the old man's proud eyes and felt that her senior brother was really a figure. Following which, she asked again, "Then why can he go home while I can't?"

Old Man Tianshan's beard trembled. He glanced at her and leisurely said, "He was born in the Emperor's family and wants to scheme. You were born in a wealthy family, and your parents treated you as a treasure. Do you need to scheme?"

Lan Xuehan thought about it and agreed, so she did not say anything. This was the first time in the history of the palace that they were so close to Lan Xuehan. She felt that they did not care about human rights here. In an era without a legal system, she was so helpless and insignificant. She wanted to find Feng and Mengyao and protect the people she cared about. She had never been so eager to obtain abilities.

Old Man Tianshan took out the expression of a strict teacher and said to her, "From today onwards, I will teach you everything. I won't ask you to protect the people. I only hope that one day, you will love the world."

Lan Xuehan directly knelt down and snowflakes danced around her. It made her look like a fairy in the snow. She replied in a clear voice, "Greetings, Master. Disciple will follow Master's instructions."

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