Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C144 I Believe in Him(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C144 I Believe in Him(1)
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C144 I Believe in Him(1)

But in any case, he was someone who had survived the imperial power, and his facial control and psychological adjustment were naturally not something that ordinary people could compare with. After calming down, Xi Moyue still had that light smile on her face.

The target of this marriage was this peerlessly elegant man in front of her, but it was obvious. He immediately put the relationship between the two of them in the direction of hatred. Don't tell her that the highly respected Prince Xu didn't even know her intention of coming here. That was really underestimating him.

Therefore, the only explanation now was that he wasn't willing to marry her!

Heh, however, this wasn't up to him. Next, let us wait and see. Dongfang Jin, there are plenty of times when you beg me!

"Prince Xu must be joking. My Second Imperial Sister has a carefree personality and has no intention of becoming the Emperor. Not to mention Royal Mother, even I love her dearly!"

Dongfang Jin's jade face was indifferent, and the corner of his mouth curled into a mocking smile. "The relationship between the Zihua Country's sisters is really deep, and the four kingdoms can imitate it! Alright, Crown Princess, it's getting late. Let's follow Jin and enter the capital! "

Xi Moyue originally wanted to take this opportunity to travel with Dongfang Jin, but seeing Dongfang Jin's attitude, she tactfully did not go and find trouble for herself.

She turned around and entered her palace car. A group of people slowly walked towards the capital.

On this side, Nangong Feng and Lan Xuehan gathered at the palace. Nangong Feng was very worried as he told Lan Xuehan the information he just received. He originally thought about how to comfort her after a long time. But he did not expect that after she heard it, the smile on her face did not even change. It was a relaxed attitude.

Nangong Feng could not help but frown. Could it be that he was the only one who cared about her when she had nothing to do? When he thought of this possibility, Nangong Feng's handsome face darkened by half.

"Don't you worry? Your opponent this time is not a few little noble ladies, but a country's princess. You have the support of the entire Zihua Country behind you! No matter how capable Dongfang Jin is, he doesn't have the ability to fight against the entire country. I'll fight you to the death!"

Lan Xuehan heard Nangong Feng's words and frowned. What do you mean by 'to the death'? It was really impossible for a dog to spit out ivory from its mouth. However, it was obvious that she did not say those words. Otherwise, she had already predicted that Nangong Feng would be like an old hag. She was going to nag endlessly again.

"How could that be? If that's really the case, you're underestimating Dongfang Jin too much. He is not someone who can be schemed and manipulated! "

Nangong Feng was not used to Lan Xuehan praising and trusting a person like this. He habitually broke the table and said," Do you trust him that much? If it was in modern times, it would be fine, but this was in ancient times. It talked about power and the throne, and he was also an out-and-out politician. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Is he really the kind of person who loves the country but not the beauty? "

Lan Xuehan's starry eyes were bright, and there was a warm smile on her face." I believe in him! "

Seeing the disbelief in Nangong Feng's eyes, Lan Xuehan continued to smile and said," Feng, since you have decided to love someone, you have to give him all your trust. This was true trust! I don't want to doubt his choice between the state and love. This is blasphemy to our love. In this love, if we have to trust each other, I hope that the first person to do it will be me!

Moreover, I understand him. He is so arrogant, wishing to have a country, so he definitely won't use a woman to achieve his goal. If that is the case, then I won't choose him either!"

When Nangong Feng heard Lan Xuehan's words, he was silent for a long time. He said lightly, "You and I have been friends since we were young. That is why we can pay with our lives. But I didn't expect that one Dongfang Jin could make you trust him so much. Little Han, you have indeed opened up a lot after reincarnating!"

" This life of ours is a gift from the heavens. If you don't live out what you want... Wouldn't we be ashamed of such a fortuitous encounter? Besides, this is a huge gamble. If we win, we will hold hands for the rest of our lives. If you lose, you will turn around and meet in another world!" When Lan Xuehan said the last sentence, her eyes flashed with a decisive light.

Nangong Feng smiled and said, "So I'm just worried about you. Ever since I received this news, I've been worried about you. But now that I heard what you said, I feel that my worries were in vain!"

"You are born to worry about your life. You will never change in this life!" Lan Xuehan thought about her previous life and this life. Nangong Feng had been worried about her the most!

Nangong Feng smiled and did not refuse. He put her in his heart. He treated her as a joy and her worry as a worry. He could not cut it off. The only thing he could do was to make her happy.

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