Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C145 I Believe Him(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C145 I Believe Him(2)
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C145 I Believe Him(2)

"But that Crown Princess Xi Moyue is not a good person. You should be careful. As the eldest daughter of the family, she is able to protect her position as the eldest daughter in a place where Royal Mother does not love and is surrounded by wolves. This kind of boldness, it is hard to find anyone in the world who can match it! Furthermore, it was rumored that Xi Moyue was extremely beautiful, but she was ruthless and merciless. She was a deep schemer. You have an engagement with Dongfang Jin. This is blocking her path. She will definitely think of ways to get rid of you. You must be careful!" When Nangong Feng said this, he could not conceal the worry in his eyes as he looked at Lan Xuehan.

However, Lan Xuehan did not mind and smiled. Her eyes flashed with a cold and fierce light. "If I can't even deal with her, I might as well hang up the southeast branch early. She actually dared to plot against Dongfang Jin. She should have been prepared to die a long time ago! I have a three foot long blade. If she dares to provoke me... I will definitely kindly tell her why flowers are so red!"

Nangong Feng looked at Lan Xuehan's domineering manner and his eyes were filled with a mocking smile. "I forgot. With your character, who can get even half a cent better? To be honest, I should be worried about Xi Moyue now! You said marrying is supposed to be a festive thing, but she insisted on it being a funeral. Sigh, what a pity!"

Lan Xuehan looked at Nangong Feng, who was gloating over her misfortune, and snorted softly. She expressed her shame towards Nangong Feng!

At night, when Lan Xuehan returned to Bamboo Garden, she saw Dongfang Jin sitting on the soft couch where she had placed him, leisurely flipping through books. She walked in front of him with light steps. Just as she stood still, she felt a weight on her wrist. Her eyes blurred and she steadily fell into his warm embrace!

She leaned against Dongfang Jin and listened to his strong heartbeat through his thin body. She was silent. Dongfang Jin's voice came from above. "You know everything?"

Today, as soon as she left the house, he knew she must have gone to find Prince Chen and Nangong Feng. Regarding the matter of the Zihua Country wanting a marriage alliance, he guessed that these few had already received the news. That was why she went to the palace. Nangong Feng would definitely tell her about this!

Lan Xuehan heard this and was silent for a while. Then she said, "Yes, Feng already told me today. That Zihua Country is really generous. I thought the entire country was going to be destroyed and that's why I was so anxious!"

Dongfang Jin heard her words and said with a smile, "You are really smart. You guessed it right! However, only when it is at the brink of death would it be willing to spend so much money!"

"What? Did something really happen in Zihua Country?"

"Do you know what the Zihua Country used to establish a country to ensure the stability of the country?"

Lan Xuehan heard this and thought for a while before saying, "I know. It is said that the Zihua Country used Wei Hai as a natural barrier. So this was also the reason why their national strength was weak, but they were safe and sound. Could it be that there is a problem with Wei Hai? "

" Yes, according to the reports, Wei Hai is exhausted, and Zihua Country is in danger! "

"Oh, so that's how it is. Then why did the three kingdoms choose the Linfeng Country? And why did they choose you? "Lan Xuehan asked with a smile in her eyes.

Dongfang Jin gently touched her hair and said, "This is also a problem that I do not understand! Logically speaking, the best choice for this marriage was to choose the Holy Snow Country or the Xiyue Country. But they chose the Linfeng Country. This reason is still under investigation. "

Lan Xuehan rolled her eyes at him, then said slowly, "Is there a need to investigate? It is because you, Young Master Wushuang, are famous and have a good relationship with women. There are many rotten peach blossoms, that's why Crown Princess gave up on Holy Snow and Xiyue. She doesn't want to marry you from thousands of miles away! "

When Dongfang Jin heard her sour words, the corners of his mouth drew a happy arc. "Are you jealous? It's rare for me to see you jealous for me! "

"Who said I'm jealous? I'm just lamenting about my own miserable fate. Tell me... Is it easy for me to fall in love? First it was Soong Xiaoyou, and now it was Crown Princess. Dongfang Jin, you are too good at making love, aren't you?"

When Dongfang Jin heard her emotional words, his eyes faintly swept across her. Then he slowly said," Lan Xuehan, who can compare with you? Whether it is the quantity or quality of your peach blossoms, isn't that a peach blossom that surpasses mine? I haven't even said anything, and you have already filed a complaint. What? Could it be that you've only learned how to complain to the wrong person after all these years of Master's teachings? "

These words that were cold to the bone caused Lan Xuehan to be at a loss for words. She dryly laughed, then angrily clenched her fist and said, "What kind of peach blossom is this? Such a small character, this miss did not put him in her eyes! If she dares to snatch you from me, I will prepare three feet of the Azure Sharp. Truly, too shameful!

When Dongfang Jin heard her bold and heroic words, he instantly became delirious with a smile. The cool and warm laughter gradually dissipated, and only stopped after a long while. He held back his laughter and said, "Okay, then I'll count on you. You must not lose me!"

"But this time, it's the princess of a country. It's a matter between countries. If it's not handled properly, it will cause great chaos in the world!"

"Heh, when did the world become peaceful? Now, the Zihua Country is a turning point. Once the situation of the four countries being united is broken, the flames of war will fly everywhere!"

Lan Xuehan heard this and became silent. However, she had always been at ease with the situation. At this moment, it should be the matter of resolving the marriage. As for how the world was like, there would be a pattern to its development at that time.

"Then you still say that the peach blossoms this time are really troublesome!" Lan Xuehan said faintly with a grumbling voice.

Dongfang Jin's eyes were full of smiles as he enjoyed the rare sight of his little daughter being spoiled and angry. He lowered his head and lightly pecked her tender lips, then said with a jade-like face, "Alright, even though I enjoy you being jealous for me. But if my body is angered because of this, how many good medicines will I need to spend to make up for it? I'll bring my own scissors and cut off the peach blossoms. How about it? "

Lan Xuehan snorted in satisfaction," That's more like it! "

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