Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C15 Returning from His Studies
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C15 Returning from His Studies
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C15 Returning from His Studies

The sunlight of dawn shone on the cold Skysnow Mountain. The mountains that were covered in snow all year round were pure and flawless. The cold made people feel like birds had gone extinct. Although the anger was faint, it gave off a sense of holiness and inviolability. It was completely awe-inspiring.

At this moment, a beautiful blue figure was flying down the mountain with a high speed Light-body Technique. Her body was like a fluttering swallow, light and nimble, looking like a gorgeous and unparalleled moon.

However, the anger and reluctance on her face prevented others from mistaking her as a Divine Immortal concubine who had fallen from the Nine Heavens Jade Palace and had intruded into the mortal world.

This person was Lan Xuehan, who was brought back to Skysnow Mountain by Old Man Tianshan eight years ago. Eight years had passed in a flash, but she had grown rapidly during this period of time.

As Old Man Tianshan had said in front of her parents that day, he would do his best to teach her. He did not hold anything back and taught her everything. In these eight years, he had been strict to her master and also had the love of his elders.

However, last night when he called Lan Xuehan in front of him, he said with love and reluctance, "Han, now I have taught you everything I can. What you did not learn is only experience. Now it is time for you to go down the mountain. Your senior brother left eight years ago because of what I said to you now. I hope you'll remember them."

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left the room before Lan Xuehan could even let out a sigh. Furthermore, Lan Xuehan did not forget that the reason why she agreed to be his disciple was because she wanted to find Feng and Mengyao. Now that she had learned to go down the mountain, he should give her an explanation.

But when he left the room, Lan Xuehan thought that it would not be too late to ask when he left tomorrow. She did not expect that when she came in the morning to take her leave, she would see a letter on the table.

When she opened it, she was so angry that she was burning with anger. It turned out that Old Man Tianshan had run away overnight. In the letter, there was only one sentence, "The cycle of reincarnation has the will of heaven. It is fated that we will meet again."

When Lan Xuehan saw this, other than feeling depressed and cursing him, she had no other choice. Perhaps Old Man Tianshan was already thousands of miles away, and she was too far away from him.

However, the next time they met, she would definitely let him know why the flowers were so red.

Facing the cool wind, she flew down the mountain. The cold wind gradually extinguished the anger in her heart. At this time, the only thing left in her heart was her longing for her parents.

It had been eight years. Even though she had walked the Jianghu for these two years, she still followed the agreement and could not go home. The longing for eight years surged in her heart. She wanted to hurry home and see her parents.

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