Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C151 The Banquet Was in an Uproar(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C151 The Banquet Was in an Uproar(2)
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C151 The Banquet Was in an Uproar(2)

Lan Xuehan frowned as she listened to their conversation. Shouldn't this sort of thing be discussed privately before it was brought up publicly? Why did it seem like they wanted to make it clear?

Dongfang Jin casually glanced at Lan Xuehan's puzzled eyes and then said softly, "Royal Father put this matter on the surface. He just wanted to use the pressure of the officials to force me to submit. Besides, he was not a fool. He said this in front of the envoys of the three kingdoms. I think he probably wanted to show his strength to deter the other two kingdoms! As expected, when you're old, you're useless!"

Lan Xuehan only understood after hearing Dongfang Jin's explanation. Emperor Wenjing definitely understood that Dongfang Jin would not agree to this marriage. So... That was why he told the officials about this matter. This way, these stubborn old fogeys would definitely advise Dongfang Jin to accept this marriage. With this, the success rate would reach half!

But, he underestimated Dongfang Jin too much, right?

Sure enough, Xi Moyue, who was on top, followed along and said, "King Xu, Dongfang Jin, has become famous as a young man. Royal Mother also praised him greatly. Therefore, Royal Mother is willing to marry the entire country, and let this emperor's daughter marry Prince Xu!"

When these words came out, the crowd below was in an uproar. They did not expect that the situation of the four countries' hundred years of strength would actually be broken at this moment. Furthermore, with such great courage? The entire country was accompanied by marriage. Did they not hear wrongly? Such a great thing, what was Prince Xu waiting for? Hurry up and agree!

Shangguan Lan's expression was as if he was watching a good show. His peach blossom eyes were mixed with a thick smile as he leisurely played with his wine glass. It was incompatible with this dull and solemn hall!

They all looked at Dongfang Jin, but they did not expect that as the main owner, he would act like nothing had happened. With a warm smile at the corner of his mouth, he elegantly fed desserts to the girl beside him.

When they saw Prince Xu treating the girl beside him so gently, they thought of the King of Xu, Dongfang Jin, in order to marry Lan Xuehan, knelt in the Imperial Study for five days and five nights. He had risked his life to break into Floating Dream. In order to vent Lan Xuehan's anger, in one night, he overturned a Wang Family and crippled a consort. She demoted her cousin.

With such deep feelings, would he agree? All of a sudden, the officials were all uncertain!

Then again. Many of the officials present were his men during the last major blood exchange in Dongfang Jin's court. Thus, they naturally wouldn't speak rashly. Even if they had any thoughts, they would still privately explain it to Dongfang Jin. They would not tear down their master's platform in such an occasion!

However, Emperor Wenjing pretended to be very shocked. He did not conceal the joy in his eyes and said, "However, Third Brother is already engaged. In another month or so, he will be married!"

Then, this Xi Moyue very magnanimously smiled and said, "Is the Emperor talking about Little Sister Lan? This is not a problem. This emperor's daughter is the heir to the throne. Then, she still has the elegance to accommodate people. On the way here, I heard that Prince Xu is deeply in love with Sister Lan, so I naturally won't be the club to scatter the mandarin ducks. This princess can agree to let her be a side concubine!"

As soon as these words came out, Lan Xuehan's light laughter rang out. But because Dongfang Jin had been feeding her snacks, she was careless and choked.

"Cough, cough, sorry! Continue, continue!" He coughed until his face was completely red. Dongfang Jin, who was beside her, quickly passed her a cup of tea. He patted her on the back and scolded her softly, "Isn't it just a joke? Look at you, you're so careless! Quick, drink some water." His tone was urgent, but it was full of pampering.

However, his words immediately made Xi Moyue and Emperor Wenjing's expressions darken.

So the important thing they were discussing just now was a joke in Dongfang Jin's eyes?

Xi Moyue felt that this was a direct slap to the face. She could no longer tolerate it. She said in a cold voice, "What do you mean by this, Prince Xu?"

Dongfang Jin restrained the gentleness on his face when he treated Lan Xuehan and his eyes were filled with ice. He looked directly into Xi Moyue's eyes and his tone was cold and distant. "It is what you heard! What you said is a joke to this king."

Xi Moyue was frightened by Dongfang Jin's cold and fierce aura. A trace of coldness arose in her heart. However, his words forced her to bite the bullet and refute, "Prince Xu, I sincerely came here to propose a marriage. But, you humiliated me like this? I'm afraid that's not appropriate, right? "

Before Dongfang Jin could say anything, Lan Xuehan, who had calmed down for a long time, slowly opened her mouth. "People who do not love themselves can be humiliated forever! You are a princess of a country, but you are so unrestrained. You claim to marry Dongfang Jin, you are really shameless! You actually have the nerve to call me little sister? When a person is lowly, they are invincible. You are already invincible under the heavens."

As soon as these words came out of his mouth, the people below couldn't hold back their laughter and laughed in a low voice.

When Xi Moyue heard the laughter below, her face immediately turned red. She did not expect that Lan Xuehan would actually be so difficult to deal with. What was even more unexpected was that Dongfang Jin actually did not give her face and directly humiliated her!

Nangong Feng and Shangguan Lan also could not hold back their laughter. They knew her venomous tongue. But to be able to speak so beautifully, it could be considered her ability! It was just a pity for Crown Princess. She was afraid that she would be knocked out by anger in this great hall today.

Beiming Yu was still expressionless, and his handsome face was cold. He quietly sipped his tea, as if everything around him had nothing to do with him! Speaking of which, it really had nothing to do with him. The love of the person he loved protected his love and defeated his love rival. Unfortunately, the love he protected had nothing to do with him!

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