Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C152 The World will Turn Upside Down(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C152 The World will Turn Upside Down(1)
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C152 The World will Turn Upside Down(1)

Xi Moyue's ruthless gaze was as sharp as a knife. She wished that she could cut Lan Xuehan piece by piece. Her eyes were filled with contempt and she laughed very disdainfully, "You lowly civilian woman, to be able to get this great daughter to call you younger sister. You should be grateful. You actually dare to speak such nonsense here, you are simply ignorant! "

Looking at Lan Xuehan's confident and arrogant appearance, Xi Moyue was unhappy. Why? She, a lowly civilian woman, would have a kind of elegance and beauty that was even more noble and unparalleled than her princess and a devastatingly beautiful appearance.

The most important thing was that Dongfang Jin was willing to give up a great opportunity for her. He did not hesitate to tear apart the harmony between the two countries and directly insult her. He was truly a vixen!

When she said this, it instantly made the eyes of the few people present turn cold. Dongfang Jin's eyes that were like clear spring water were like deep ice ponds. His deep and gloomy gaze directly shot onto her body. His wrist moved slightly, but Lan Xuehan smiled and pulled his hand. Then, she gently shook her head!

She was never a trash who relied on men to protect her. She should be the one to tear the slut apart to take revenge. Only then would it be interesting!

"As the saying goes, the most important thing for a woman is her appearance, followed by her family background. Then today, let's have a good talk about this relationship." Lan Xuehan said leisurely with a smile on her lips. But when she said the last sentence, her eyes suddenly turned cold. It made Xi Moyue's heart go numb.

"Let's talk about her appearance! This miss always felt that her looks were alright, but compared to yours, Crown Princess's... This miss immediately had more confidence. However, you said that it was not your fault for looking like this. But it is your fault for coming out to scare people! He suggested Crown Princess to wear a veil the next time she went out.

Also, Crown Princess mentioned her family background to me just now? Heh, I have always been a carefree person. I don't want to use other people's names to boast about myself. But? Some people just didn't have eyes. A day as a master, a lifetime as a father. My master, Old Man Tianshan, is famous throughout the four kingdoms. Wherever he goes, isn't he treated as a distinguished guest? I'm afraid that even your Royal Mother will have to respect my master when he arrives in your Zihua Country, right?

Also, normally, only those who are incapable of doing so will show off their family background. As a person who stands in the heavens and earth, you should rely on yourself to make a great achievement. Only then will you be able to have a clear conscience in your next life!"

As soon as these words were spoken, the Humble Class students below were all very excited. Yes, Miss Lan's words had directly spoken out the thoughts in their hearts. They were all students of the Humble Class, so their skills were naturally not as broad as the children of the aristocratic families. That was why they were limited in every aspect. Fortunately, they met Prince Xu, which gave them a chance to rise to fame. Sitting here.

At this moment, in their hearts, not to mention Lan Xuehan's ability, just her bearing alone was enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with Prince Xu!

On the other hand, Xi Moyue's face was ashen. It was obvious that she was quite angry with Lan Xuehan. Her nails that were dyed in red had already been deeply pinched into her flesh. She was doing her best to suppress her anger. She did not want to lose the face of a country's Grand Woman.

Nangong Feng, who was beside her, did not give her any face at all and laughed loudly. Then, he looked at Lan Xuehan with a mocking gaze. He smiled and said, "This Miss Lan is really a wonderful person! These words were deeply engraved in the Crown Prince's heart. Old Man Tianshan really lived up to his reputation. The disciple he taught was really a genius. He can even speak such beautiful words. Truly amazing!"

After saying that, he glanced at Dongfang Jin with an evil look and then spoke with utmost sincerity," This Crown Prince is willing to treat me as the Xiyue Country's Crown Princess. Miss Lan, do you want to consider it? Discarding Prince Xu and this Crown Prince to return to the Xiyue Country? "

As soon as Nangong Feng's words came out, the hall instantly boiled up. What happened to him today? Some expressed their sincerity to Prince Xu, and some even begged to marry Prince Xu's fiancée. This was truly an eye-opener!

The ministers of Xiyue Country heard what their Crown Prince said. All of them were so excited that their eyes were filled with anticipation. They looked at Lan Xuehan with utmost sincerity, hoping that she would agree!

Everyone knew that Prince Chen of the Xiyue Country had the bearing of a dragon and the bearing of a phoenix. Furthermore, he was ranked among the world's Four Young Masters. However, he just didn't want to get married. The mansion was as clean as Prince Xu, who was rumored to have a good relationship with the dragon and the phoenix. This made the Emperor and Empress anxious, thinking of ways to let Crown Prince get married.

But he had always been indifferent. But today, he actually took the initiative to ask for marriage. Although this partner was a bit troublesome, at least to make His Highness have such intentions, it was enough for them to be excited!

When Dongfang Jin heard this, he met Nangong Feng's gaze. His eyes narrowed slightly, and his body was suffused with a faint chill. Lan Xuehan, who was sitting beside him, naturally felt it. She cursed in a low voice. She secretly cursed that Nangong Feng wanted to help her find a better reason!

After a long while, Dongfang Jin smiled. His smile carried a deep chill, and his smile was cold and indifferent. "Prince Chen had a good dream, but it's better to wake up early! Otherwise... This king... He couldn't help but call Prince Chen. At that time, if you don't know your limits, don't blame me, Prince Chen!"

Threat, a blatant threat!

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