Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C158 The Two of Them Met(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C158 The Two of Them Met(1)
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C158 The Two of Them Met(1)

Sure enough, just finished dinner. Mo Xing came. He looked at Dongfang Jin with a serious expression. Then he said, "Your Royal Highness, we found it! Last night, our men followed the First Prince and Crown Princess. They saw that they had sent the news to the same place, but that place was surrounded by experts. There was also a formation surrounding that place. Our men couldn't detect it at all."

Lan Xuehan frowned when she heard this. It seemed that she had met her opponent this time.

Dongfang Jin's expression was the same as usual. Then, he lightly said, "Withdraw the people back!"

If he could think of it, the other party must have thought of it as well. They did not leave. Clearly, they wanted to see him. Since that was the case, there was no need to guard!

He took a look at Lan Xuehan and saw the worry in her eyes. A dark light flashed in Dongfang Jin's eyes, then he smiled and said, "Alright, don't worry! I just checked their location. Since they are already in the open, then we don't have to worry. Later, I'll make a trip to Shuntian. Are you going out or in the residence? "

Lan Xuehan looked at him in confusion and asked," I thought you would go and find those people. "

"There is no need to look. Their target is us. If the plan fails, there will naturally be a backup plan. We will just wait!"

Lan Xuehan did not see the expression in Dongfang Jin's eyes but nodded. Thinking about it, what he said was right. She replied, "I will go and find Shangguan Lan. I have something to ask him." She hadn't forgotten what happened last night. She planned to find Shangguan Lan and ask him about it today!

As for the matter of Dongfang Jin going to receive his punishment, she was not worried at all. This black-hearted person might even be someone from Shuntian. He was just putting on an act. What was there to worry about?

Dongfang Jin curled the corner of his mouth. Clearly, he had some objections to this answer. "What can you do to him? Aren't you afraid that he will take revenge on you for teasing him on the street last time?"

His words woke Lan Xuehan up from her dream. This sentence really woke Lan Xuehan up. She almost forgot about this. Last time, she had messed with Shangguan Lan. That stingy man definitely would not let her off. If she went to find him this time, he would most likely teach her a lesson.

Although she asked Shangguan Lan about something urgent, it was not as important as her life. It was better to take it slow!

After thinking it through, Lan Xuehan said to Dongfang Jin with a dry expression, "You are right. I will go after a few days! Then I will go and find Feng."

Dongfang Jin secretly grinded his teeth. This woman really could not stay idle!

But when he thought about what would happen later, he could only suppress his jealousy and softly snorted, "Come back early. I'm still waiting for you to apply medicine! This king is severely injured from torture. As this king's fiancee, how can you not be here? "

Lan Xuehan looked at him, who was somewhat childish, with a funny look. "Alright, I got it! Don't worry, Young Master Jin, I will definitely come back early to serve you!"

Dongfang Jin got up and lightly pecked her delicate lips. Then, with a smile on his face, he leisurely walked out.

Lan Xuehan felt full of happiness as she looked at his slender jade-like back. Ever since they had been honest and sincere last night, the relationship between the two of them had become warmer and happier. This was what she had been looking forward to all this time. She really hoped that she could keep this happiness until eternity!

After Dongfang Jin came out, he restrained the gentleness he had when he faced Lan Xuehan just now. A trace of coldness arose in his eyes, and the faint smile at the corner of his mouth carried a bloodthirsty feeling. His expression was light, but his tone was ice cold. He looked at Mo Xing, who was driving in front of him, and asked, "Is everything arranged?"

"Your Highness, everything has been arranged!"

Dongfang Jin nodded and got into the carriage. Mo Xing drove the carriage all the way, but he did not go in the direction of Shuntian.

On this side, after Lan Xuehan waited for Dongfang Jin to leave, she brought Liuyun and Yi to the palace.

She had the token that Nangong Feng had given her, so she went all the way to the entrance of the sleeping hall where Nangong Feng lived without any hindrance. Walking in the distance, she saw a figure dressed in a blue brocade robe flying about. Her figure was handsome and graceful. The sword technique he danced out would sometimes carry the momentum of thunder, and sometimes, it would be graceful and graceful.

Lan Xuehan had not even walked to the front when she heard Nangong Feng's free and easy voice, "Xiao Han, let's exchange two moves!"

The two of them had often sparred in their previous lives, but after not seeing each other for eight years, everything was no longer the same as before. Fortunately, they had not changed!

Just as Nangong Feng finished speaking, Lan Xuehan's toes pressed on the ground and her figure flew over gracefully. With a slight flip of her wrist, she drew the sword from her waist and charged forward.

Each of their moves had the style of sword dancing, and they also carried some movement techniques from their previous lives. One after another, they were both unpredictable figures, causing Yi and the accompanying guards to be stunned.

Dongfang Jin and Mo Xing sped all the way to an elegant and quiet house in the capital. As soon as Dongfang Jin got off the carriage, the door of the house opened. A middle-aged man ran out from the house. His footsteps were light and steady. His breathing was long. It was obvious that he wasn't an ordinary expert.

He stood in front of Dongfang Jin and bowed. The most perfect etiquette, however, didn't have a trace of humility. His tone was gentle, "Greetings, Prince Xu. My young master has been waiting for you for a long time!"

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