Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C162 Baili Died(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C162 Baili Died(1)
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C162 Baili Died(1)

It was already evening by the time she returned to the mansion. She didn't see Dongfang Jin in the room. She couldn't help but frown. Why hasn't Dongfang Jin returned yet? Could something have happened?

However, the moment this thought flashed through her mind, she felt that it was unlikely. Dongfang Jin had always been deep in thought. An ordinary person wouldn't be able to hurt him. Furthermore, he had gone to Shuntian and the place should have already been prepared. There wouldn't be any mistakes!

Liuyun by the side looked at Lan Xuehan's expression and said with a meaningful look, "Miss do not need to worry. His Royal Highness might have been delayed by something. He might be back in a while!"

Lan Xuehan nodded to indicate that she understood. But she was still panicking and her eyelids kept twitching. She took a deep breath and suppressed her panic. Then she ordered with a straight face, "Liuyun, go and ask Uncle Lau if there is any news from Dongfang Jin!"

She had always believed in her intuition. In the past when she was on a mission, it was this intuition, which was sensitive to danger, that saved her many times. So, she felt that something must have happened to Dongfang Jin!

Liuyun also saw the seriousness on Lan Xuehan's face and did not dare to be neglectful. She immediately ran down to inquire. In less than fifteen minutes, she came back with Lau Yan behind her.

Seeing Lau Yan, before he bowed, Lan Xuehan opened her mouth and asked, "Uncle Lau, did Dongfang Jin not come back today? Did he tell you anything?"

Lau Yan also saw Lan Xuehan's worry and could not help thinking if something really happened to the prince. He quickly replied, "Miss, the prince left the residence before you did today. He did not come back today and did not receive any news! But what happened to the Royal Highness?" The last sentence was clearly filled with worry.

Lan Xuehan frowned," I am not sure either. Uncle Lau, do you have any way to find Dongfang Jin quickly? "

Lau Yan thought for a moment. "Miss, His Royal Highness has always kept a bird. This bird is very intelligent. In the past, it helped to send messages. Maybe it can find His Royal Highness!"

"Are you talking about that Snow Peak Bird?" Lan Xuehan clearly thought of it. The Snowy Peak Bird was very human, and it flew very fast and had a keen sense of smell. It was indeed a good thing to find people.

With Snow Peak Nian leading the way, Lan Xuehan very quickly found where Dongfang Jin was. However, the scene in front of her deeply stung Lan Xuehan's eyes. Her eyes immediately turned deep red, and her entire body emitted boundless killing intent.

Dongfang Jin's white clothes were already stained with blood, his face was almost snow-white, and large drops of cold sweat rolled down his forehead. However, he still forced himself to fight Baili Ce.

Both sides were on par with each other. The people Baili Ce brought along and the people on Dongfang Jin's side were engaged in a fierce fight, and it was hard to tell which side was stronger. That was why Dongfang Jin was left behind to fight Baili Ce alone.

He did not think about how he, who had always been highly skilled in martial arts, could not even defeat Baili Ce. He did not think about how he, who had always been resourceful, was forced to such an extent. His entire body was covered in blood, his pale face, and he had never been in such a sorry state before. This had completely ignited Lan Xuehan's anger.

At this moment, she was like a phoenix that was flying in the flames, bringing along a biting cold killing intent as she came to Dongfang Jin and Baili Ce's side. She attacked with her sword and blocked Baili Ce's attack.

After that, she looked at Dongfang Jin, who was in a sorry state, with blood-red eyes. "Why did you make yourself look like this?" This appearance made her heart ache!

When Dongfang Jin saw her arrive, he was surprised for the first time. After that, a dark light appeared, and in the end, it all transformed into a faint smile. "I don't want to either, but I can't do anything about it!"

Lan Xuehan understood that there was no one who would not wet their shoes when walking by the river. It was because he had always been too strong in front of her. That was why it gave him the illusion that he was omnipotent. That was why he was at ease and let him arrange everything. However, no matter how strong he was, he was just a youth who had yet to reach the top!

Looking at his pale face, Lan Xuehan's anger rose. Then, the sword flowers linked up and struck directly at Baili Ce. After the recuperation from last time, her martial arts had improved by leaps and bounds. In addition, Baili Ce had used up a lot of inner energy to deal with Dongfang Jin just now. At this moment, both of them were on par with each other.

Lan Xuehan's figure was extremely fast. Her moves were completely out of the ordinary. With the martial arts of her previous life's movement technique, Baili Ce was overwhelmed. However, after all, Baili Ce was also an extraordinary expert. Furthermore... He seemed to have the attitude that he would not rest until he died.

Therefore, this was destined to be a battle of life and death!

Dongfang Jin had been observing the battle from the side, and then he used all his strength. With a flick of his finger, an inner strength shot out and directly hit Baili Ce's calf. When experts fought, victory and defeat would be decided in an instant.

Baili Ce landed on the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. Then Lan Xuehan's sword, which was dyed with frost, landed on his neck!

He was very clear that he had lost. This assassination had been defeated just like that!

As if he was determined to die, he looked at Dongfang Jin, who was seriously injured, with a sinister look in his eyes. Then, he looked at Lan Xuehan, who had a cold expression on her face. At this moment, he suddenly thought of what his master had calculated with all his life's fortune: The one who gets the goddess will get the world!

Lan Xuehan was this heavenly woman, ever since she appeared. The entire situation in the capital had changed because of her. Dongfang Jin was furious for the beauty. Emperor Wenjing was so angry because of her appearance that he couldn't take it anymore. In the end, he actually wanted Dongfang Jin to compromise. King Ann was her good friend, and the Right Prime Minister had a close relationship with her. Even the emissaries of the three countries had many conflicts because of her.

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