Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C163 Baili Died(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C163 Baili Died(2)
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C163 Baili Died(2)

Looks like the world is really going to change!

Baili Ce looked at Lan Xuehan and his eyes turned calm. "The First Prince has received the news that Emperor Wenjing is going to appoint Prince Xu as the Crown Prince! And everything that we have carefully arranged... In one night, it turned into a pile of dirt. This is the last chance for the First Prince, so today is the last battle between us!

Unfortunately, I lost!"

Lan Xuehan knew that Baili Ce was serious and steady, so something must have happened, which was why she let him bet everything. However, the reason he gave seemed to be true and false, so Lan Xuehan could not guess his real purpose at the moment.

Although this reason sounded very trustworthy, it was clearly a little too far-fetched for someone like Baili Ce.

Her eyes narrowed slightly and the sword in her hand trembled. Her voice was filled with endless ice. "You better tell the truth! Otherwise, I have plenty of ways to make you speak."

Baili Ce did not expect Lan Xuehan to say this. Anger appeared in his eyes. Then, he suddenly smiled. His smile was filled with endless vicissitudes of life and indescribable emotions. "She is indeed a goddess with the character of Zi Wei. Such ruthlessness, even an ordinary man can't compare to you!

It's no wonder that the power of the world is tied to you all. I have chosen the wrong person in my life, but I have never regretted it. Ever since I fell in love with her, I've been prepared to die. Even if she loves supreme power and wealth, I'm willing to sacrifice my life for her wish!"

After saying that, Baili Ce didn't wait for Lan Xuehan to make a move. Both of his hands formed a seal, and flames ignited around his body. In the blink of an eye, the flames were added to his black clothes.

In the raging flames, he had a smile of relief on his face as he looked at Lan Xuehan. This smile turned into a sinister one. His eyes locked onto Lan Xuehan. Then he said word by word, "You will never get happiness in your life! Breaking up relationships is your natural fate!"

Lan Xuehan's eyes revealed some surprise. Then, thinking about his words, she felt suffocated for no reason. She quietly looked at Baili Ce, who finally burned to ashes and turned into ashes, and did not say a word.

It was only when the fragrance of bamboo and snow assailed her nose that she came back to her senses. She turned around and looked at the seriously injured Dongfang Jin. She hurriedly put his wrist on his wrist to diagnose him, but her expression changed.

Her meridians were almost completely broken and her inner energy was completely lost!

She took out a pill from Dongfang Jin's arms and asked with doubt, "I remember that you could have beaten Baili Ce with your martial arts, but how did you get forced to this extent?"

Dongfang Jin's eyes were cold, and then he said casually, "I didn't check for a moment, and I fell for it! Cultivation Transformation Powder!"

"Cultivation Disintegration Powder? How did you get hit by that kind of thing?" Lan Xuehan looked at him in confusion.

"That is something from the sky. There are many kinds of things that are mixed in the air. I did not check them at the moment!" Dongfang Jin lowered his eyes and answered softly.

Lan Xuehan did not doubt him. She only muttered angrily, "Sooner or later, I will kill them. I don't want to hurt them from time to time!"

Dongfang Jin seemed to be tired when he heard her, but he also seemed to have no strength. So he did not say anything!

However, his expression was calm, and his inner Qi was surging. Today's matter was completely controlled by him. Last night, he ordered people to keep an eye on Dongfang Xiao. After Dongfang Xiao passed the news to Xiao Mingyu, he ordered his men to pass the news that Royal Father wanted him to become the Crown Prince to him! After that, he destroyed his stronghold overnight, causing him to lose everything he could rely on. The successive arrangements made him feel like he had nowhere to run. This morning, he went to find Xiao Mingyu. But the injuries on his body definitely could not be hidden from Lan Xuehan, so he deliberately revealed his whereabouts to Dongfang Xiao.

Dongfang Xiao originally wanted to rely on the heavens to deal with him, but this morning, after he came out of the heavens, he ordered people to leak the news of Xiao Mingyu's serious injuries to him.

He had always been counting on Xiao Mingyu, but now that Xiao Mingyu was seriously injured, his power had been completely destroyed by him. Not to mention Dongfang Xiao, even Baili Ce couldn't keep his cool anymore!

Plus, Dongfang Xiao knew that he was seriously injured. Given his ruthless character, he would definitely not let go of this opportunity!

However, even though he had arranged everything and put himself in danger to prevent future troubles. However, he did not expect that she would rush over in the end. When he saw the heartache in her eyes, his expression changed.

This scheme... In fact, he did it to prevent her from suspecting the injuries on his body. He didn't want her to find out about the Lan family. Besides, Dongfang Xiao was getting more and more impudent. The current situation was unclear. It would be disadvantageous for him if the Lan family roped in Dongfang Xiao. That was why he had decided to kill Dongfang Xiao in one go!

However, when he recalled what Baili Ce had said to Lan Xuehan before his death, a thick black color appeared in his eyes. It was like ink that could not be melted, and it carried a ruthless aura that could sweep away everything!

According to what Baili Ce said before he died, he definitely knew Lan Xuehan's background. But how did he know? According to the information he obtained, Baili Ce only knew that Lan Xuehan was the Heavenly Lady who had ordered her to carry the Ziwei Divine Crest.

Regarding the matter of Lan Xuehan being the successor of the Lan family's Patriarch, it was for the sake of her safety. The Lan family would definitely not publicize it, just like now. Bring her back quietly! And Xiao Mingyu would definitely not tell Baili Ce such a secret matter. This was his lofty and disdainful attitude.

It seemed like there was more than one group of people from the Lan family coming this time. Compared to Xiao Mingyu who brought her back in the open, the people in the dark must have had the main purpose of killing her, just like what happened in the Imperial Palace last time!

It seemed like he had to meet his cousin in person!

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