Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C164 Eastern Monologue(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C164 Eastern Monologue(1)
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C164 Eastern Monologue(1)

Dongfang Jin looked at Lan Xuehan's worried expression. A faint dark light was flowing in his eyes. She was intelligent, and she was not inferior to him at all. But now, she did not doubt his words. Was it because she had already put him in her heart?

When he thought of this possibility, a warm smile emerged on Dongfang Jin's face. There was a trace of indescribable bitterness in his worry. He actually did not want to hide it from her, but now he simply could not afford to gamble. In the past, when he first saw her, he never thought that she would be the future heir of Lan family. Later on, because of her unique personality, he thoroughly investigated her.

Eight years ago, he ordered people to investigate her identity. That person was an old man from the Soong family. He was lucky enough to escape the calamity of the Soong family. Later, he stayed by his side. When he reported Lan Xuehan's information, he told him that Lan Xuehan's parents were from the hidden Lan family. They were also the heirs of the family head of the Lan family.

Although Lan Muhua had left the Lan family in the past, the Lan family was a hundred-year-old family. They attached great importance to the bloodline inheritance. Therefore, even though Lan Muhua had left the Lan family, he was still the heir of the Lan family. In other words, his only daughter was Lan Xuehan. She was the next heir to the Lan family.

This news was something Dongfang Jin had never thought of. He wouldn't doubt the fact that the news had spread wrongly, because this old man had witnessed the extinction of the Soong family. He was very clear about the matters of Soong family and Lan family, so he naturally knew Lan Muhua.

In fact, he knew very well that the matter between the Lan family and the Soong family had nothing to do with her and her parents. However, if he wanted to destroy the Lan family, he would need the help of the direct descendants of the Lan family.

This was because the Lan family had survived for a hundred years because they had a spirit farm. The spirit field was a place that seized the fortune of the heaven and earth, and it contained countless profound cultivation techniques. It was just like how Baili Ce was able to make use of the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth to disappear all of a sudden. This place carried the foundation of the Lan family for a hundred years. It was the only place that was destroyed. The Lan family could be considered to have been completely destroyed.

However, this place was extremely strange. It had to use the blood essence of the direct descendants of the Lan family to open it. Therefore, Lan Xuehan was the best candidate!

That day, he sat in the study all night. He had been thinking about a cycle. Should he make use of Lan Xuehan or not? However, even though he was young and talented, his experience was too little. Forcibly ignoring the first time that the girl who flipped the universe with her white hand made him palpitate, he still chose to pull her into this battlefield that originally did not belong to her.

He knew the rules of Skysnow Mountain, so he forced himself not to pay attention to any news about her. However, four years ago, the situation in Holy Snow Country had changed greatly, and Beiming Yu had become the Crown Prince. According to the secret letter, a stunning girl had helped Beiming Yu. That girl's teacher was from the Skysnow Mountain.

When he heard this news, he immediately thought of her. As he was writing, the tip of his brush paused slightly. The ink gradually seeped into the white paper, just like how he felt at that time, it had a thick black color!

At night, looking at the elegant and tranquil bamboo forest, looking at the magnificent and exquisite Duke Xu's Estate, he thought of his mother who he had never met but had left the best for him. He thought of the blue robe on the top of Skysnow Mountain, which was filled with the splendor of the world. He thought of his master's warning before he left. His heart was in a state of panic. He didn't know where the road ahead was. He didn't know what he should do in order to resolve this hopeless situation in front of him!

Later on, he still did the only thing he had been willful of for so many years, and that was to go to Skysnow Mountain to see her! Because of what he said when he went down the mountain, he stayed at the entrance at the foot of the mountain, and didn't go up!

Not long after, he saw the black clothes youth that was rumored to be on par with him. He looked at the young girl whose heart was filled with satisfaction as she waited for him, who had stirred up many people's hearts, and the girl who was as elegant and unrestrained as the wind. He was waiting for the girl who rejected him without leaving a trace of friendship.

When he saw this scene, a long-awaited anger rose in his heart. But back then, he didn't even know what this was. He was simply depressed.

Later on, when she went down the mountain, he would go to the mountain pass and wait for her. Not going forward, not appearing, just quietly looking at her like this!

When he came, he did not bring a trace of clouds, but when he left, his heart was filled with complicated feelings!

Finally, this year, he knew that she was about to learn and leave the mountain. That was why he deliberately waited for her in the town. God knows... When he appeared in front of her, he said, I'm in a hurry. I wonder if Junior Sister still remembers me! He had said it in such a perturbed and uneasy manner.

During the days he had been traveling with her, every frown and smile on her face had been clearly engraved in his mind. However, when he received the news of Drunken Red Dust, he knew that the time had come!

In the end, he still chose his plan. Because he needed Lan Xuehan. He needed an opportunity to bring her back to the capital and bring her with him. He wanted to work hard to make the two of them on the same side!

However, no matter how he calculated, he did not calculate his own heart! Seeing her fall weakly, seeing the blood at the corner of her mouth, he completely panicked. He could not ignore the true thoughts in his heart: He liked her, no, he might have fallen in love with her long ago!

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