Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C165 Eastern Monologue(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C165 Eastern Monologue(2)
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C165 Eastern Monologue(2)

After understanding his intentions, his heart was not filled with anxiety, it's satisfaction, like it's going to spill out. He tried his best to make her fall in love with him, and he treated this as a compensation from the heavens. He carefully waited, not allowing anyone to covet anything!

That was why he didn't want her to come into contact with the Lan family at this moment. Because this wasn't the time yet. She was very smart. If he let her know that he had a motive for getting close to her from the beginning, he wouldn't be able to imagine how proud she would be. She would do something that he couldn't bear. Furthermore, she valued her parents very much, even though Lau Mianyue's poisoning had nothing to do with him. But he clearly knew that he would let Lau Mianyue be poisoned for his own plan. He could not shirk this responsibility!

He felt that with his intelligence, he could find a more perfect solution. For example, marry her first, and wait for her to become his Princess. When his wife is married, he will find a suitable time... Tell her everything! At that time, even if she was angry, he would do his best to make it up to her. He would dote on her and pamper her. At that time, he wouldn't have to worry too much. Because she was already his wife, the only wife in his life!

He admitted that his actions were despicable, but to him... Fate played a huge joke on everything, he had no way out... There was no turning back. He could only withstand the wind and frost of the world and move forward step by step! For this, he had carefully planned and put his life on the line as a bet. It was all for the sake of her being able to stay by his side!

Now, Xiao Mingyu had appeared. He didn't have much time left. He had to speed up the process of the plan. It seemed like after the Four Kingdoms Banquet, he would marry her. Announce to the world that she was his wife, the only wife in his life!

He would give her the grandest wedding ever. At that time, even if the world was filled with war and war, even if the Lan family was in danger, he was confident that he could fight for the two of them in the future!

Dongfang Jin was seriously injured this time, and he fell unconscious the moment he got on the carriage. Looking at his pale jade face and the tiredness in his eyes, Lan Xuehan felt very sorry for him.

When she returned to the residence, she placed Dongfang Jin in a quiet room and used her inner energy to treat his injuries. Seeing that there was finally a trace of blood on his almost transparent face, she finally let out a sigh of relief!

She gently put him down and gently walked out of the quiet room.

She still had some questions she wanted to ask Mo Xing!

She ordered Liuyun to find Mo Xing and Lan Xuehan looked at him with a profound look. "Mo Xing, isn't your Royal Highness going to Shuntian? Why did he go to the capital suburbs again? Also, Baili Ce is not that impatient. His assassination today was obviously a gamble. What exactly happened?"

Hearing Lan Xuehan's cold tone, Mo Xing's heart tightened. But on the surface, his expression was solemn." Miss, actually, what happened in the main hall last night... You saw it too. We've found out that the First Prince has actually sided with the heavens. He wanted to use the power of the Heavens to overthrow the prince.

In order to prevent the forces of the heavens from infiltrating the internal affairs of the Linfeng Country, His Highness ordered us to destroy the First Prince's stronghold overnight, destroying the First Prince's hidden forces. That's why Baili Ce decided to assassinate His Highness today!"

" Then how did Baili Ce create the Energy Transformation Powder for Dongfang Jin? "

"It's from Shuntian. His Royal Highness didn't expect there to be a traitor in Shuntian. That was why he was tricked. Furthermore, the Cultivation Dissolving Powder is a mixture of many different flavors. Only after absorbing the human body will there be an effect. This is even more difficult to guard against!"

When Lan Xuehan heard this, the doubt in her heart gradually dissipated a little. That was also true. With Dongfang Jin's character of preventive measures, he naturally would not let Dongfang Xiao have such a huge hidden danger!

However, she still had doubts in her heart. She kept feeling that all of this was too simple and abnormally reasonable! She knitted her brows and asked, "Didn't we say that we had investigated the place in the sky this morning? Where are they?"

Hearing this, Mo Xing's breathing became heavy. His eyes flashed slightly, and then he said somewhat unnaturally, "Miss, why are you asking this? There were guards everywhere in and out of the sky. Moreover, there were many life and death formations protecting it. Not to mention you, even when His Royal Highness is at his peak, he might not be able to retreat unscathed. You better not ask this subordinate this question. If His Highness finds out that it was his subordinate who told you the location of the sky, causing you to take risks, even if your subordinate had eight lives, it would not be enough for His Highness! "

Lan Xuehan heard Mo Xing's exaggerated tone and then said helplessly and gloomily, "Mo Xing, how did you become Dongfang Jin's guard?"

Mo Xing did not understand and blinked his eyes. He replied in a daze, "This subordinate was trained by the Empress since she was young and left it for His Royal Highness!"

Unexpectedly it was this answer. Lan Xuehan's mind turned. It seemed that Dongfang Jin was indeed a strange woman behind the scenes, and she also loved Dongfang Jin very much!

She did not continue to look back. Lan Xuehan glanced at him as if she was looking at an idiot. "Do you think that I will rush there like an idiot? I am not tired of living! I just want to know and find some fun. I want to take revenge for Dongfang Jin!"

Mo Xing thought about it and agreed. Miss Lan was not a brainless person. Then, she quickly told Lan Xuehan the location of Xiao Mingyu's house.

Lan Xuehan took the night to Drunken Fragrance Restaurant. As soon as she arrived, a few people came out from inside. Her movement technique was light and her steps were steady. She definitely had good skills!

When the few people surrounded Lan Xuehan and saw her appearance clearly, they were all shocked. Then, they immediately knelt down and said, "We pay our respects to the Young Lord."

He said to the person in front of Lan Xuehan, "Your subordinates did not know that the person who came was the Young Lord. We have offended you. Please forgive us!"

Lan Xuehan was very satisfied with their agility and supported them. Then she smiled and said, "It's fine. Your reactions are quick. This young master is very happy. This way, the chances of survival will be higher! Where is Uncle Lan? I have something to talk to him about!" After saying that, she looked around and found that Lan Yan was nowhere to be seen!

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