Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C167 Xue Han's Feelings Were Deep(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C167 Xue Han's Feelings Were Deep(2)
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C167 Xue Han's Feelings Were Deep(2)

When Mo Xing asked about Dongfang Jin's condition, his face was filled with worry. "No, ever since the young lady left, the prince has been unconscious!"

When Lan Xuehan heard this, her eyes revealed some hatred towards those people. "Such a serious injury, it would be strange if he could wake up so quickly! One day, this young lady will definitely return all of Dongfang Jin's injuries to them!"

Her voice was clear and cool, carrying a clear killing intent. When Mo Xing heard this, his handsome face stiffened, and then a strange expression flashed across his eyes. He lowered his head and did not speak.

Lan Xuehan, who was angry, did not see Mo Xing's unusual behavior. Instead, she walked into the quiet room. She looked at the man lying inside, his face still pale. However, compared to before, there was still a trace of blood. His breathing was heavy and turbid. It was obvious that he was seriously injured.

Lan Xuehan sat in front of his bed and quietly sorted out her thoughts. That place in the sky was empty. Was he looking for another place? Or was there another plot? Lan Yan's expression clearly confirmed their previous guess. Then what did her parents hide? The Imperial Court was in chaos, and the Four Kingdoms Assembly was imminent, but Dongfang Jin was seriously injured. He was unconscious. Furthermore, even after he woke up, his body was still weak. The injury this time would take at least a few months to fully recover!

However, the current situation was like a raging storm. Dongfang Jin's body could not wait for a few months to recover. What should he do?

Lan Xuehan furrowed her brows and looked at the unconscious Dongfang Jin. Her eyes were full of worry. No matter what other things were, the only thing she wanted to do now was... It was to make Dongfang Jin feel better! At least, he still needed to take charge of the overall situation. He had to get better before the Four Nations Banquet officially began!

Thinking of this, a trace of determination flashed across Lan Xuehan's eyes. After that, she stretched out her hand and pointed at the acupoints all over Dongfang Jin's body. She then went out and instructed Mo Xing to prepare the things she needed.

Although Mo Xing did not understand, he thought that the young miss must be doing this for the sake of the prince's injuries. Thus, she quickly prepared all the things she needed.

Lan Xuehan looked at the dense water vapor in the room, which was mixed with a thick medicinal smell, but she did not seem to hear it. Pushing Dongfang Jin's body, Lan Xuehan's small face revealed a moment of embarrassment, then turned into indifference.

She reached out and untied Dongfang Jin's snow-white shirt, then took off his shirt, revealing his naked upper body. Lan Xuehan's eyes were filled with amazement as she sized Dongfang Jin up and down.

She had always thought that only girls would be able to bear these four words, but she never thought that it would be on Dongfang Jin. There was not the slightest bit of discomfort. His smooth skin was whiter than snow, and his skeleton was clear and unique. She did not have the slightest feminine aura, and her smooth and graceful body revealed that ordinary men did not have any sense of beauty. Lan Xuehan had always felt that Dongfang Jin was like a gentle and thin noble young master, but she did not expect him to take off his clothes. It was also quite interesting!

If Dongfang Jin was awake at this time, facing Lan Xuehan's bold and unrestrained gaze, what would he think?

Lan Xuehan placed Dongfang Jin into the medicinal bath, then took out a white jade bottle from the side, poured out a pill, and fed it to herself. She lifted Dongfang Jin's ink-black hair in front of him, revealing his lean back.

The hazy and indistinct water vapor made Dongfang Jin's immortal and beautiful face appear even more mesmerizing and stunning. However, Lan Xuehan was not in the mood to appreciate this beautiful painting. She formed a seal with her hands and pressed it against Dongfang Jin's back.

After a moment, the smoke around Dongfang Jin became even thicker. Lan Xuehan's face gradually turned pale. She suddenly changed her hand gesture. She put one hand on her arm and slowly pushed it. As her movements changed, the sweat on Dongfang Jin's forehead dripped even faster. However, the blood vessels on his face increased, and his pale lips started to turn red.

After a long time, just as Lan Xuehan was about to faint from exhaustion, she stopped. She put her hand on Dongfang Jin's wrist with great difficulty and checked his pulse. Finally, his pulse was no longer as weak as before. She pulled out a weak smile.

She really did not have the strength to put Dongfang Jin on the bed again, so she could only call Mo Xing, who was guarding outside the door, in.

As soon as Ink Incense came in, she saw the scene in front of her. Although she had vaguely guessed it according to the young lady's request, she was still shocked.

His Royal Highness was naked and was still in the medicinal bath, but it was obvious that his complexion was much better. But on the contrary, the young lady's peerlessly beautiful face carried an obvious paleness and powerlessness. The hair in front of her forehead was already soaked in sweat, weakly leaning against the soft collapse at the side.

Seeing Mo Xing come in, she waved her hand and said, "Go and get your prince on the bed and then give him the Revival Dew. After you finish this, you can go out!"

Mo Xing did not dare to be neglectful and immediately carried out her orders. But after he finished, he looked at Lan Xuehan and said hesitantly, "Miss, it's better that this subordinate guard your prince! You look too weak now, it is better to go and rest first!"

Lan Xuehan originally wanted to refuse but felt that her current situation was not suitable to guard here. Furthermore, Dongfang Jin's internal injuries had already recovered by more than half. There was nothing wrong with handing the rest over to Mo Xing, so she nodded her head. He then said, "You have to give him Origin Recovery Dew every four hours. After consuming it, use your inner energy to nourish it. Help him absorb it. You only need to consume it twice! "

Mo Xing replied repeatedly. Lan Xuehan naturally trusted Mo Xing and let Liuyun come in to help her out.

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