Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C168 The Great Oriental Flames of Rage(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C168 The Great Oriental Flames of Rage(1)
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C168 The Great Oriental Flames of Rage(1)

When Liuyun came in and saw Lan Xuehan's weakness, her eyes showed some heartache. She had always felt that it was only that the Royal Highness treated the Princess very well, but only now did she realize that... The two of them were really compatible. The Princess was not the kind of delicate young lady who only knew how to stay behind the Royal Highness, but a peerless beauty who could stand shoulder to shoulder with the Royal Highness. Perhaps only such a woman could match the Royal Highness!

She carefully helped Lan Xuehan into the bedroom by the side and guarded Lan Xuehan.

That night, Mo Xing and Liuyun did not sleep at all. They guarded Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan respectively. The other people were in a different scene, such as Xiao Mingyu and his people rushing through the night. They wanted to return to the sky as soon as possible. Dongfang Xiao, on the other hand, was not angry like usual after knowing that Baili Ce's plan had failed. He sat in his study and did not sleep for the whole night. In the palace, when Emperor Wenjing, who was lying on the bed, found out about all this, he was silent and lost in thought for a long time. In the end, he only said, "He still attacked in the end!"

The next morning, Dongfang Jin slowly woke up. He looked at Mo Xing's happy face and shouted excitedly, "Your Royal Highness, you finally woke up!" He looked around and then his eyes darkened.

He closed his eyes and rested for a while. Suddenly, as if he felt something, he hurriedly took his pulse. He felt his pulse, which was many times stronger than before, and his heart tightened.

Slowly opening his eyes, his throat tightened and he asked in a speechless voice, "Where is she?"

Mo Xing saw that Dongfang Jin had recovered to a very good state and was originally in a cheerful mood. But when he heard the prince ask the young lady the moment he woke up, he thought of the young lady's pale face last night. His gaze faded and he stammered, "Your Royal Highness, you... you just woke up. You should rest well first! Young lady... young lady is resting in the room beside!"

Dongfang Jin did not speak when he heard that. However, his vast eyes seemed to have thousands of clouds flashing across them at this moment. Under his calm gaze, he hid his surging emotions and looked at Mo Xing with a cool gaze.

Mo Xing felt Dongfang Jin's pressure and then his expression turned gloomy. He knew that it was impossible for him not to tell the truth. He lowered his head and said, "After the prince passed out last night, the young lady ordered me to prepare a medicinal bath. Then she ordered her subordinates to guard outside the house. It was Miss who used some unknown method to save His Highness, but her subordinate saw that Miss was very weak last night. It should be some self-harming method!"

Speaking up to this point, he cautiously raised his head to look at Dongfang Jin. However, he discovered that the prince's face was even paler than when he was injured. There was a hint of aloofness and aloofness in his expression.

After a long time, just when Mo Xing was about to be unable to withstand the pressure in the room, he heard Dongfang Jin's hoarse voice in the room. "Get out!" The voice was condensed with a desolate and oppressive feeling that Mo Xing could not understand.

He did not dare to hesitate and did not speak. He quickly walked out of the room.

After Mo Xing left, Dongfang Jin did not care about his body that had just recovered. He just put on a white shirt and got up from the bed. He stood by the window and was surrounded by a great pressure.

Mo Xing did not know that method, but he knew it. That was a secret healing technique that was not taught to outsiders in Skysnow Mountain. It was very effective against people who were seriously injured. However, it was sealed by Old Man Tianshan because it would cause great harm to the person who saved them.

When he read the group books back then, he naturally saw this method. However, he didn't expect Lan Xuehan to also see it and use it on him now.

This method was to first place the injured person in the medicinal bath and stimulate the blood flow in the entire body. Then, the savior would use his own inner energy to open up the blocked meridians of the injured person and inject his own inner energy into the injured person's body. He would protect the heart meridian for him and then slowly heal the injured area.

This required the saviour's martial arts and inner energy to be of the highest quality. Moreover, the person who saved him would have to suffer the pain of having his meridians broken during the entire process. This was because the consumption of inner energy to activate it was huge, and the meridians could not withstand the force of the loss of inner energy. Therefore, when it was activated, it was as painful as having one's meridians torn apart.

Moreover, the person who saved them would be extremely weak in the end. At the very least, it would take a few days of recuperation before they could recover!

When he thought of this, bone chilling ice condensed around Dongfang Jin's body. His eyes were filled with flames of anger and endless darkness. It was as if there was a kind of pain flowing through his body, soaking all of his limbs and bones. His heart tightened and tightened!

He stood in the room for a long time. It was not until Mo Xing knocked on the door that he woke up. A bone-chilling voice sounded, "Come in!"

When Mo Xing heard this voice outside the door, he instinctively felt his heart tighten. He felt a chill as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. However, he still went into the room with his numb scalp.

The moment he entered, he felt a deathly silence and coldness. He was shocked in his heart. Ever since the prince woke up, his expression had changed. Furthermore, after hearing about the young miss, he didn't immediately go to the room next door to see the young miss. This was a very unusual thing for the prince!

His expression was stiff, and then he carefully said, "Your Highness, the young miss hasn't woken up yet. Does Your Highness want to go and take a look?"

After saying this, Mo Xing felt that the pressure in the room was even lower. He resisted the urge to turn around and run, and quietly waited for Dongfang Jin's orders.

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