Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C169 Eastern Fury(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C169 Eastern Fury(2)
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C169 Eastern Fury(2)

After a long time, Dongfang Jin's cold voice said something that Mo Xing could not believe. "Ask Liuyun and Yi to come and pack up. Send her back to Lanhua Pavilion!"

Mo Xing felt that he must have misheard and then he looked at her in shock. He then asked in shock, "Your Royal Highness, young miss, she..."

But this time, Dongfang Jin was really angry. He coldly interrupted Mo Xing's words. His eyes were like sharp blades, shooting straight at Mo Xing. "Do you not understand what this king is saying? Or, do you dare to disobey me now?"

This kind of gaze made Mo Xing's back drenched in cold sweat. He immediately knelt down on one knee and said urgently, "I dare not! I will go now."

After he left, he heard a loud bang. When he just came out of the room, he saw the bamboo forest in front of the prince's window was filled with smoke and dust. A large bamboo forest fell to the ground.

It was obvious that his Royal Highness was really angry this time! And it was an unprecedented anger!

In fact, he should have thought of such an outcome a long time ago. The Royal Highness placed the young lady at the tip of his heart in pain. Pitiful. He was always on guard, afraid that the young lady would be hurt in the slightest. However, in order to save him, the young lady ended up in such a state. His Royal Highness must be angry. He must be angry at himself. He was also angry with the young lady!

He felt that something big had really happened this time! Perhaps, in the future, the Imperial Residence would be in an extremely oppressive state!

He followed the Royal Highness's instructions and informed Liuyun and Yi to pack their things. At first, Liuyun did not believe that this was Dongfang Jin's order! It was a commotion, but Mo Xing was afraid that she would anger Dongfang Jin again. He quickly pulled her and explained the matter to her clearly.

Liuyun and Yi were silent after hearing this. Then they bit their lips and said worriedly, "Then what should we do now? Could it be that sending miss to Lanhua Pavilion really? Miss has not woken up since last night!"

Mo Xing also felt that this was a difficult matter, but he was very clear about the character of his Royal Highness. He could only say with a worried expression, "For today's plan, we can only do as His Royal Highness ordered. But His Royal Highness always placed the young lady at the heart of his heart in pain. We definitely won't neglect Miss for too long. Let's send Miss back first. Wait for two days. When the Royal Highness's anger subsides, it will naturally be fine! "

Liuyun and Yi had no choice but to follow Dongfang Jin's instructions and send Lan Xuehan back to Lanhua Pavilion!

Who knew that this cold treatment would cause Dongfang Jin to not be seen for two days. If it was not for the precious medicine being constantly sent to Lanhua Pavilion, Liuyun and Yi would really think that Dongfang Jin had already forgotten Lan Xuehan!

On the morning of the third day, Lan Xuehan, who had been unconscious for three days, finally woke up. She blinked her eyes in a daze. Looking at the unfamiliar and familiar environment, she did not recover from her daze for a moment.

It was only until Liuyun and Yi shouted in surprise, "Miss, you are finally awake. You have slept for three days and you are worried about us to death!" Only then did she react. This place seemed to be the Lanhua Pavilion that she had lived in from the beginning.

She weakly raised her hand to rub her temples, and then dispersed the confusion in her eyes when she first woke up. Suddenly, her expression became serious, and she asked in shock, "Where's Dongfang Jin? How is he?"

Liuyun and the rest heard Lan Xuehan's question and revealed a difficult expression. They hesitated for a moment. They did not answer. Seeing their expressions, Lan Xuehan thought that there was something wrong with her method of saving them. She asked anxiously, "What is it? Could it be that he has not woken up yet? How could that be? I clearly followed the method recorded in the book! "

Liu Yun and Yi knew that Lan Xuehan had misunderstood and wanted to explain. They heard a clear voice from outside, "Ah! You should be worried about yourself. You only woke up after three days of coma. The other party is already full of energy and energy as he accompanied the four countries' envoys to inspect everywhere. There is still a need for you to blindly eat carrots and worry!" These words were spoken without any consideration for face but it gave Lan Xuehan a message. It was that Dongfang Jin had woken up, and he had almost recovered!

Her expression relaxed, and then she looked up at the door. Indeed, a handsome Nangong Feng who was dressed in brocade clothing appeared at the door with a very bad expression.

Looking at Lan Xuehan's pale face, Nangong Feng's expression became even worse. He strode to the front of the bed and just as he wanted to reach out his hand to knock Lan Xuehan's head, he held back and pointed at Lan Xuehan to preach to her that he failed to meet her expectations.

"What do you think you are rushing to stick to her cold butt for? For him, you made yourself look like this. But what about him? He ordered people to leave you here, not even showing your face. He accompanied the emissary to inspect the place every day. He had a smile on his face, without the slightest bit of worry. It made me have the urge to punch him in the face to vent the anger in my heart!"

Lan Xuehan looked at Nangong Feng's angry face and heard his words. Only then did she know that she had been sent back to Lanhua Pavilion by Dongfang Jin. Furthermore, she had been sleeping for three days, but Dongfang Jin hadn't even taken a step into Lanhua Pavilion!

She frowned, then lowered her head and pondered. Suddenly, her spiritual mind lit up, and she knew that Dongfang Jin was angry! Or was he angry with her!

Nangong Feng lectured for a long time, but he saw that Lan Xuehan's expression was indifferent. There was no fluctuation in her expression at all, and he once again had an evil flame!

"Lan Xuehan, did you actually listen to this young master?" When Nangong Feng usually called himself this young master, it proved that he was already very angry!

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