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C17 Fate Begins

Lan Xuehan was only unhappy that Dongfang Jin disturbed her and wanted to rush home, so she asked. Although her tone was light, there was a trace of annoyance in it. She did not expect to hear Mo Xing's answer. After a little surprise, there was a strong sense of worry.

Dongfang Jin was the direct son of the Emperor, the supreme ruler of the King Xu, and was crowned with the title of "Young Master Wushuang." Not only was he of noble status, but he was also known by the world as a wise and wise demon. He was as gentle as jade, yet he had an indifferent and distant feeling that seeped into his bones. There were very few things in the world that could affect him. Moreover, the town in front of him was where the four kingdoms met. There were fish and dragons mixed together. Undercurrents surged. The hidden dangers could be imagined. He basically placed himself in a dangerous place there.

It was precisely because of this that she was very worried. Unless something related to her parents affected the Heavenly Saint Capital, how could he, Mo Wushuang, lower his status and come here while bearing the risk?

Lan Xuehan quickly followed Mo Xing as they travelled. Along the way, she was thinking about her own problems. Mo Xing was also silent. It was not that he did not want to communicate with Lan Xuehan, but Lan Xuehan did not speak like her young master. She looked gentle, but in the coldness, there was a sense of dignity and alienation, making people not dare to approach her.

So he could only concentrate on leading the way and doing the things that young master had instructed him to do. Actually, he really didn't understand that undercurrents were surging in the court. The First Prince's party was eyeing him covetously, and the struggle for the position of the crown prince was becoming whiter by the day. Yet the Young Master had received a secret decree at the critical moment, and had come here from afar. This had given the First Prince an opportunity to take advantage of.

Mo Xing did not understand what was going on. Lan Xuehan's thoughts were flying all over the place. The two of them were speechless as they sped along.

Very quickly, in less than a quarter of an hour. Lan Xuehan followed Mo Xing to an old house in town. The house was made of green bricks and green tiles. It had an ancient charm, but it looked ordinary and ordinary. It was surrounded by secret guards. From the concealed aura, one could tell that they were all experts. Even Lan Xuehan, who rarely met a worthy opponent, would not be able to break into the house.

While he was deep in thought, Mo Xing went forward and knocked on the door. The red carved door slowly opened, and an old man in green walked out from inside. His footsteps were light, his face was youthful, and his hair was white. An aura of an expert came straight at him.

The old man steadily walked in front of Lan Xuehan. He bowed and said, "This old man greets young lady. My young master has been waiting for young lady for a long time. Please come with me, young lady."

After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked inside. Lan Xuehan followed his footsteps and walked calmly. At the same time, she was also sizing up the surrounding environment. There were pavilions, fake mountains, pavilions, and swaying green bamboo. It was an elegant and elegant scene.

Such an elegant and beautiful scenery suited that person's usual image. After passing through the main hall path, the sound of the zither gradually became clearer. This sound was like an immortal tune. The tone was clear and slow but not resolute. It was as if mountains and flowing water were pouring out.

While enjoying this "rare few times in the mortal world," Lan Xuehan and the old man came to the place where the sound of the zither drifted out. In front of a handsome door. The old man bowed and said respectfully, "Reporting to Young Master, Miss Lan has arrived."

The sound of the zither did not stop and a pleasant sound drifted out of the room, "You can withdraw and let Little Junior Sister come in."

The old man bowed and said, "Yes." Then he turned and left.

"Little Junior Sister, come in." The male voice in the room sounded again. Lan Xuehan understood that at this point, she would not allow herself to retreat. She adjusted her mood and opened the door.

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