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C171 Cold War(2)

He knows His Royal Highness is worried about Miss. However, he did not dare to say anything. Because of what happened last time, he still had lingering fears!

Suddenly, there was a trace of fluctuation in the air. A black clothed secret guard appeared in Bamboo Garden. It respectfully knelt and said, "Reporting to the Royal Highness, the young miss has already woken up!"

When Dongfang Jin heard this, there was finally a trace of warmth between his brows that were dyed with ice. He elegantly waved his hand and said, Yes." En, this king knows. Protect her well!"

"Yes." After answering, she turned around and disappeared.

Mo Xing thought that after the prince knew that the young lady had woken up, he would immediately rush over to see the young lady. But suddenly, Dongfang Jin's clear and indifferent voice sounded in the air, "Prepare the carriage and enter the Palace!"

"Your Highness..." Mo Xing's words were all restrained by Dongfang Jin's cold and cold gaze. Then, the tip of his tongue turned, and his expression changed with fear. He changed his words and said, "Yes, Your Royal Highness."

In these few days, the Imperial Court had been constantly arguing about the marriage alliance of the Zihua Country. Although after that night's incident, Emperor Wenjing's attitude was no longer as strong as before. However, he still tacitly allowed the royal court to pressure Dongfang Jin. Furthermore, Xi Moyue was also very arrogant. She actually exaggerated the matter. She used the public opinion of the scholars to make Dongfang Jin compromise.

Dongfang Jin's deep and vast eyes shone with a dark light that was as black as ink. It carried an invisible bloodthirst and fierceness. His crimson lips curled into a mocking arc. Heh. He really had a good plan. He wanted Dongfang Jin to compromise under the pressure of the officials and the common people. He was unbelievably stupid!

In the Imperial Palace, almost half of the high-ranking officials in the Imperial Court were currently sitting solemnly in the Imperial Reading Room. In the leader's seat was Emperor Wenjing, who had fainted a few days ago in the main hall and was currently recovering.

Below him were the First Prince, Dongfang Xiao, King Ann Dongfang Xuan, the King of Jin Dongfang Lyi, Seventh Prince, and the other members of the Imperial Family.

On the other side, the Right Minister Shangguan Lan, the Zhongyi Marquis Soong Jingren, the Imperial Protector General Li Haotian, and other important officials of the court were present. Apart from the few people who were on good terms with Dongfang Jin and remained silent, the rest of the people were all gossiping and giving their advice.

The Old Emperor, Dongfang Cong, firmly said, "There is no need to consider this matter. Marriage between two countries is a good thing in the first place. In addition, the Zihua Country is a national marriage alliance, and that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Therefore, we should immediately issue a decree to grant a marriage and agree to this marriage. "

The Old Emperor was Emperor Wenjing's uncle, and he was the only true descendant of the imperial family. He is also the most senior prince in the Dongfang family. He said it very forcefully, because when Emperor Wenjing ascended the throne, this old Imperial Uncle had contributed a lot. Therefore... Emperor Wenjing respected him very much. Naturally, he had the highest authority!

On the other side, a few of the royal family members agreed upon hearing this. They felt that what the old Imperial Uncle said was what they meant.

At this time, Minister of Works Liu Wenqing went forward to kneel and said, "Reporting to the Emperor, this lowly subject has something to say."

Emperor Wenjing narrowed his eyes and saw this young and talented Minister of Works. Then his voice sank, "Beloved Minister Liu, please speak your mind."

"Thank you, Your Majesty. This lowly subject feels that this marriage alliance is not feasible! "Liu Wenqing spoke with a clear voice and a face full of sincerity.

Dongfang Cong was immediately unhappy when he heard this. His turbid old eyes emitted a fierce light. Then he shouted angrily, "How dare you! How dare you be so impudent! This marriage is clearly beneficial without any harm, but you actually dare to say that it's not feasible!"

This sort of fury didn't affect Liu Wenqing in the slightest. He still maintained his calm and composed appearance as he slightly bent over towards Dongfang Cong and then spoke his reason with respect and pride.

"Old prince, don't get angry first. Please allow this official to speak of his opinion. Firstly, the marriage proposal this time is strange in the first place. The Zihua Country has been established for a hundred years. It's not shorter than the time when our Linfeng Country was established. The two countries had always been peaceful, but they had done such a shocking thing this time. It was hard to say if they did not harbor ill intentions and wanted to harm the Linfeng Country.

Secondly, even if the marriage was successful, Crown Princess would definitely be Prince Xu's legal wife. His Highness was a heaven warping genius, the number one Four Young Masters in the world, and was highly respected. However, once this matter succeeded, everyone in the world would point fingers at His Highness. It was not because they were envious of his luck, but because they looked down on him, that shocked the Nine Prefectures. In the end, they would only be used as bargaining chips by others.

Thirdly, Prince Xu had already been betrothed by the Emperor. This was a matter that was announced to the world. If he were to bestow a marriage for His Highness at this time, then where would Miss Lan be placed? Everyone in the world would discuss the Imperial Family's interests and interests. They would discuss the Emperor changing his orders day and night. This was extremely detrimental to His Majesty's reputation. Miss Lan's teacher was from Skysnow Mountain. Old Man Tianshan was His Highness's master and was also an expert who enjoyed the reputation of the four kingdoms. His direct disciple would definitely not let go of such humiliation!

Fourth, the power of the four kingdoms was maintained for a hundred years. However, it was broken at this moment. If the Linfeng Country agreed to the marriage alliance with the Zihua Country, then, he would certainly become the target of the joint attack of the Holy Snow Country and Xiyue Country. The Zihua Country's national strength is the weakest, even though our Linfeng Country's national strength is stronger than the other three kingdoms. However, if they wanted to fight against the combined forces of the Holy Snow Country and the Xiyue Country, they were still lacking.

This is my opinion. I hope the Emperor will consider it!"

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